Hatred is beginning of love – Episode 9

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In the morning
Suhani is eating paratha.
Yuvraj sees this .
Yuvraj – maa see i m so fit but my wife
Suhani looks at him .
Suhani – ragini bhabhi you know i won gold medal in my college sports day but some people doesnt remember it
Yuvraj – bhabhi sometimes everything is possible
Suhani stands up

Suhani – mr yuvraj birla lets have a race
Yuvraj – ok
Suhani come on girls
Ragini ,menka , pratima and suhani stands up
Barbie – i m in yuvraj’s team .
Dadi – ok the team which will win they will demand anything which they want
Everyone agrees.

In afternoon.
Ragini , suhani , menka were wearing red t shirts amd black trousers
Anuj , saurav , sharad , yuvraj and barbie were wearing yellow t shirts and black trousers .

Barbie goes to suhani and starts talking to her about her college she ties her shoe less with another shoe .

Everyone takes their positions .
Suhani , ragini , menka and gauri
And on other side boys .

Yuvraj sees suhani shoes .
Yuvraj thinks ohh no suhani will fall down but if i will stop her she will not listen to me i have to do something .

Dadi – get set go
Everyone runs .
Suhani was about to fall but yuvraj lifyed her in her arms and runs .
Suhani – stop yuvraj
Yuvraj doesnt stop and YuvAni wins .
Menka – how romantic
YuvAni feels awkward .

Pratima says it was single race not couple race .
Suhani – i know but this sadu
Yuvraj – if i wouldnt have come na you would have broke your legs
Suhani sees her shoe less tide with eachother .
Everyone sees this .
Anuj – but who did this ?
Saurav – i know only barbie can do this
Everyone looks at barbie
Dadi stops everyone from blaiming barbie
Barbie goes in her room .

Rags feels that her health is not good .
She gets a call from doctor .
She gathers everyone in her room and tells that she is pregenent .
Everyone gets happy .
Saurav hugs her .
Suhani – bhabhi congratulations
Ragini – suhani i want your news also and that also soon coz i dont want my kid to play alone
Suhani blushes .
Menka – i want that we celebrate this lets go to our farm house for picinic .
Everyone agrees .

Precap – picnic….


  1. sri

    very lovely episode ….yuvani race that is very romantic scene .yuvani was so… cute .waiting for nxt epi. nd avni i want to share one thing that when i watch half girlfriend mvie trailer first thing i thought abt ur ff (half girlfriend)really i missed soo much.

  2. Radha

    Hey hey avani yuvani race moment was very very cute.this barbie became like a medium to unite yuvani.

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