Hey roomie!- By Ninaku. Chapter 35

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“Bro! you are serious about this?” Om asks with excitement clearly seen in his voice.

Shivaay nods with a blush.

“I’m happy for you man” Omkara says with assuring look.

“Give me a piece of you mind..a shayari maybe??” Shivaay asks he folds his arms.

“Sach me dhal jaate hai kisse,
Dil se jud jaane ke baad.
Ishq pe hoga yakeen,
Ishq ho jaane ke baad”

He says with his honey voice and a heavenly smile. While Shivaay breaths out in happiness.

“Waise Shivaay.. Did you tell anika about it?” Omkara asks hiding a smirk.

“Haann should tell her soon.. i was just wanting to tell it to you guys..” he trails and stops half way through.

“Hey.. i never told you it was…(he facepalms) you guessed it right?? And i blabbered didnt I ? ” He sighs and covers his face.

Om chuckles and nods. While shivaay blushes.

“But i really did knew it before. Like…. Shivaay singh Oberoi having a cook? Isn’t that obvious?” Om says and starts laughing hysterically.

”Fine. It was embarrassing for me as well. We both are beginners in lying you know.” Shivaay says and smiles.

“And there was something else. I saw your eyes constantly searching for Anika. How do i say that.. hmm like… how rudy searches for his protein shake. (Both chuckle)..  you know.. I saw a spark between you two..” Om says.

Smiling, Realises what he said.
“Heyy.. do we look like firecrackers to you guys… why is that everyone sees a spark between us two?” He was annoyed.

Om chuckles. “Fine.. do inform Rudra.. he’s busy pumping a new bicep” Om informs and bids him a happy goodbye..

Similarly he calls up Rudra and after a long session of teasing Rudra bids a goodbye as well. Feeling contented, he works and returns back home to see Anika working on her decorative items.

She was busy cutting and sketching out new designs.

“Dont tell me you are gonna stick that to any your wedding designs. You suck at drawing to be frank.” He spits gaining a deadly glare from anika.

“As if You’re a Picasso! Duhh!!” She mocks back.

“Im making maggi!!!” She shouts as she completes with her designs. While shivaay rolls his eyes.

“You are just gonna put the noodles in and add the masala.. you are boasting as if you are sending a satellite to space” he mocks back while she flips her hair and continues making it.

After slurping and licking every bit of maggi off the plate, Anika washes her plate and shivaay follows her to the sink.

She kept cleaning the same plate for a while irritating the hell out of Shivay.

“You have already licked the plate so hard that no leftovers can be seen through microscope… now will you please let me clean my plate” he says with a angry voice.

Anika just rolls her eyes and rushes back to her room quite pissed off.

“I aint leaving you too quickly. You have to pay for all your thadi.” She self talks and slips to her bed.

Early next morning, Anika walks out in her sweatpants stealthyly and entering Shivaay room, takes out her paintbox from her kit.

“No one messes with Anika” she evil laughs and mixing the paint with water, she starts painting a ‘pirate face’ on Shivaay sleepy face.

Poor shivaay who was unaware of the injustice that was happening to him, calmly and peacefully shows his face until she completes painting.

She chuckles and wiping away the paint on her face moves back to her majnu and snuggles in after a satisfied revenge.

Shivaay later gets up and as usual brushes his teeth but without seeing the mirror.

“Anika bring the newspaper in. I wanna check the status of the share market” he says

“Aye aye Captain” she replies with a salute and does as he said.

Shivaay looks confused at the weird lady that he was facing. He then shrugged his shoulders and continued to read the papers.

Hiccups comes running. He starts barking upon seeing the unusual face.

Shivaay gets doubtful as to why his dog is acting unusualy.

“Ek second!! Shivaay says and rushes to the mirror. He looks at his face all painted.

“Anikaaaa!!!” He starts squealing and runs behind her.

“Hey.. it was Tit for Tat. You irritated me yesterday. So did i, today. We are even now” she screams back as she was dodging away from his hold.

She runs to his room and runs around. She jumps on the bed and starts dodging.

Anika drops to the bed and starts lauging.

“Fine fine.. i lose.. leave me..” she says and continues rolling as shivaay continues to tickle her.

“Uh uh.. not so easily ..” He says and starts rubbing his face paint on her face.

He had caged her within his hold on the bed and rubbed his cheeks with her’s.

