My heart is with you epi.18 by sukor

recap: Imli’s break up with vivaan and Sukor naagin scene
Chakor ran out the room while Suraj smirked. Chakor ran into imli and imli dropped her phone.
“I am so sorry, Imlu” Chakor said while picking her not so good state phone.
“It’s ok, didi but why are you running” Imli asked.
Chakor blushes while thinking about what Suraj had said.
“Nothing, Imli just in a rush” she lied before hurrying down the stairs.
“Weird” imli said while going to her room.
Imli goes to her room and looks at vivaan’s picture on the wall.
“Vivaan, I know you broke up with me but I don’t care. I’ll just go with my backup boyfriend” she said evilly

Chakor goes to her room nervously and sees the whole room decorated with flowers, candles and heart shaped balloons. The whole room and mine and Suraj’s picture and there was a secret thing wrapped up in a pink cloth. The lights were dim and Suraj slowly came from his hiding place with a heart balloon in his hand.
Sanam Re plays.
Chakor had a big shy smile on her face and she ran to hug Suraj but Suraj literally rejected it. Chakor stood there in confusion but it all got cleared when Suraj knelled down on his right knee and forward the balloon. Chakor was so happy; she sat on his leg and touched the balloon with her hands on his. Suraj slowly came close to Chakor with the intention of kissing her. Chakor froze and their noses touched. Their lips were just about to touch when they heard a scream. POPPPP. Their cute little balloon popped and the Sukor moment was ruined.
“What the hell, can’t a person live in this world without interrupting my time with my wife” he yelled in frustration.
“Suraj, that person might be in trouble” she said while rushing out through the door. Suraj followed her with an angry face. They heard another scream from imli’s room.
“Imli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Chakor yelled running to Imli’s room.
Vivaan gave a tight slap on Imli’s face, sending her face forward to the floor.
“Vivaan” Chakor yells while helping Imli getting up.
“Vivaan, why the hell were you slapping her” Suraj asks in anger.
“Suraj, listen bro. When you hear what she’s saying, you would do what I was” Vivaan said while sitting on the bed.
“Why what did he say” Chakor asks.
“She said that she wants to divorce me because she loves Suraj” Vivaan says.
“What” Chakor and Suraj say looking at imli in shock?
“No, didi he is uttering nonsense”
“Yah right” Vivaan says.
“I know that imli can never do that” Chakor says.
“But I am telling the truth, she said that she loves him”
“Vivaan” she said while giving him a tight slap.
“Don’t you dare to speak against my sister” She says in anger.
“Fine, don’t believe me” vivaan says rushing through the door.

Chakor and Suraj leave after putting Imli to sleep and go to their room and sleeps too tired to say anything.

That’s it and trust me this track with only be 3 or 4 episode so please support me. In this track you will see a possessive side of Chakor and I’m sure you’ll love it!!!!!! Keep loving me and comment. Oh, yah I love you guys……….

Precap: Full on Sukor romance and a big Surprise.{ Can you guess}

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  1. Sukorlover

    Interesting, loved sukor romance

    1. Sukor

      Who do you think that imli boyfriend is?

  2. Sukor

    Thanks dear and who do you think that imli’s backup boyfriend is??

    1. Sukor


    2. Sukorlover

      Maybe chagan or shikhu.

  3. Nice, poor Sukor their date was ruined by Imli, so did she tell vivaan she loves suraj or is vivaan lying. Is it the secret boyfriend shikhu?

    1. Sukor

      You will find out in the next episode.

  4. Nice , cute sukor scenes. Poor sukor, their moments r always interrupted. Imlis secret bf will be chagan I guess. Eagerly waiting fr the next part

    1. Sukor

      Thanks dear but imli is a villain in my story.{hint} so her bf will be someone that will be connected to Chakor. Now guess.

  5. Sukorian

    interesting I was waitng for it. ya same shikhu chagan or adi…???

    1. Sukor

      Thanks dear, I love your ff as well. And imli is bad in my story so her bf is someone related to Chakor. Can you guess now??

      1. Sukorian

        please not Suraj… I had Adi n Chagan n Shikhu but who is there else???

      2. Sukorian

        P.S. ya i like it that imli is bad n my opinion she was never gud always selfish n bad ?

    2. Sukor

      Exactly. Imli is not always bad but her kid always comes in chakor way.

  6. I think suraj.

    1. Sukor

      Good guess.

  7. Sory for late cmenting bt mene aaj hi pade hai sbke ffs asusual awsm nd egrly waiting for next.nd how r u.aapke projects khtm hue?

    1. Sukor

      Thanks and project finished for now so I may post one more of update of this ff tomorrow. Ok.

  8. Thnku so much dear bcz i need so much ffs to feel good.m egrly waiting for next bcz i wona know that my guss is write or not bt please sukor ko alg mtt krna.

    1. Sukor

      I am not going to tell if your guess is right or not but sukor won’t get separated.ok dear

  9. Nice

    1. Sukor

      Thank you dear

  10. Sorry for late comment and this is a better then the on going vimli problem it is very good cant waitfor the next episdoe

    1. Sukor

      Thanks dear. Next episode already updated. Have fun reading it

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