The Hearts that Beat as One | AvNeil ff | Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Getting to know each other

“Here” Said Avni Handing him his breakfast.

Neil stared at her.

“what is this?” He asked.

“It’s my food okay? eat it if you want” shouted Avni.

Avni started eating her food. Neil slowly began to nibble on his bread. Avni looked at his expressions.

“I wonder what this idiot will say about my food.” she wondered.

“what?” Neil asked. “Why are you staring at me like this?”

“How is it?”Avni asked as she began to wash her plate.

“It’s different.” he replied. “Here I finished.”

“different in a good or a bad way?” Avni asked getting the plate from him.

Neil walked off. “I need to go to meet my friends.”

“But hey at least tell me how it-” Avni started.

“It was good” Neil cut her off. And with that he was gone.

Avni smiled.

‘was he telling the truth?’ she thought.


“Thank you so much mama..” Avni greeted Aisha as Aisha strolled in.

“So how is your’ve been married for 5 days now Avni” said Aisha.

“It’s giving me a head-ache mama!”

Aisha laughed. She came close to Avni.

“I’m sorry Avni..I didn’t know your father was like this. To get you married so soon..not even caring about your studies!” Aisha began to cry.

“It’s all in the past mama” Avni sighed. “now come and teach me to cook please!”


“Hey dude! how is your life” greeted Karan, Neil’s best friend.

“I don’t how to even feel..” Neil replied.

“Come on Neil, you’ve got a wife..and she is very pretty indeed.” Karan laughed.

Suddenly Karan got a call. Neil saw his sudden change of expressions after answering it.

“What happened” Asked Neil, when Karan was finished.

“Got to go buddy..Mama is going know about her mental disorder” Karan stammered.

Neil noded. “Go on Karan..we’ll hang out later.


Neil dragged himself to Cafe. He ordered a coffee and a sandwich.

He sat on a chair while eating his sandwich. He suddenly smiled remembering Avni’s very tasty breakfast.

‘At least I will get to eat from her’ He mumbled.

He began to remember the start of all this.


Neil remembered how his mother went out at night often, leaving him with his grandmother.
After Neil’s father’s death his grandmaa and his mama was the ones who looked after him.

“Don’t know what your mama is upto now”

Grandma would always say it after Neil’s mother leaves.

But when ever Neil ask this from her maa, she would scold him as to not trouble him.

Neil hated his mama from the day he knew her actual truth.

One day, Neil follwed his maa. She went to a Cafe. And to Neil’s shock She was talking with A man. Neil had no clue who this was. But after seeing them hugging and kissing Neil was mindblown.
He moved closer to them to see what they were talking about.

“I really want to move in with you Ashish”
“Me too Priya..But what about your son?” Ashish replied

Neil stared at them shock. What are they going to do with them?

“I know Priya. Let’s get him married.” Ashish said happily.

“Married? to who?” Priya asked curiously

“To my daughter Avni!!”


“Neil?” A voice came. Neil turned.

“Avni? what are you doing here?” Asked Neil in amazement.

“I came to drop mama. I was really thirsty” said Avni

“How did it go with mama’s food lesson?” Asked Neil.

“How do you know my mama came today?”

“just a lucky guess” beamed Neil.

“Anyways, I thought you were here with your friends” stated Avni recalling his words in the morning.

Neil sighed.

“I was..But he left!”

Avni laughed.

“Oh poor you.”

Neil smiled “Yes..I am Avni..I am very poor at heart these days.”

Avni looked at him ” Me too.”

“Then I guess we are on the same boat together” Neil said.

“Together? Neil…even if we were on the same leaf..I would be at one side and you would be on the other.” replied Avni.

“That means we will never be together?” Asked Neil.

She stared at him.

“What?” She asked.

“My words cost a lot..If you can’t hear me will never get a repeat!” He said.

Neil Laughed at Avni’s confused face. He felt happy to be laughing once again.

“You are very weird” Said Avni.

“And is that weird good or bad?”

Avni recalled the question she asked from his that morning.

” I don’t know..It’s only been 5 days..I will get to know you then.” Said Avni.

They both sat there in a silence.

“It’s getting late. Shall we go?” Asked Avni.

Neil nodded. They both head out.

“Wait..shall I buy something for dinner from here..I’m still scared to test the recipies mama gave me.”

“No” said Neil “I want to eat your food! They are surprisingly very tasty’

Avni laughed. “Really?”

“really” he assured her.


Hey guys..I decided to post the next part as well!

I read and replied to the comments that I had on past chapter..And I’m really glad you guys are liking it!!

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