Hello Pratibha 9th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sunita serves breakfast to everyone in the morning, while Pratibha stands there. Bubu comes to Pratibha but Sunita takes him to table. She tells Peehu and Anmol that she has kept money in their bags, as she couldn’t prepare their lunch. She tells Mahen that she will sent his tiffin to his office, she invites Pratibha to the table as well. Pratibha keeps on standing, everyone leaves. She thinks she is really not worth more than washing machine and microwave. She cries. Sunita watches Pratibha.
In the room Pratibha says there has been a big problem. Chachi says this had to happen. Pratibha says she thinks she isn’t needed in the house. Chachi asks her to wait for one more day, she is much needed in the house. She asks Pratibha to leave the house for one day, only. Pratibha says no, how

is it possible. Chachi says she has said no to her for so many times now, laughing. Pratibha is worried what to do.
Raashi comes complaining about not getting tea. Sunita calms her down and says she is a working woman, it is all difficult to manage. She watches Pratibha going to kitchen, and says no one needs to go to kitchen today as she has got a new maid. She says the lady works in her friend’s house and is a good cook. Pratibha says she is making her afraid. Sunita goes to take the maid named Pratibha. She introduces her to Pratibha, and says before her she did the cooking. Sunita says she isn’t used to hear no, and is telling her for the first time today that she keeps a kitty party.
In the kitchen, the maid deters Sunita that her name is Sunita and to make fool of Pratibha she has to give her extra pay. Sunita tells her the menu, the maid asks why is she giving her such a big list. Pratibha watches the maid working, thinks this is too much and goes inside thinking whatever Sunita had said.
Sunita makes Bubu’s hair and is worried she can’t do this drama for long. Pratibha comes behind, Bubu was calling this all drama but Pratibha comes to Sunita. Sunita asks how is she now, is she taking rest as it was much needed. Bubu had run to Pratibha and calls naatak, naatak (drama, drama) at Sunita. Sunita sends him inside and tells Pratibha that she will take care of everyone. Pratibha thinks about saying sorry, Sunita thinks the same. Pratibha says to Sunita she wants to say something, Sunita thinks this drama will end now. Pratibha was about to say something, while Shalu comes with a phone for her. Sunita feels suspected, Pratibha leaves with the phone.
Pratibha asks what is the emergency chachi, and promises to come.
Sunita gives the maid her money, the maid says she is not used to listening to a lot from her rudely. Sunita is worried that this drama of Pratibha must end soon.
Pratibha comes running to Pushpa, she asks she is fine. Pushpa says she is alright, the emergency was that she had a feeling Pratibha is worried and is about to apologize Sunita. Pratibha asks how does she know that she was going to say sorry. Pushpa says she called her home, Shalu told her that she is in Sunita’s room. Pushpa asks how can she do it. Pratibha says her family doesn’t need her anymore and she is in much pain. Pushpa says does she really want to become the mother again, whose daughter is ashamed of her. If she wants to be a wife again, whose husband doesn’t look at her. She says thanks God, she doesn’t want to go back to that life again. Pratibha says the life she is living is even worse. Pushpa says they are just taken aback, it doesn’t mean she gives up. Chachi orders for food.
Anmol dislikes the food, Raash as well. Anmol asks where his mom is.
Pratibha says no one in the world can be like her mom, she loves her a lot and fought with her the most. She knew she can’t go away from her. Pushpa says no one can take her life, why she thinks someone will take her place. Pratibha says in her in laws house, everything is really different. She asked her mother in law to go out, she said she is not tied to something and may go anywhere anytime. Pushpa gives her water to drink. Pushpa asks her not to return home, go home late today as she is permitted. Pratibha asks why, chachi says she won’t have to say sorry. Pratibha asks what if the family doesn’t miss her. Chachi says then she might consider her wrong.

PRECAP: Pratibha says she wants to go meet her mother but she must ask Mahen. Pushpa dials Mahen’s number, Pratibha asks how she has his number Pushpa is speechless.

Update Credit to: Sona

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