Hello Pratibha 27th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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Pushpa goes inside saying to Pratibha that she can’t leave the house. Pratibha watches Mahen stood behind her. Pratibha says she knows she has hurt him badly, but honestly if she had an idea that the woman is such an enemy of this house, she must not have hidden anything from him. She asks him to believe her, please forgive me.
Sunita says to Raashi that she can’t do anything, if Pushpa has said she has to empty her room. Raashi says she can’t do so and goes calling Mahen.
Mahen asks Pratibha if she has an idea how much problem she has caused. She says she will help him well in letting go of this problem from home. Sunita and Raashi come there. Raashi tells Mahen she won’t empty her room. Pushpa appears and asks why it is getting so late, she is tired so they must empty the

room. Pratibha offers to help Raashi pack her bag. Sunita says she has helped them enough. Pushpa says she must let her help, as she also has to empty her room. Her room comes into her portion. Sunita is shocked and asks where will she sleep. Sanjeev says they may shift with Peehu and Anmol into their room. Mahen says they must not worry, she will not stay here soon.

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Pratibha offers her room to Raashi, they both deny. Sunita says she also doesn’t want her help. Anmol murmrurs how he will tolerate Sunita in his room. Sunita and Peehu blame her. Sanjeev says to Pratibha that he has no complain with her, only humans do mistakes. Mahen asks will he complain to her when they have lost the house. Everyone cursed Pratibha and went into their rooms, even Mahen. Pratibha looks at Pushpa angrily who also goes inside.
Raashi packs her bag, while Sunita evacuates her room. Raashi takes a bag from her trunk. Sunita collects her jewellery from her cupboard. Pushpa comes there, Sunita hides her bag. Pushpa tells her that her time is over. Sunita looks at Pushpa’s diamond ring, smiles and says good night to her. Pushpa smiles in return.
Raashi thinks she has forgotten her chooran in her room. Sunita remembers her makeup kit was left in her room. Anmol makes fun. Sunita tells them to empty their cupboard tomorrow morning. Anmol says no way. Sunita says it has all been because of his mom. Anmol says they must not blame his mom. Sunita asks is it her fault. Anmol says yes, it was hers. Sunita accuses him of misbehaving. Bubu cries calling papa, Sunita snatches Anmol’s phone saying he won’t get it anymore. Sanjeev asks Sunita to give Anmol’s phone back. Sunita asks him to empty his cupboard. Anmol says he won’t.
Peehu calls Gia, Gia asks what is her plan after school. Peehu says she wants a day out. Gia asks her to come to school tomorrow, they will welcome her well.
Pratibha comes to the decorated lounge, Mahen’s appreciation echoed in her thoughts. She cries hard thinking about all that has happened.
Mahen was disturbed by Raashi’s snores, Raashi slept on the bed while he was lying on a side bed. He sits up and says he must call Mr. Badra tomorrow morning.
Sunita slept with her jewellery bag besides her pillow. She wakes up at night, and the bag fell in dustbin. Pushpa comes to see Pratibha sleeping in lounge. She drapes a quilt over Pratibha.
In the morning, Pushpa prays with the tulsi plant. Mahen comes to kitchen, and looks for Pratibha for tea. Pratibha was asleep on the sofa in lounge. He comes to her and calls her name. He says after yesterday’s drama she is sleeping so peacefully. Pratibha stands up at once. He asks if she will bring tea or should he get her bed tea. She smiles seeing the quilt, and wakes up Anmol and Peehu. Anmol says there is so much tension at home, can’t they bunk. Pratibha says no excuse, they even have to share a single bathroom. Sanjeev was also awake. Raashi calls Pratibha, complaining about her bed. Sunita gets up, comes to mirror and screams. Everyone in home is shocked, Sunita asks where her make up kit is. Pratibha tells Raashi that she will just see it. Anmol comes to Pratibha that Sunita was afraid watching her own face. Raashi asks him to leave her, when will she get breakfast.
Pushpa comes to kitchen and asks Pratibha for coffee. Pratibha says no. Pushpa says wow, Pratibha has learned to say no; who taught her. She was smiling.

PRECAP: Pushpa asks Pratibha if she knows she is right, will she change her decision. Because even then her husband and her mother in law will hate her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Why should Pratibha be blamed for something she was not aware of.This drama is good for Sunita it will teach her to mind her damn business.

  2. Thank you so much for the updates. Can you please use the correct names ? Sis-in-law name is Sunidhi NOT Sunita. And mother-in-law is Kashi NOT Rashi. I get confused when I read the updates thinking Rashi and Sunita are new characters… Thank you!!

  3. Why the good characters get blamed for everything now everyone is against Pratibha thank God for her son who loves her so much…i’m curious what is Puspa secret am dying to hear that one

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