Kuch Rishtey Aise Bhi Episode 15 (haldi time, funtime)

everyone was putting haldi on aman-teni as parth-shorvari’s turn was over
tanuja-rishi why are you staring at me
rishi-just staring at my love
tanuja-you will never stop doing your silly things
rishi-dont forget this silly person only you love
thapki-bihaan leave my hand
bihaan-i cannot leave such beautiful hands
thapki laughing-anything na anything
veer-miss golgapa so much care
saanchi-yes fine and now we wil go to hospital as patients first
veer-yeah right
vivaan-chakor…i mean imli
imli-what happened want to say something just 1 minute and i this to teni done
vivaan-you are looking beautiful
imli smiles
chakor-suraj good choice
suraj-as i am wearing matching colour of you
chakor smiles-tum bhi na
ragini-laksh leave me everyone is watching
laksh-let them see our love
ragini-laksh too much
sanskar-perfect picture of you and me
sanskar-as in this picture i am here
swara-very funny i am going
shivanya-after this picture as taken i fell
ritik-the person who let you fall is here
shivanya-ritik you just leave
nania-karan leave me i will fall please dont put turmeric on me
karan-what are you saying i have putted
nania-is that so so i have putted now catch me
meghna-till when you will listen my talk
kunal-till you want
meghna-kunal mr.wrong number
kunal-meghna mrs.right number
both smile
teni-amando you love me like them
aman-no more than them
teni-see parth is giving shorvari a gift
aradhya coming happily-teni-aman were are you both lost
aman-aru did you got your pair
aradhya-it will take time
teni-oh girl till when you stay single become mingle
aradhya-i dont know i will come in few minute
real part of story:-
chilli-uncle are you tired i said you to not stop shivanya auntie
tanya-now saanchi auntie will read
story part:-
swara-hi-fi sanskar today is pooja and mehendi my favorite part of wedding
teni-first i thought money is the biggest thing
aman-love and only love
parth-aman has also started to talk in teni style
shorvari-why wont he teni ki baat hi nirali hai
sanskar-wow swara beautiful neck piece
swara was about to say something but suddenly a boy comes and desi boy plays all attraction goes at him
boys-dadaji, dadi
and takes everyone’s blessings and when aradhya comes completing her work the boy carry’s her back
boy-aradhya my do foot ki dianasorous
aradhya-arayan i mean aryan vidyadhar rao
sanskar-oh you you are the prince of my princess
sanskar-good choice aru
aradhya-sanky stop it swara
arayan-lets dance together in sangeet
aradhya nodded in confusion
in kitchen:-
the group saw arayan going somewhere and thought to follow
aradhya-how you came here why you came for what pupose is your
arayan-came down why are you angry and i thought to give you surprise of
arayan-but not her fault see our almost name,sign,heart,brain are same so
aradhya-oh god you
pooja again starts:-
sanskar-why do you love it
swara-hmm..all girls having a true heart loves it
at mehendi:-
swara-guys i have heard the darker colour of mehedi comes the deeper love is there
sanskar-wow sounds amazing
sawra-lets check you much deep love does all have
sanskar-okay but wher isveer and saanchi
swara-where there would me hospital
sanskar-offo anyways i am going to sangeet practice
swra-yes lets go
precap:-imli-oh god please someone give me love
suraj-i am here
sangeet starts:-
arayan-i m sorry

hope you all like it

  1. Cute update, enjoyed it.

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