She starts to feel all the heat that was building up. Their proximity, his breath on her skin, his touch, and the magic that he was creating… made her breath uneven and her trembling heartbeat.

Shivaay became aware a second later and stopping himself, he looked into her eyes. He looks at her anticipating lips and was almost loosing his control.

He moves forward really slow and Anika neither responded in positive nor she pushed him away. She kept blinking seeing him incline.

Suddenly they both hear a knock on the door and gain back their senses. Shivaay jumps to the other side of the bed and sets his ruffled hair while Anika just adjusts her top and avoids an eyecontact.

“Must.. must be vicky” he stammers and signals her to open the door.

Anika rushes to the door to find Mallika standing there gushing out hot air through her ears.

She slaps Anika pretty hard.

“Heyyy… “Anika starts to yell and there goes count 2. Mallika slaps her again.

Anika just grabs her cheeks and looks irritated at Mallika.

“You better know that you should give the person a reason before slapping them” she starts complaining.

“Ohh so you’ll never have a talk with me about my marriage preparations and i should give you a reason?? Huh… I feel ashamed to call you my friend” Mallika shouts loud.

“Marriage?? Advaay and you?? When??” Anika asks all excited and super happy.

“As if you dont know!” Mallika screams again.

Hearing the loud noices that the girls were making, Shivaay rushes out from the bathroom wiping away his facepaint.

Giving shivaay a look and eyeing at him, Anika nearly forgot that no one knows about their roommate dealing.

“Tum.. yahaan..?!?!” Mallika jawdrops and keeps oscillating her vision to both shivaay and Anika.

Facepalming herself, Anika starts finding ways to go out of the situation. While Shivaay just controls a laughter and stands their anticipating a awkward answer from her.

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  2. Awesome choo cute wit shivika scene.. love it

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  5. Sairish

    Well….I’m the happiest person now on Earth!
    NINAKU DI ,firstly the biggest sorry from my end to you. Sairish is here,hope you remember but anyways . I can never ever forget you …you’re my favoirite writer .
    And reading something from you is unexplainable . The feeling’s soo lovely ..I can’t tell or describe In words .
    And a very bad of mine…..I always fall short of words in order to praise you!
    I must say… you have your kittens in your pocket …while writing . I wonder when I’ll stop admiring you…the answer Is definitely a big no. I’m again very sorry!
    So…..as usual ..it’s was perfectly perfect .
    I know I’m out of track but I’ll try n read every part which I have missed . And analytically …this chapter was awesome!. Obros moments are superb as usual then annika being pissed was ???..
    The night revenge scene was particularly my favourite . Mallika slapping annika comtinuesly was ???????
    And what to say about your description …I know that it’s the reason why I admire you and your works…
    All of my infinite love to you
    Yours adMirer

  6. Zaveesha

    Best wishes for ur internals…
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  7. Zaveesha

    Best wishes for ur internals…
    Even I’ve mine too after the next week…

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    It was amazing yaar ! Don’t underestimate ur writing skills ?.
    Got an obro scene aftr quite sometime… it was lovely. Shivay askin for a shayari frm om ?… full on tryin to impress anika ?. Om figured it out tht it was anika… aftr all a chef for the masterchef shivay singh oberoi ??. Shivay can be pranked easily… are we firecrackers or wht ??. And thn shivay tells the good news to rudy and enjoyed his teasing.
    He comments on anika’s drawing skills ? which angers her and he further makes her angry by commentin on cooking maggi ?. Anika wakes up early to take her revenge ? and shivay has no idea… he made fun of her painting and he himself became a joke. Satisfied with the revenge she heads back to her majnu ?. Shivay finds smthn fishy when hiccups barks at him and when he sees his face ??…. ANIKAAAA ??… laughin and jumpin arnd the house with shivay chasing behind her. Shivay caged her and gives her punishment… he realises their proximity and position… he couldn’t control himself and was leanin in to kiss her… ye doorbell hamesha galat time pe hi bajti hai ?.
    Darwaza kholte hi seedha thapad pada… ek kaafi nahi tha ke doosra bhi aagaya ?. Mallika was angry tht anika didn’t strt her wedding preparations whereas anika was happy tht they are finally gettin married. Shivay comes in the scene and mallika shockingly looks at both of them… phail gaya raita… ab aur thappad padenga anika ko ?. Both are such bad liars… pata nahi ab konsa bahana bana denge.
    I love each and every chapter of urs… full of masti mazak and romance ?. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤❤.
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