My heart belongs to you…(my bracelet girl) intro and epi 1


Hellooo friends, smiley here. First of all thank you so much for liking my previous os “love you……always”. Though it was simple, but your comments made it special.
So now i am going to start mah new series……It will be a love story.

Introduction of characters :
Sanskar- son of durga prasad and annapurna.
Laksh- son of ram prasad and sujata.
Ragini and swara- daughters of sharmishtha and shekhar. Here swaragini are twin sisters but are not identical.
Story will mainly revolve around these four characters only…no evilness no planning plotting….

Here is episode 1

A college is shown…

A group of boys were chatting with one another. “Today new session is going to start. We will have great fun with the freshers.” all the boys cheers in yes.
Suddenly their eyes fall on two beautiful girls standing near the college gate. One of them wearing blue jeans with orange crop top…open hair ( she is swara), while other is wearing black jeans with pink top having side french braid (she is ragini). One of the boys goes towards them.
“heya…new admission?”
swara- yes. Both the girls turned their face away.
Boy- oh attitude!! Dont u know how to behave with your senior.
Ragini- senior?? Okay first tell in which class you are in??
Boy- third year…
swara- third year…. Then how could u be our senior…we r also in third year…u will b our classmate.
Boy- what!!! Okay…by the way my name is laksh…and your names??
“swara” “ragini”
swara- u can call us swaragini.
Laksh- swaragini!! nice name.
Swara- now tell us where is principal sir room??
Laksh- why?? r u going to complaint about me?
ragini- arre nahin… Actually we need to submit some forms to him thats why.
Laksh- oh okay…go straight and then take a left turn, u will reach there.
Swara- thank you.
Saying this, both go from there.

After coming out of the principal room,
ragini- swara….you go to the classroom, i’ll just come after submitting these fees at the counter.
Swara- okay see u in class…come fast.

After submitting fee at the counter, ragini was coming towards the classroom busy in handling her books and then ‘bang’….she collide with someone…rather handsome guy. Their eyes met for a second. Both bend down and start collecting their respective books.
Ragini- sorry…
Guy- its okay…actually we both were not looking at our path.
She just smiled and went towards the classroom.
The guy looked at the books in his hand and started following her.
Ragini aage aage…..ladka picche picche…

Our dear swara saw this scenerio from the distance and started coming towards them.
Guy- hey hello….excuse me…
ragini after much time heard his voice and turned towards him. She saw her book in his hand and understood why he came to her. Meanwhile, swara reaches there. Before they could speak…
swara- oh hello…why r u following her??
Guy- i am not following her, i just…
swara- i have seen you….i know your kind of boys…only thing u know is just to tease girls…
ragini- swara listen….

swara- no ragini…u dont get scared, i’ll teach him good lesson.
Also, laksh came there.
Laksh- what is happening here?? What happen sanky( yes the guy is sanskar)?? (keeping hand around his shoulder)
swara- oh…so he is your friend…outside you were troubling us and now your friend is following my sister….
swara was in full swing….like unstoppable train.
Both ragini and sanskar together- stop…
ragini- no swara, he is not chasing me….
sanskar- ya i just come to return her book which she dropped accidentally.
Swara-oh!!!!( making a sad pout face)
laksh who was watching all this just laughed thoroughly.
Laksh- wow!!what a scene.
Swara gives him an angry glare.

Sanskar- by the way i am sanskar (introducing himself to them)
laksh- ya…and my best bro.
Ragini- i am ragini and she is my sister swara…
Swara- hi…and sorry for misunderstandingu..
sanskar- oh…its okay just leave it.
Four of them instantly become friends…they spend their whole day together…attending the class…chilling at canteen……


At night,
In the room, Sanskar was sitting on his bed continuously looking at a pearl bracelet in his hand.
Then laksh came there “bhai…mom is calling you for dinner”
sanskar- ya…m coming.
Laksh- oh so u r here spending time with my would be bhabhi…
sanskar gives him a stern look…
laksh- arre bhai…why r u getting angry…since u hav got this bracelet, you always keep this with u… I dont know when you will find that bracelet girl….till then this bracelet is my bhabhi…
sanskar- laksh!!!!( throwing pillow at him) one day i will find her for sure…she is my destiny.
Laksh- aahhh bhai…okay i am going but u come fast.
He went away. Sanskar hold the bracelet and get into flashback…..
fb starts..

It was a pleasant rainy day. Sanskar and laksh were playing football in the ground with their friends. Then suddenly the ball got kicked so high that it comes on the road.
sanskar- wait guys…i’ll get it.
He went to get that football. When he reached there whar he saw is that a girl is trying to pick the ball from the road. He approached towards her. Suddenly his eyes fall on the car coming in full speed towards her. He immediately run towards her and in the nick of time, he just grab her and both rolled towards the roadside, with sanskar on top of her. The girl was wearing yellow churidar and due to the dupatta, their face got covered….only they can see each other’s eyes. Sanskar just get lost in her angelic eyes…staring them continuously…got froze for a minute. The girl then broke the eyelock and they both got up. Her face was still covered with the dupatta. But before he could see her, it started raining and she immediately run to protect herself from the rain. Sanskar tried to call her but within a second, she just got vanished from his sight. He was about to go, when he saw a bracelet hanging with his wristband. He removed the bracelet and looked at it lovingly remembering her angelic eyes….
fb ends…
Sanskar come near the window and looked at the moon holding bracelet close to his heart…

so friends, this was the first episode. Hope u liked it….plzzz do give comments.

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