I Hate You (Episode 8)

Thank you for all the comments. I feel really happy that u guys are loving this ff so much. I will try to post regularly as that is my thing and I hope u will continue to love this ff. Now let’s get on with the episode….

Recap: Alisha enters the story. She has been madly in love with Kunj, while Kunj is not interested in her. However, she does not understand and taunt Twinkle for taking Kunj away from her.


Kunj was sitting in the lecture class for his last lecture of the day. It was an evening lecture and by now the sun had gone down. He was sitting trying to keep himself awake.
Kunj thinks- Just a few more minutes. Then after this lecture, I will be on my break.
Finally the bell rings and Kunj happily packs his things and exits the lecture hall. He reaches his hostel room, only to realize that he left his textbook back in the college campus.
Kunj- Kya karu? Should I go get it?….Yea I should. If someone takes it, then I won’t be able to buy a new one.
He grabs his leather jacket and heads towards college. It was chilly and dark and Kunj kept his hands in his pocket and walked along the deserted road. Suddenly he saw Twinkle. She was far ahead of him and could barely see her. But he knew that was Twinkle.
Kunj- What is Twinkle doing out so late?
Suddenly some drunk guys pass by her and start circling around her. Kunj watches as they pull her into the woods.
Kunj- HEY!!!
He runs after them. The guys push Twinkle onto the floor. Twinkle starts crying and yelling. Two guys hold her down as the other one looks at her and laughs. He reaches for her dupatta.
Twinkle- NOOO!!!!
Suddenly that guy goes flying into the air as Twinkle opens her eyes to see Kunj standing before her. Kunj kicks the other two guys and beats them up. Twinkle stands up and holds a bag close to her chest and cries. The guys punch Kunj and blood comes out of his forehead and cheek. But at last Kunj wins and the guys runs away. Kunj turns towards Twinkle.
Kunj- WHAT THE HELL TWINKLE! What are you doing here so late at night? Did u not just see what could have happened! What if I didn’t see you? Then what would have happened?
Kunj grabs Twinkle’s shoulders.
Kunj- Twinkle I’m talking to you! Are you even listening? Oh right, u were probably partying somewhere? But partying in a salwar? That’s a bit strange isn’t it? Twinkle tu….
He looks at Twinkle who was crying. Kunj looks at her dress and sees the sleeves torn and ripped at the shoulder and waist. He looks at the bare skin visible near her waist. He lets go of her shoulders and Twinkle takes a step back. Kunj takes off his jacket and puts it around her shoulder.
Kunj- Come I’ll drop you off at ur hostel. Here give me your bag.
Kunj tries to take the bag but Twinkle doesn’t let go of it.
Kunj- Ok fine you hold the bag. Now let’s go.

Kunj and Twinkle silently walk.
Twinkle- Thank you.
Kunj smiles.
Kunj (drama) – Oh My God! Is that Twinkle Taneja saying thank you? Wow! Is this some kind of black magic?
Twinkle- Shut up Kunj! U and ur dumb jokes!
Kunj- Finally! The old Twinkle is back. I was scared that u were acting nice with me. U didn’t fall in love with me right? Itna hot jo hoon.
Twinkle- Love! Ha u wish!
Kunj suddenly sees a girl standing in the middle of the street while a car was approaching her. He runs and pulls her out of the way.
Kunj- Wow I finally found my role in this world. I am the Ladki bachao police. Aur koi ladki hai that I have to save?
Twinkle- Kunj shut up.
They looks at the girl who was crying.
Twinkle- Why were u standing there like that?
Girl- I don’t want to live!
Kunj- But why?
Girl- My dad is getting me married to someone I don’t love. I love someone else.
Kunj- Did u talk to ur dad?
Girl- No. If I tell him, he will kill my love.
Kunj- Then did u tell your fiancé that you don’t want to get married?
Girl- No…..I….I never even saw him.
Twinkle- What? U never met him?
Girl- No.
Kunj- Tum saab ladkiyon puri ke puri pagal ho.
Twinkle- We will help you get your love. Come let’s take you home now.
Girl- Really? U will help me? My car is over there.
Twinkle and Kunj get in the car with the girl. Kunj sits in the jeep and thinks.
Kunj thinks- I left to get my textbook and now I’m going to the wedding of a girl who I just met, who doesn’t even want to get married! Kamal hai.
Twinkle- By the way, what is you name?
Girl- My name is Rajjo.
Twinkle- I’m Twinkle and this is Kunj.

