Are You Enjoying YRKKH’s Current Track?

On YRKKH, the story is focusing on the separation track between Kartik and Naira. Kartik proposed Naira, and wanted to know her answer then Naira refused as she thinks that she only considers Kartik as a friend, and wants him to remain a friend. Kartik feels upset and decides to go far away and settle as he feels that it will be hard to live with Naira’s memories. On Karva Chauth noght Naira realises that she loves Kartik also sees Gayu breaking fast for Kartik as she observed it for him.

In some news it is also said that on the upcoming days the serial will show that Gayu’s secret will be exposed and the family will try to make Kartik marry Gayu, and Naira will separate her love for Gayu as Rama will manipulate her.

Are you enjoying YRKKH’s current track? Vote now.

  1. Kaira. …………….so beautiful nd fabulous couple

  2. i dont want gayu to marry karthik . if they unite kaira only they will get more trp , i dont know why they dont understand this . i am not liking the present track , i want kaira united asap…hope kaira gets united soon . thanks for the poll cynthia dear

  3. Kayu forever
    Kayu only

  4. I dont want gayu to marry kartik. we all want kaira not kayu

  5. Sethidisha002

    i dont want gayu with kartik i only want kaira if kaira is not there it will b worst serial ever

  6. Sethidisha002

    no kaira forever i hate this gayu with kartik only kaira is fab couple and i hate this track

  7. I just love kaira they both look so awesome with each other and I just hate that gayu

  8. Kaira is the best … Pls don’t separate them … This couple going to beat the akshra,naitik….!!! And the dream sequence of kaira is very nice … best romance scene … Makers super …u make the kaira scene excellent…different dream scene….superb yar …kaira pair gone best pair in starplus

  9. Koyi gayu ko kidnap karoo with her dadi n bua dadi n parcel them somewhere. ..why such stupid same old sacrifice even some news are saying karthik will accept gay proposal thinking its naira proposal how lame it is and more over hiw dumb they r going to make his character. plzz get kaira together and then let them face struggles together. end gayu character she is useless in show

  10. Kartik ko love confess karne bahut der hogayi..phir naira ko use realize karne aur der hui..ab phirse kartik ka acceptance of marriage ki confusion mei aur der lagaoge..don’t know kab jaake kaira mil payenge..track is prolonging like anything..???

  11. Garima

    karia karia only karia I’m don’t comment on written episode but I am a big fan of kartik I am some busy but when I am free I comment so it is my first comment on fan faction of ye rishta kya kahlata ha.

  12. Kartik Naira ko jaldi milwa do.

  13. Plz jaldise kaira ko ek kar do.l don’t like the present trak.plz unint kaira for ever plz….I watch this show only because of kaira & moshin khan ask you moshin &plz gaau se sadi karne ke lie kavi raji mat hona.plz..

  14. Hales

    Kaira forever ….m so upset with the current track they have messed all relation n the actual theme of yrkkh tht is relations n positivity ..aftr naira saying no …we fans have not even seen a single kaira friendhsip or fight scene its like kaira never existed..kartik started to behave so immature tht he couldnt realise the signs given by naira during karwa chauth episode …n everyone even naitik who is considered the closest person to naira doesnt see naira’s pain but could see gayu’s pain instead…naira being so strong is not getting wat she deserves which is comming out as a wrong example tht one shouldnt be strong but should be cry baby like gayu to get everything…i used to relate so much the bond shared by naira n naitik as i felt it was the same kind of bond i share with my dad but aftr naitik returned tht bond is like no where n kaira bond even of friendship is not found anywhere…yrkkh is a show which respects even small to small bond n now all bonds r just vanishing ….makers should check on this n rectify this…we all fams r not being demanding but r concerned for our fav show losing its identity

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