Humsafars 27th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kurti Apa apologizing to Arzoo saying she insulted her in every way. She says I thought of her as a stone on the way, but she turned out to be precious diamond. Arzoo is touched by her words. Kurti Apa tells Sahir that she did wrong with him and apologizes to him. Arzoo says Allah knows, elders look good while blessings the youngsters and not apologizing them. Kurti Apa calls her bakri/lamp and says she is saying this lovingly. Sahir laughs. She hugs Sahir and Arzoo and blesses them. Alvira tells Sahir that she is guilty too and asks him to handover to police. Sahir says God made Ammi so that she can take care of her kids. He says because of you, I got Arzoo. He says I am not angry with you, I am thankful to you. Alvira says I didn’t want to hurt you. You are always lovable to me, more than my kids. I was helpless to do that. Sahir tells her that he is leaving from home with her blessings and Arzoo. He asks Zaki to come with him. He takes him to room. Samaira comes there and apologizes to him for trapping him. She says I lied to you that I was pregnant with your child. She says she was betrayed by her boyfriend, so that’s why she tried to get you to secure my baby’s future. She apologizes saying I tried to snatch your love. Zaki says you was my best friend. If you would have come to me, I would have definitely solved your problem. Zaki asks did your problem is solved. Samaira says Sahir solved her problem and she is getting married to her boyfriend. She tells bye to them and leaves.

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Sahir apologizes to Zaki saying he married Arzoo as he loves her and she too loves him. He says my way was out. That time I wasn’t having any other way out. He reminds himself that he didn’t tell Arzoo about getting fake paternity report. Arzoo hears them. Zaki says you did so much for our family, which own blood can’t do. He says I was sure that your intentions are right. Arzoo is right for you. I would have moved from your way If I would have know about your love. He says you are my brother, and will always be. He says I will get a good girl as I am Sahir Azeem Chaudhary’s brother. Sahir sees Arzoo and gets tensed. He goes to his room. Arzoo throws paper rocket on him. Sahir pretends to be hurt. Arzoo asks for an apology. She starts caressing him. Sahir apologizes for lying. Arzoo asks why did you lie? Sahir says his brain stopped working when he thinks about her.

He says I, Sahir Azeem Chaudhary loves you. He says when I met you, then I realized that you have become my life. How could I let my life leave me. Arzoo asks do you love me? Sahir says Allah knows, will always love you. He promises to become Ishq baaz and asks her to become gusse baaz always. Arzoo says you copied my language and making fun of me. Sahir says he talked perfectly. Arzoo smiles. Sahir asks are you feeling shy? Arzoo says no. He asks her to speak her heart out, which he wants to hear, which he feels in her talk. Arzoo keeps her hand on his heart and says I love you……….She says I loves you very much. Sahir says me too. Arzoo asks him to promise that he won’t lie again. Sahir promises and says even God can’t be able to break my promise. He asks her to give her dupatta. Arzoo gives. He makes the knots and says it is our knot. We will fulfill our dreams and responsibilities together. I won’t lie or hide again. Arzoo hugs him. Sahir says today his every Arzoo has become complete. Arzoo smiles and says his Arzoo has been fulfilled.

Arzoo comes to Zaki. Zaki asks did you hear bhai’s dialogues. Arzoo asks what did he say? Zaki says other bhai, he says no sorry, no thanks. Arzoo apologizes to him for doubting on him. He says I am really sorry. Zaki says I will also break a rule. He thanks her. Arzoo asks why? Zaki says because you is the one, who supported me during Samaira’s drama. Arzoo says she is friend baaz. She says she have to search a girl for him. Zaki asks her to find a girl for him. Arzoo says small town girl makes a guy dance on her tune. Zaki says he will dance. Arzoo is happy to see him happy. She hopes that everything will be fine. Zaki says if you all leave then how it will be fine. Arzoo asks him to handle home and tells that Sahir told that his young Zaki has grown up. Zaki gets emotional. He asks her to remember him with a smile. Arzoo smiles. He says don’t let the difference come between us. He says this house is yours and Sahir bhai will be my bhai always. He calls her Jahanaara……Arzoo tells him bye.

Sahir and Arzoo get ready to leave the house. Everyone look stunned. Sahir comes and gives the papers to Zaki, saying Saiyyara is yours from now. Zaki refuses to take Saiyyara and home and says without you, it is of no use. Sahir says you have to handle it, ammi and home. I know you will handle everything. Zaki says how I will handle alone. Sahir says Anam is here, she is new VP of Saiyyara. Anam gets happy. Zaki hugs Sahir. Alvira tries to stop Sahir and Arzoo. Anam also asks him not to leave, even Kurti Apa insists. Sahir and Arzoo hug Alvira. He makes Ashrafi sit on his shoulder and asks Arzoo to come. They procceed towards the main door. Arzoo is teary eyed. Sahir and Arzoo look back at them for the last time and bid them bye. The show ends with Sahir and Arzoo’s happy union.

The show ended.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  14. Mohammed Inayat

    Nice and marvelous serial, as i had started to see serials in my life time that is first serial Humsafars
    from starting and it was a fantastic serial not like lenghty bullshit serials.
    It is best serial as per i concern…………..


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