Balika Vadhu 7th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 7th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode start badi daadi sa saying that tell everything to your bind krish. Nandani ask if krish will be hurt by him. Badi daadi sa say belive in your love, and tell krish about kundan and his lies and truth.. nanadni say ok; i tell him..

Krish comes and say dr. Are wrost patient and applies oniment. Nandini cries in pain, and krish also by seeing her in pain and nanadini say that dr. Do not cries in pain. Krish says that becoz ur are my wife too..
Nanadini say that i want to talk you about abhiram/ kundan. Krish says yes tell and kundan comes and hear them. Nanadini says that krish abhiram is not look like he shows to all.. he is …. krish phone rings….
Krish picks and get to know that viva is tomorrow as done by mgt. Team.. he is shocked how to prepare in one night.. nanadhini thinks right now i should not tell krish about kundan..

Krish ask nandini what are you saying. Nandini say you study and will talk later. Krish say ok and you rest.. nandini say if need help tell me and put alarm in advance.. krish do and leave…

Sudha’s husband ask for forgiveness from sudha for being rude. He further says that you take so much care of my family.. and yes, rest as minister’s dadi is going to die soon and he will be needing rudali, and will provide much money and i will take you there; no one will say anything to you from now… sudha is shocked…

Kundan is applying medicne on burn and speak himself, that nandini you are flying high by everything; you are becoming savitri by saving krish but now see how i make you surpkha by doing something… but what will I do????

Krish mother comes in and does the first aid of kundan/ abhiram.. she says sorry abhiram ji. Kundan says that no need to say. She says i need to say as your hand burnt and I… abhiram say that its not your fault but your jiji’s fault.. tell me when will she go?? Krish’s mother say she will go soon.. abhiram does his drama that i can’t be angry from you… as i love you.. she goes to bring tea..
Someone call him and he say do as i say, and say that nandini i wanted to make you do bad work but not less shivam will do..
Someone says to shivam; go to minister house and do robbery as all are in hosiptal.. shivam says done..
He goes to minister house and goes to tijori and open it with pin and robb everything; just than everyone comes. Shivam says that i will do work fast and leave; he robb and make sound.. guard sees him leaving and go behind him..

Sudha’s husband take suddha to minister house in rudali get up and tell her do work well and goes.. sudha coilides with shivam and says you; he leaves.. guard ask did you see anyone; she give wrong direction.. shivam thanks sudha and leaves by saying i will tell you everything soon and they see each other and he leaves…

Kundan goes to krish room and changes alram time and switch off alarm from being ringing… and eyes evilly on nandini and krish…
Screen freez….

Tag line- Parvat ko cheer ko jo marrag banate hai; god helps them and not them who make problems..

Precap- mom ask nandini did you call jagrata ladies.. and rudali enters; shocking everyone. Nandini see sudha and super shocked.

  1. Why Shivam do robbery in minister house disgusting.They are taking serial to wrong path.The makers can show Nandhini saying truth to krish and she can find Shivam.But they are dragging nothing else


    Actually kundan waas trying to make nandini a pr*stitute but shivam saved her and he fell in his trap… don’t worry show is ending soon…

  3. Radhika

    Yay show is ending finally. I hope it doesn’t end like season 1. Everyone is happy for its end lol. Don’t remember when last time I saw good thing happened in Balika vadhu. I think shivam will not become a robber, it’s not his instinct. May be sudha and shivam are going to unite. That will be nice.


      I too hope that…

    2. Radhika

      Hey shraddha what happened to H hasan? Is she/he alright?


      I don’t know… Hasan was not aviable on 7 july so i updated the episode

  4. i wish they end this serial as soon as possible it is losing its storyline and there is dragging only

    finish it

  5. The way Nandini is delaying sharing her biggest worry with her husband, looks like she needs to consult a Pandit for a muhurt for that. She is a poor reflection on Shiv and Anandi, hardly the character of their daughter. Some ways to stretch the already dragged show.

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