Spoilers — 30th March 2016


Bihaan has finally realized that he is in love with Thapki. He is expressing love to Thapki’s photo. He shouts I love you Thapki, I m in love with you. He is confessing his love to the photo, as he is scared to express love to Thapki. Bihaan did not believe love till now, but he has fallen in intense love. Thapki’s photo flies by the air. Bihaan runs downstairs to get the photo. Shraddha will plan something new against Bihaan and Thapki.


Sandhya walks to home. Sandhya imagines Arzoo, holding the holi colors and crying. Arzoo tells Sandhya that she just wanted to play holi with the family. Sandhya is getting more guilt conscious. Sandhya rushes to home and throws all the holi colors angrily. Sandhya is regretting and not able to forgive herself. She sees Arzoo everywhere, asking for justice.

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