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Mahen asks Pratibha what she is doing with his phone, Pratibha is speechless and is about to explain to Mahen when Anmol comes and asks if it is done. Anmol says he asked her to clean papa’s phone screen as well. Mahen takes his phone and leaves. Pratibha tells Anmol that she is planning to invite Mahen’s friends on wedding anniversary. He says he will find papa’s friends.
Sunita is curt, and says she won’t let Pratibha’s anniversary party succeed.
Pratibha sits with Anmol who asks her about Mahen’s bio data, his college, passing year and subjects. Peehu asks what they are doing, Anmol says he is going to find papa’s friends at the search engine. Pratibha is confused at the word ‘engine’. Peehu feels disgusted. Anmol puts on the name, they cheer that they have found

it. Mahen comes and asks what have they found. Peehu is about to spit, Anmol says he is teaching Pratibha about using computer. Mahen is happy about it.
Sunita’s mother is upset hearing this. She asks her to see if her phone has started to work, that had proof in it. Her mother says there can be another proof. Sunita says she has to drop a bomb in the party. Her mother tells her to get Pratibha’s phone, call help line and ask for itemized bill and show everyone how frequently she talks to her lover.
Anmol comes to room from washroom, and asks Pratibha if anyone replied. Pratibha says no one replied, Peehu says she foresee the plan flopped. Pratibha says she should call everyone. Pratibha’s phone’s rings, Anmol recognized the tone. Pratibha wonders how can it ring from just outside there and watches it in Sunita’s hand. Sunita says it was ringing. Anmol reads the message from Harish that he won’t be able to come. Pratibha was afraid now and calls on the number. Harish’s wife takes the call, Pratibha asks her come to the party. Mrs. Harish Chawla says she will add her to vibe’s chat group, there she may invite everyone. Anmol gives thumbs up, Mr. Chawla thanks Pratibha to invite and promises to come. Anmol says she didn’t lose hope, while he should have. Pratibha says this time she just did. Anmol asks who is she, he is loving it. Pratibha asks him to help her, and add her to vibe’s chat group.
Sanjeev asks Pratibha to rethink, as only one day is left for so many preparations. Pratibha says they can atleast try, and this time they will do it. She tells them about what she has in mind. Sanjeev assures her to get it done. He asks what will they do about food. Pratibha says she is thinking about calling caterers, she tells him they called caterers on her mummy papa’s wedding anniversary. She says she has done this all many years ago. Sunita hears this, Sanjeev asks her that he will tell Sunita to help her. He asks how many people are coming, Pratibha gives him list of 50 people. He asks will it get done, Pratibha assures it will be done.
Sunita is angry at Sanjeev, he only cares for Pratibha. Sanjeev says he is only helping Pratibha. Sunita asks what are they planning, so that she doesn’t feel side lined. Sanjeev asks her assurance not to tell anyone and tells her about all the plans. Sunita is lost in some thought. Sanjeev leaves as it was time for caterers.
Sanjeev calls Mahen to leave, Mahen asks why is he in such urgency. Sanjeev says today he will go with him, he needs life. Pratibha asks Mahen to come home soon, Mahen says he will try.
Raashi asks Sunita how long she will have to handle her. Sunita tells her to relax as she will manage. Sunita asks Bubu to go to Pratibha for food. Pratibha sat with the caterer who asked her to chose the dishes. Pratibha asks the caterer to wait. Sunita asks Pratibha to help her chose the menu, she often arranges kitty parties. Sunita comes to Pratibha and says the budget is really high, they should order one thing. Pratibha says it is alright, they will make the rest at home. Sunita tells caterer that they have decided that they only need desserts. The caterer asks her to confirm Pratibha, Sunita asks Pratibha she has just asked her to order only one dish. Pratibha confirms to the caterer.
Sunita gets a call from phone repairer, who tells her that her phone has started to work. Sunita makes a film, that there are hero and heroine. The heroine is announced to have an affair with an outsider, then comes a senstational picture. Everyone curses the heroine. She laughs that no place will be lost for her to hide her face. She laughs evily.

PRECAP: Sunita says they must make a slide show of the photos of Mahen. Sunita puts Pratibha’s photo in the slide show.

Update Credit to: Sona

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