My heart beats for only you (Episode 1)


My heart beats for only you

Episode 1

A huge brown and black mansion is shown, n on the name plate , “Sarnas”. Inside , a boy is sitting in a crying heavily. His eyes are blood red and swollen due to tears flowing from eyes since early this morning. He was scared Sad and still shocked at the loss he and his sister occurred.He had injured his face , wounds on his cheeks.
A girl is approaching him. She is also crying profusely but wiping her tears since she is trying to be strong in front of him. Her left arm is fractured and has several cuts on her right arm. She puts her hands on his shoulder n he hugs her.She couldn’t take to anymore.’Please stop crying Bhaii. I can’t see u like this. If maa aur papa see u like this they will get upset.Please stop crying Kunj. (The boy is revealed to be our Kunj and yes Sidhant plzz).
Kunj- why di? Why us? Maa and papa are gone now they can’t even yell at us much less get angry.Why Mahi di?? And he cries n hugs her tighter.(Girl is Mahi. So now we no kunj and mahi r siblings.)
Kunj, u no they didn’t mean to leave us God wanted them now. If bebe sees you like this she will lose the bit of strength she has in her.We are the only reasons she is still alive , she is living bcz of us. Come on stop crying. U no hw weak Bebe has become.
Another boy now joins the n he is revealed to be Yuvi.
Yuvi-She is right kunj you have to be strong for Bebe.Ever since usha aunty and manohar uncle’s demise she was shaken. Be strong.
Kunj- Uv i really wish he took me instead of maa n papa i really wish. And he drops on the floor crying louder. A weak broken shattered woman is coming there direction.
M- kunj bebe is coming plzz samal ke apko.Kunj looks up and sees bebe’s pale and sorrowful face and gets sad.Bebe no bebe don’t be sad don’t cry maa n papa r angry bcz u r crying now stop u r my strong s*xy bebe hai nah? Ur makeup will get spoiled stop crying.Bebe-arre who said crying.Dust went into my eyes and they get emotional and hugs.yuvi mahi, behind them were crying silently. Come now we have to go do the funeral rites for monu n usha Rani said bebe breaking the hug.
The sarna mansion was filled with people wearing white clothing and were talking some were crying.
“Mr and Mrs Sarna were gr8 people they took such care of our neighborhood. Yes its sad they died in the terrible car accident … Haa ji but their children are lucky to be saved in such fatal accident . yes the Almighty is good for sparing their lives.

At night in kunj’s room
Kunj was sitting on his bed looking through an old but precious photo album filled with His and Mahi’s childhood pics with their parents.He held it close to his heart and screamed,”Please come back , I miss you!” And cries.Yuhi , who were looking at his behaviour couldn’t take it anymore. Mahi ran from there crying n yuvi came and consoled her. Yuvi, why did this have to happen to us? To him? I mean i was also their child but he was closer to them i was always busy with work. Kunj was always cheerful around us n look now he’s a lifeless …. N burst into crying.Kunj always tried to keepOur family together and happy. Now he lost everything . Bebe n kunj r the only family i HV now n she cries. Yuvi- shhh mahi don’t worry I’ll help u nah .. U no that usha Aunty n manohar uncle was close to me also they were going to be my future in laws.
Wait .. will u still marry me after wat happened? I mean … Mahi shut up i love u more than my life n i can’t c tears in ur eyes but for now I’ll wait until u r fully recovered n will always be here with u ok? As for kunj i’ll send him to college n let him finish his degree n hopefully gradually get over this demise n u too have to be my strong mahi ok? So much love UV? Im lucky to have u Mr Yuvraj Taneja and she manages to smile a bit.
Don’t worry mahi , I’ll take care of everything .. Chall I’ll leave now… No plzz don’t go stay with me
UV ,with a puzzled look asked . are u sure? Pakka. N she slept on His shoulders feeling a bit better but was missing her parents badly but didn’t show it.
“I love you maa n papa” mahi and kunj both said in their sleeps..

Next update- leap of two months n entry of our heroine.

Hiii Guys !!! Hw are you all? A huge wala Eid Mubarak to all who r celebrating. 🙂
Anyway back to this epi. Im not new to TU but im new to writing . i usually comment on u ppl’s ff which im a huge fan of maybe I dont comment regualar but trust me i read them n i read most. Why are you ppl so inspiring? Like seriously when i started i keep thinking will they like it? Will it be good enough? Im hell nervous right now , please do support me and comment only ur comments support n love will keep me writing and uploading plzz do tell me if u like the start and yes i no the starting is BORInG n it maybe it has nothing to do with the title but plzz bear with me nah? I love u all n plz do comment 15 comments n i’ll continue or a good response. Please do comment ! Whether -ve or -ve
Bye ! Hope you enjoyed reading n sorry for my long intro speech

-Romaisah :*

Credit to: Romaisah

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