My heart beats for only you (Episode 2)


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Episode 2

Leap of 2 Months ….
The episode starts with sunshine piercing it’s way through kunj’s window blind n its rays floods his bedroom making his damnn hot abs visible to all ?? ( sry got Lil outta control there ?). He woke up with the sounds of His annoying alarm. He sat up on his bed n Infront of him stood a mirror. Arre waa kunj , u look hotter n s*xier than usual baby n winks at himself n laughs.He leaves n comes back dressed after having a bath , wearing a white T-shirt n a brown blazer n white ripped jeans n matching brown shoes he now Combs his hair n stands in front of a photo which was framed n large right near his cupboard. Morning maa n papa. Kaise ho app? Pata hai papa u were in my dream last night n u were driving a tractor round and round the cane fields i cant remember why but I’ll tell u wen i remember n he laughs.Maaaa u were inmy dream too . You were dancing on stage like Madhuri Dixit ma’am.Haii me tuh margaye. Why r u so hot mom yaar? Anyway bless me i have to leave with my soon-yet-to-be jiju Yuvi to college , haa haa maa u will again ask ‘kya? Mahi abhi tak shaddi nai hu wi hai?’ Idk go ask her y. Bye now love u talk to u later.

Next scene – dining room.
Yuvi was teary eyed n happy both as he was walking down the step n joined mahi for breakfast.kya hua uv why r u smiling?
Kuch nai mahi i got emotional seeing kunj talking maa n papa picture again.
Ohh leave him nah .. If this makes him happy then im happy too mahi said with a smile n poured his coffee for him.And if my lady love is happy then im happy he said with a smirk n pulled her closer to him.Mahi blushes n they have a cute eyelock (Tumhi dekho na instrumental plays in the BG from kabhi alvida na kehna).Ahem ahem plzz leave the romance for till after i leave. Mahi pulled a way n ran into the kitchen.Uv- Kya yaar kunj n shows an irritated face.
Haww mera jiju naraz hai n kunj starts to tease him.come on sit n have breakfast mahi came n interrupted him.Haa di .. Btw wen is bebe coming back from her pilgrimage? N hw is her health? Bebe is feeling a bit better now n she said mite b back in a month’s time.she wants to spend some time alone so…ohh ok.
Uv-now kunj hurry up n eat u have to leave.
Ku-wat do u mean by “u” ? Aren’t u going to work today?
No not today my office is being cleaned n renovated so…ohh thik hai meh chalta hu..bye and he left.Mahi join UV for breakfast n smiles. Im happy he’s moving on now . haa mahi he’s moving on just for u.Maa aur papa’s death rele shook him up.lekin mahi i have a surprise for u..
Surprise konsa surprise? She Gave him a puzzled look n was surprised by his answer.
I no u can’t always be at home to watch kunj n be with him all the time so i sent for my sister n she’s coming from London today.She mite.. u no make him a bit happier and look after him.
But UV I’ll manage nuh y did u bother?? Won’t it be a burden to her? I mean just to come here n look after him ??
Mahi calm down she called me last nite n said she was missing home so I told her to come over n relax besides wen she comes here I’m taking u to Goa.
Huh? Goa but y?
Don’t worry darling only for a week i have to finalise a deal there so I’ll take u along besides i need some time with u n winks at her.thik hai uv . do u have to go collect her?? No she said she’ll manage . Nam kya hai?

Next scene – outside of airport.
A girl is running, bumping into everyone as she passes with her luggage yelling sorry to them.’kya yaar im so late bhai will kill me.She is wearing an orange churidar with yellow pants n yellow shawl around her neck. Her hair,black, streaks of light brown is playing with the wind of the cool breeze.Her twinklin eyes are shown then her pink soft lips n the camera now shows a worried look on her face which is revealed to be our one n only twinkle tanejA.Twinkle is trying to stop taxis but they r passing her straight n she gets angry.Just then a guy on a motor bike speeds pass her n the heavy gust of wind made her shawl fly off n landed in the motor biker’s head.he takes off his helmet n slowly takes the shawl off which was covering his face. Sajna ve plays .. Yes Bcz the biker isnone other than kunj.He sees twinkle across the road n realises that it belonged to her.Her hair was playing with her face n she held her hands on her waist muttering something in anger. Tho she was frustrated , kunj couldn’t take his eyes off her.He was mesmerized by her sudden glow in her beautiful face.He approaches her on his bike n spoke up.Excuse me ma’am do u need help? You look worried.Twinkle now realised that some1 was infront of her.In all her tension she didn’t even notice her shawl was missing n that he was holding it. Haa dekh nah im not getting any transportation n im already late.U from India ? Kunj asks .
Yes i was born in india but went over to london n im back here again. Kunj was hell surprised n she noticed this but didn’t bother asking y. He turned stopped an auto n she jumped in yelling thanks n smiled at him.Kunj yelled back ur welcome n smiled.He turns back n frowned. Kya hai ye yaar?? Oh god i forgot abt her shawl uff! Koi baat nai I’ll keep it n he slapped his hand on his heart n smiles n rode off.

