I hate you swara ff story ep 24

Laksh room
Ragini in head:I hope this works
Laksh opens the door
Laksh:you what do you want
Ragini is in tears and hugs Laksh
Ragini:Laksh you have no idea how much I missed you
Laksh:sorry I don’t know you
Ragini takes off her glasses and her hair from a bun
Laksh:it’s really you my rasgulla
Ragini:my jalebi
He twirls her around and they hug
Ragini:so Uttara was right you really did keep my pictures
Laksh:I did after you left

Before Uttara goes after ragini
Uttara:Laksh do you really belive that ragini would do this to you she loves you so much
Laksh:but she betrayed me
Uttara:belive in me Laksh Ragini would never do it
She leaves
Laksh:Uttara is right I trust proof over her word  I am such a bad person i need to find her
Flashback ends

Laksh:but I never found you so I stuck you pictures and I vowed I would never take them down until I found you although there were some times when I was not in my room Swara would try to throw your pictures away
Ragini:I know she told me something intresting
She tells him everything
Laksh:I have no idea how to ask for your forgiveness
Ragini:leave it
She caress his face
Ragini:anyway I have to go to bed
Laksh:wait we need to talk do you still want to marry me
Ragini:yes Laksh I love you so much
Laksh:where did you go when you were thrown from the house
Ragini:I stayed at my Aunty house
Laksh:anyway I have some work to do
Ragini:which work
Laksh:I am going to get married I need to get rid of these bottles and make my room because I remember that my wife is so demanding
Ragini:jalebi stop it
Laksh:sorry rasgulla

Everyone is in the hall
She comes in holding Laksh hands
Annapurana:what is going on
Ragini takes off her disguise
Annapurana:why are you here
Laksh:everyone stop about a month ago everyone doubted ragini and now we have proof that it was not her but her jealous sister swara
At the same time Ragini mum dad dida dadi  Comes
Shekhar:what is it
He sees ragini
Shekhar:you I told you not to come back I will never take you back as my daught-
Ragini: papa wait
Swara:you have no proof
Ragini:yes I do
She plays the recording

” ragini was my sister but I got rid of her she was supposed to get married to laksh and my and my friend kavya made the family belive that she did something wrong the same way parineeta is going to leave the house
Ragini:don’t you feel guilty
Swara:no if I had a chance I would do it all over again”

Everyone is shocked
Dida slaps swara
Dida:disgusting I don’t know why my daughter gave birth to you your a curse in our family
Dadi:you separated two people which love each other every much
Sujata:why I got you married to my son I have no idea
Annapurana:swara your own sister
Sanskaar:swara i used to love you and care for you but not anymore
Swara: please I thought if Ragini came I would lose my position in the house
Ragini:she was also planning to kick parineeta
Parineeta:swara why why swara
Swara:I don’t want to be pushed aside ragini please
Sanskaar:go away back to your parents I don’t want to be with you again
Swara: please
Ragini:wait she will only try to get revenge we need to keep her here under punishment
Ragini:Laksh everything is okay

Shekhar:swara i am so disappointed to call you my daughter from now on we have no  relation
Sharmista:swara we have no relation
Swara: ma please RAGINI this is all your fault
Annapurana:no it is your fault lock her in the room
Servant:yes come on miss swara
Annapurana:NO from now on she shall be called only swara even the servants will have more respect than you
Swara is taken away and her parents leave
Annapurana:now it is time for something for your wedding
Ragini and Laksh look into each others eyes
Laksh:I belive we left at my tilkala ceremony

Precap:lakshya and ragini get married

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