Humsafars 9th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with a goon feigning to be a priest as he comes to Sahir’s house. He tells Kurti Apa that he can see what they can’t see. Kurti Apa says don’t know who is after us. The priest says he can see blue color. Kurti Apa calls him inside and shows Zeenat. The goon closes his eyes and then opens it shockingly. He says there is something in this room. Someone is doing black magic in this room. He shows her a green color bag saying it is proof. Kurti Apa falls down unconscious. The fake priest smirks looking at Zeenat.

Sahir talks to the hotel manager. The Manager says today evening will be memorable one for you and your wife. Sahir thanks him and sits down on the chair. The fake priest takes Zeenat on the wheel chair. Sahir waits for Arzoo and recalls her smiling face. Arzoo comes there wearing Zeenat’s red color saree. She calls him Mr. Husband. Sahir turns and looks at her with red roses in his hand. He sees Zeenat instead and smiles. He then sees Arzoo wearing Zeenat’s clothes and gets angry. Kurti Apa wakes up and sees Zeenat missing. She gets shocked and runs outside. She sees fake maulvi taking Zeenat and asks him to stop. Someone hits her on her head and it is shown that a woman is behind it.

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Sahir turns and looks angrily. He asks what is this. Arzoo says she did this to surprise him. She asks am I not looking good. Sahir cancels the order and asks her to come home. Arzoo asks what is your problem? Sahir asks what is the need for you to dress up like Zeenat. Arzoo says yes, I have dressed up like Zeenat as I wants you to keep staring at me. Sahir says you are not Zeenat, so don’t try to become like her. He says you wore Zeenat’s saree. I gave this saree in our anniversary. Arzoo says she didn’t know. Sahir says do whatever you want, but you can’t be like Zeenat.

Arzoo is in tears to hear that. She leaves from there. Sahir goes out and asks her to come with him. Arzoo says she will go in a taxi. Sahir says I will also come with you. Arzoo asks why? He says since you likes driving car, I gave off to the driver. Arzoo takes the car keys and asks him to sit in the car. Sahir asks how to open the door. She opens the door for him while he sits. Arzoo sits on the driver’s seat. Sahir and Arzoo say sorry to each other. Arzoo says sorry, I forgot your OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). I forgot that I have to open the door for you. Sahir says her sorry for hurting her. They leave from there. A woman informs someone on phone that they left from here.

Sahir apologizes to her again and tells her that she doesn’t need to change for anyone. Arzoo starts crying. Sahir asks her not to cry. Arzoo says she can’t forget whatever he did today. Sahir sees a wheel chair woman coming infront of their car, but before he can say anything, Arzoo dashes the car with the lady. They get down and see the lady to be Zeenat. Sahir wonders how she came here. He asks Arzoo to call Dr. Khurana. Vikram comes there and claps for them saying what a scene. He says first attack and then love. He says he can’t cry as he didn’t get pay for the same.

Sahir tells Arzoo that we will take Zeenat home. Vikram says I came here at the right time else Zeenat Bhabhi would have died. Sahir asks have you gone mad? Vikram says you are repeating the same thing which you had done 7 years back. You want to start new life with new bhabhi and the thorn on your way is Zeenat. He says your plan was same since 7 years, that time I was not there, but now I am here. You will go to Jail. Arzoo says Sahir was not driving. Sahir says he was driving. Vikram says You have driving phobia. Sahir says he can drive the car. They make Zeenat rest on the back seat. Sahir sits on the driver’s seat. Vikram asks him to drive the car. Sahir wears the seat belt and starts the car tensedly.

Vikram tells Alvira that Sahir was trying to kill Zeenat and will go to jail. Alvira says it is a nonsense. Anam says since Sahir remarried, with which right he is staying in their house. Alvira slaps her hard.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. mallikasturi

    Thanks for updates till from evng Get only one update

  2. Is this show going to end? I read the spoilers. Please don’t end this show plzzzzzz 🙁 I love SaAz soooo much.

  3. I also read the spoiler, is it true, someone need to confirm. When I head this I immedialey began to say to myself that there is no way that they or the production house can end the show in just three week , to many unsolve questions that answers . . Okay every one just take a breath, and BREATH, since the soap opera has started , there was rumor in every show that launch and then said , that show will end but surprisingly they came to agreement , the show continue and some show ended they having a baby, and cliff hanger of someone dead . JUST BREATH

  4. Thanks vivian, your words gave me so much hope. I pray this show last long and entertain us as it has been doing since it started. Harshad is my favorite actor, I saw his all the shows and Shivya makes a very good pair with him. I just love seeing them together. Love u SaAz

  5. Even i wan dis shw to continue. But herd dat sony has decided to call it of due to low TRP ratings.

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