Ek anokhi kahani Episode 39

The episode starts with shailaja asking dev.
Shailaja:-dev its already 8 where is ragini.
Dev:-she is sleeping ma.
All are drinking coffee.
Shailaja:-untill now dayal did u gave her yesterday night duty.
Dayal:-no .
Shaurya:-not night duty ma she went to night out with laksh.
Dev and dayal spills coffee out and
All hits shaurya and shaurya closes his eyes as he spoke truth out. All hits him.
Shailaja:-with laksh that to late night why.
Durga:-no maa its not laksh u lisened wrongly.
Dev and shaurya:-haa.
Shailaja:-then wat he said night out with laksh.
Patal:-aa he mean to say haa he said she did night out luckly because their is no night duty.
All looks at her confusingly and payal signal them.
All says yes yes thats wat he want say.

Shaurya:-ya ya.
Shailaja understands and says by catching durga and payal ears untill niw these three spoiked her and now u two also joined.
Rags:-comes doen and says maa leave bhabhis naa why are u jitting them.
Shailaja:-where r u yesterday.
Rags:-i was with and sees all are signalling her not to speak from back of shailaja.
Shailaja turns back and they all stops signalling her and turns back to rags.
Shailaja:-where r u rags.
Rags:-guys where am i yesterday.
Shailaja hits her and says day by day your r spoiling and these people are saving u now its time for your marriage with laksh.
Rags:-noo i wont and says wat with whom.
All gets surprised.
Shailaja:-wat do u think i dont kniw about u and laksh.
Rags :-maa and runs from there and hugs dev.
Dev:-oh oh first time i am seeing rags getting shy.

Rags:-no shyness i ran here to save myself .
Rags:-if mom gave me a sixer for yesterdays night then .
All laughs.
Scene shifts to laksh .
Raj and sakshi arjun are at laksh room.
Raj goes near laksh ears and says.
Raj:-oh my baby is sleeping like a baby.
Sakshi:-raj r u going to sing rhyme now.
Arjun:-maa and dad dont disturbe bhai we came late .
Sakshi:-wat u did yesterday night.
Arjun:-says everything.
Raj and sakshi gets happy and hugs each other.
Arjun:-oh my god by closing his eyez i think i should leave from here.
Sakshi hits him

They wake up laksh by shouting laksh.
He immediately getup and says wat the hell yar.
Raj:-hell i thought u will be in heaven.
Laksh:-wat heaven dad.
Sakshi:- after proposing rags for marriage i thought u will be in heaven.
Laksh opens his eyes and says how do u know and watches towards arjun
Arjun ki bachii and both runs all over house.

Arjun:-sheena good newz.
Sheena:-wat juni boy.
Arjun:-bhai proposed To rags.
Sheena:-he already did na why again.
Arjun:-arey first lisen to me completely
Sheena:-ok baba say.
Arjun:-xplains everything how he used him to propise rags.
Sheena:-wow juno boy your bhai is so romantic and untill now no one proposed like this i love you juno.

Arjun:-i too love you baby.
Sheena:-i should say this to bhaii and bhabhi.
Arjun:-say it fast.
Swara getting ready and sanskar comes and hugs her from behind and kisses her on neck.
Swara turns he about to kiss her on lips.
Sheena comes shouting bhaiiii.
They both moves away and say war happen.
Sheena xplains everything to them.
Sanskar :-wow.
Sheena:-how cool na wow laksh is cool.
Sanskar:-and by the way why are shouting like that.
Sheena silently goes towards door .
Sanskar:-i am asking u only and why are u going.
Sheena:-wait bhai i am getting ready to run.
Sanskar:-but why.

Sheena:-you will know and u asked me na why i am shouting because after marriage.married couple will romance everywhere if i came in wrong time and if you both are in wrong position that why before i reach i made my voice to reach u so that you both will come to this world and laughs.
Swara blushes.
Sanskar shout sheena u r gone in my hands and chases her all around home.
Rags to dev and shaurya
Rags:-bhaiyaas really mom going to marry me and laksh.

Dev:-who knows.
Rags:-wat do u mean by who knows.
Shaurya:-why are u shouting on us we are almost covered u but u came on time and failed our pkans.
Rags keeps sad face to dev.
Dev hugs her and says dont worry we will manage ok.
Rags:-thank you bhaiya and says to shaurya learn something from big bro.
Shaurya:-he he very funny.
Durga :-payal day after tomorrow rags and dev birthday we will give them surprise party .
Payal:-nice idea dii .

Shailaja:-nice nahi awesome and we are thinking laksh and rags enagement to be held on that day .
Durga:-wat about rajnath uncle and sakshi aunty.
Dayal:-they like ragini a lot durga and we already asked them about laksh and ragini.
They felt very happy also but we waited to know from kids when they like each other i think we should proceed
Payal:-wow a very good news i will say to them and about to go.
Durga:-lets give her a surprise.
Payal:-means two surprises for them.
Shailaja:- first durga you have take care about your health also ok.
Durga:-ok maa.

Precap:-dev and rags bday celebrations and laksh and rags enagement.

  1. plzz show more swasan scwns

  2. Wahh wahh what a bhabis yaar

    1. Thank you and yaa cool bhabhis

  3. I think there would be more fun when raglak and arjun-sheena marriage happens..coz in their house arjun will take support of ragini and sheena will be on laksh’s side…so many more cute fights between the couples…isn’t it sindhu ?? I’m waiting for it.. 🙂

    1. Yes likitha your are right their is lot of fun ahead

    1. Thank you shabrin

  4. I think more fun will come after marriage …. Its awsome …. After marriage rags will support juno..

  5. Very nice

  6. Awwwwww such a sweet family and awesome bonding b/w siblings
    tooooooooooooooo much fun when I read ur ff

    1. Thank you yaa it will be fun

  7. Awesome ….. No words…. My durga always cute

  8. Wow awesome waiting for their engagement to happen

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