Hate me/ Love me Episode 16


In the college, when Dhaani was sitting in her class with her friends Viplav throws a chit from where he was standing at the door. Dhaani picks it up and was about to open when Riya says oh our jiju has sent a chit. Dhaani shies and pats Riya. Riya says come we will leave her alone as our jiju is standing near the door desperate to meet Dhaani. Dhaani shies and they all go teasing Viplav. Viplav comes inside the class and Dhaani shies and turns, opens the chit, it was written, I love you pls meet me at Angel Restaurant. Viplav touches her shoulder, she feels good and turns behind. He says I said you the three magical words but I think you forgot to tell me, Dhaani pretends and says which three magical words? I don’t know about that. Viplav says don’t pretend now cmmon say it. Dhaani says ok I will try and says I..I…I…… the principal comes and says oh so you both are here I was searching for you everywhere. Congratulations, I heard that you both are marrying, Viplav says thank you sir. He leaves, Viplav says come at sharp 6pm. Dhaani says ok.

Dhaani reaches Angel Restaurant. She is wearing a purple stunning saree with backless blouse tied with a bow. She does not see Viplav. She asks about Viplav on the counter, he tells her to follow the arrows. She follows it and sees a door. She opens it, and the flowers fall on her. She is very happy and enjoys it. She sees the entire room decorated with flowers and in the centre was a dinning table for two. And Viplav enters from behind and asks how is it. Dhaani has tears in her eyes, and she says it’s very beautiful. Viplav says why are you crying and wipes her tears. Dhaani hugs him tightly and says I love you very much. Viplav says I love you two three four and much more. They break their hug. Dhaani smiles. Dhaani moves towards the table but Viplav holds her hand and pulls her back. He moves his face towards her back to kiss her and mistakenly opens the bow of her blouse. The back part of the blouse opens, Dhaani turns she feels shy. Viplav says I am sorry I didn’t mean to do that. Dhaani says it’s ok you can do anything and everything except betraying me. Viplav says oh really so let me kiss you. Dhaani shies and turns back when she realises that her blouse is open. Viplav comes and touches her back and kisses it. She has goosebumps. And Viplav hugs her from behind and says don’t worry I will not do anything till our marriage but after that… Dhaani shies, Viplav ties the bow again and they sit to have dinner. Viplav and Dhaani feed each other. Dhaani says I am very lucky to have you, Viplav says no I am lucky to have you in my life, but Dhaani says no I am more lucky, Viplav says no I am more lucky. And they start their cute nok-jhok (fight). At last Viplav says ok you are more lucky to have me after all I am so handsome, caring.. Dhaani says ok ok stop it now you are not handsome. Viplav asks really then why do you love me. Dhaani says love does not happen by looks it is a feeling when you love someone’s heart, and I love you and your heart. Viplav says oh my girl is so smart.

They both eat dinner and leave. Dhaani in the car says thank u for this treat. Viplav says anytime my baby. Dhaani smiles. They reach at Dhaani’s house, Dhaani asks him to come but he refuses and says next time Pakka(sure) and he leaves. Dhaani goes inside Dulaari asks how was your date, and why didn’t Viplav come inside. Dhaani says he will come next time and leaves. Dulaari says to Mohan I am very happy to see my daughter happy.

Dhaani lies down on the bed and thinks about the date and smiles. Viplav also thinks about Dhaani. Shalu comes to Viplav, and says how was the date,but Viplav is lost in his own thoughts. Shalu pats him and says oho bhaabi ke Khayalo me khoye Ho??(are you lost in bhaabi’s thought). Viplav pats her and says don’t tease me, I am thinking about a case. Shalu says oh so love has taught my bhaiya to lie, very bad. Viplav says leave otherwise I will leave you. Shalu says ok ok bye good night. Viplav smiles. He calls Dhaani, she picks up the phone. Viplav says hi darling my jaaneman. Dhaani shies and says hi. Viplav says so were you sleeping she says no just lying down on the bed. Viplav says oh and u were thinking about me, right? Dhaani blushes, Viplav says that means I am right and you look very cute when you smile. Dhaani asks how do you know I am smiling? He says I know everything my jaan. Dhaani smiles. She says ok now it’s too late you should sleep now. Viplav says really I thought you will say a story to me and then I will sleep. Dhaani asks a story? Viplav says yes baby. Dhaani says ok she starts there was once a prince who always used to trouble people in his kingdom. But one day he met a girl who equally replied to him and never let him insult her. The prince always stood by her and ended up falling in love with her. The girl also falls in love with her. They both marry and live after that happily. Dhaani says Viplav?? Viplav?? She realises that he has slept. She also sleeps.

In the morning, Viplav gets up and sees phone near his ear, he remembers Dhaani telling him a story, he sees the call still going on, he says hello, Dhaani also wakes up with his voice and says good morning, Viplav says good morning jaanu. Dhaani says now get ready and let me also get ready, we will meet in the college. Viplav says ok bye darling. Dhaani also says bye.

PRECAP: Both the families decide about the marriage date with pandit Ji. He says there is a problem.

I know it is a bit short but pls bear with it. And Yaa this episode was entirely dedicated to Vidhaa so if you liked it then pls do comment. And yes I will update the next one longer.
Do drop your comments pls!!

Credit to: Maria

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  3. Maria….keep going dear…too romantic…throughout the episode I was smiling and lost in ViDhaani’s thoughts…… thank you so much from bringing this story … 🙂

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  4. It was so romantic
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