Haters become lovers ( swasan and raglak) Episode 6



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All are doing prepration of sawsan engagement and at night the maheswari masion is decorated like a rajmahal and all are prasing their ecoration suddenly swara and sanskar come (they are wearing the same dress which they wear in engagement) and they come ragini goes to swara and hug her while lucky goes to sanskar and hug him
On the other side kavita is seeing all happy and see sanskar who is looking at swara and think sanskar you forget me so easily na so you also have to pay for it
Sanskar start dancing on song salame ishq swara also join him and then sumi and shekar then ragini andlucky after this dance all family member dance on song tukur tukur
And kavita is see all of them and goes from their without noticed by any one and go to room where CHANDELIER rore is tied and cut it half

Here in hall dp ask to start the enagment and kavita also come their and see CHANDELIER and gets happy and think now both of your story get end today sanskar you have to pay for betraying me
The engament ceromny started swara put ring in sanskar figure and sanskar put ring in swara fingur all are happily clapping suddemly ragini eyes goes on CHANDELIER and she see it moving and then see swara and sanskar who is standing beneth ragini runs and shout sawsan and goes and jerk sanskar sanskar fall away and look up CHANDELIER is cominn down ragini take swara and CHANDELIER fall but ragini cover swara and in this process ragini hand get injury
All are shocked by this and see CHANDELIER and then goes to swaragini
Ap: are you both ok
Sumi: ragini save swasan
Ragini: swara are you ok
Swara: yeah and see ragini hand injury

Swara: some one bring first aid box and she take ragini and make her sit on chair
Pari goes to bring first aid box
Now sanskar come in senses and goes and hug swara and cry
Swara: don’t cry I am ok
Sanskar: what if anything happen to what I will do
Swara: but I am fine don’t take tension
And swara wipe his tear and sanskar trun towads ragini
Sanskar: thnks ragini for saving my life
Ragini: its ok sanskar she is my sister
Swara eyes ragini emotionally and hug her pari came with first aid box and swara take it and start dressing the wound amd swaragini plays in background
Here lucky thinks that why ragini did this is its her new drama to gain everyone trust I should have to know the reason of CHANDELIER falling I don’t want swara and sanskar marriage have some problem

All are tensed swara see this and say don’t take tension we are alright
After some time swara along with parents go to badi and lucky take ragini to room
Sanskar in his room sleeping and see a dream in which he see swara is going away from him and he shout swara and wake up an then he become restless so he decided to go badi
He goes to badi and from pipe go to swara room and goes near her and see her sleeping
Sanskar: my princesses is looking so beautiful while sleeping
And he bend to kiss her but swara wake up and see a man is about to shout but sanskar hold her mouth
Sanskar: its me swara
Sawar: sanskar you here at this time
And swara get up and sanskar hug her
Sanskar: promise me you wont leave me alone
Swara: what happen sanskar
Sanskar: first promise
Swara: ok baba promise now tell
Sanskar tell her about dream and tell that he become so rest less that’s why he come and swara see his tensed face swara suddenly kisses on his cheeks and he get surprised by this act of swara
Swara: I promise I will not leave you alone
And they talk late night and fall asleep their sanskar is in swara lap

Credit to: pari

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