Next scene – Sarna mansion
Bhaiii!!!! Im home. Ouchh bhai im sry im sry im sry im sry. What is this twinkle? U r 2 hours late do u no hw worried i was? Sorry UV bhai u can let go of my ear now n she ran n hug him.i miss u. I miss u too twinkle.Haa all hugs for bhai alone? Twinkle turns n yells Mahi n ran n hug her. Mahi hugged her back.Twinkle u never saw me before hw did u recognised me? Bczmy dear soon-to be- bhabhi u look like one of my brother’s type but bhai mahi babhi is so pretty beautiful and smart hw did she end up with a monkey like u? N mahi burst out a laughing n said good one twinkle even i want to know.
Shut up both of u.If im a monkey then u both r too! And how’s that? Mahi asked still laughing. Bcz twinkle is my sister which makes her my relative which means she is exactly like me n u mahi Sarna … Monkey see monkey do.u r also a monkey since u fell in love with one n yuvi starts laughing.(yuvi rocked girls shocked?)
They both were shocked at uv’s reaction n response n both their minds struck similar ideas.they picked up the cushions n starts peltin UV . are stop merra Maas im sry !!!! Stopp ahhh !! They stopped pitying him and fell on the ground laughing.btw bhai, bhabi, isn’t somebody missing ?? Other than bebe u told me she isn’t here rite? Haa Ku…loh agaya n he points at the door . she turns n sees kunj walking in holding her shawl n smiling.kunj now looks up n sees twinkle

Precap- Twinj conversation 🙂

Heyy people !!! My commemters !!! :v im so happy that u liked my 1st episode. I thank you from the bottom of my heart tho i got very little comments . i hope You enjoyed today’s epi .

Oh btw i no in first epi i mentioned kunj and mahi injured due to the accident so I’d like to let u no mahi’s hands are better and kunj’s face is better too
Thank you please do comment !!!

– Romaisah

Credit to: Romaisah

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Romaisah….lovely dear….

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    loved it

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    awesome epi….loved it…..

  4. Sayeeda

    Woowwwww……Romu ( hope u don’t mind me calling me that)….
    Amazing ….what a cute episode…
    loved the way twinj met with eo …loved the way kunj was talking with his parents ….toooooo goooddd…yrrr..
    U rocked Romu …

  5. amazing romaishah cnt w8 fr ur nxt episode pls post it asap

  6. Dreamer...arundhati

    Romaisah u rocked this epi too… What a entry. .Muah.. Luved it
    Ctd asap

  7. Fan

    Awesome epi romaisah..

  8. Ria

    It was amazing..loved it.. especially Twinkle Mahi and Yuvraj’s convo..??

  9. Shonaa...

    Amazing episode romaisah…. sorry for not commenting on ur 1st episode…. but it was amazing…. nd diz one is more amazing…. nd d Precape is toh or bhi jyada amazing…. post nxt asap….

  10. Jiya_Ani

    Heyyyy Romaisah…. Amazingly portrayed…
    Awesome dear….loved it to the core
    And my favorite scene when Kunj patted his heart ….haye…muaaaaah
    Spectacular sweetheart….
    And when he was talking to to his parents’ pic…too emotional.. Love u and post next part soooooooon

  11. Angita

    Aww I loved this episode………..Kunj talking to maa,papa was emotional and the same time bit funny to,and you know twinkle bumping into everyone and yelling sorry I do that to

  12. Itz wz superrrrbbbb…. Esp the way u described twinkles entry n twinj meeting wz too good…. Keep writing

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