After many long hours, Twinj finally arrive with Rajjo at her house somewhere in the village. Twinkle and Kunj look at the huge house that is decorated beautifully with lights and curtains. Rajjo leads them inside the house. Rajjo trips and Kunj catches her. They freeze at the doorway as they hear a gunshot.
Rajjo- Bapu…..
Kunj makes Rajjo stand. Chaudhari comes out of the house and onto the lawn with a gun in his hand.
Chaud- Rajjo! U came back! Whom did u leave for?
He looks at Kunj.
Chaud- Iss chore! For this boy? I’m going to kill him right now!
He points the gun at Kunj. Twinkle gasps and Kunj is shocked.
Rajjo- No Bapu. This is Kunj ji. It’s not what u think it is.
Chaud- I know very well, that u ran away for him. I’ll shoot him right now!
Rajjo- No! U are misunderstanding. He’s not the one I love!
Chaud- I saw it with my own eyes!
Rajjo- No. Kunj ji….
Chaud- Tell me the truth or I am shooting in 3….
Kunj- Are..what..ummm….kya…
Chaud- 2….
Kunj- Are bol na….are…..
Chaud- 1…..
Both Kunj’s and Twinkle’s jaw drops hearing Rajjo’s words.
Chaud- Kya?
Rajjo- Haa…voh…this is Twinkle, Kunj ji’s wife.
Twinj- WHAT!
(At least she didn’t say they were brother and sister ?).

Precap: Twinkle and Kunj are married?

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  1. Fan

    Super epi sara!!!…it was hilarious!..i cant stop laughing at all?…bechara kunj he thought that he will get a break from twinkle…i cant wait to know what happens next..plz post soon!

  2. Very nice…

  3. Anam_sidhant

    Omg!!??? I m in love with your ff❤ m daily getting curious to know what is coming next please post next one asap??

  4. Akanksha

    Wow,Sara!!! What an idea!! For a sec I tht she’s gonna say Kunj her lover like Real Rajjo. Yet an amazing twist. Thnx yaar for helping us reliving the moments all over again….❤❤

  5. sara …main hashas ke pagal ho chuki hoon…
    sry yaar my hindi is worst…
    i really go back 2 old tei…
    thank u so much sara..❤
    succhi main i m too excited 4 twinj marriage..?
    kunj saving twijjo n his dialogues wer hilarious…???
    love u 2 d core n ur ff….???

  6. Ria

    Hey Sara,
    You know what, just as you say you wait for my fan fiction I too do.. I mean you’ll ofcourse know it after all I keep pestering you asking when will you upload.

    Getting back to the episode, it was just amazing. I loved it so much. To be frank, i thought Rajjo and chaudhary drama would kind of be the same but, then i thought Sara won’t do so.. TwiNj marriage!? I’m hell excited. I’d be eagerly waiting. Hope you get to post soon.

    Loads of love.?

  7. Mind blowing Sara exited for twinj marriage love it
    Pls post next asap

  8. Rashiverma2199

    Lovely episode…. Amazing…. Awesome….

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny marvelous epi

  10. Kritika14

    I love this twist! Its so cool. So excited for the next episode. Post soon. Loves xx

  11. Awesome episode yr sara…amazing…it reminds me of our tei…thanks for bringing bck those memories…love u from the core

  12. Chiku

    Awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????
    Plz post next soon

  13. ???
    At least she didn’t say they r bro-sis??
    Oh my God! I was ROTFL!!!
    Uff…loved it sooooo much di…post soon..love u?

  14. Kruti

    Sara thank god u dint make them bro nd sis????? I was laughing like nuts
    Amazing epi superb twist
    Continue soon

    Love u???

  15. As usual u just nailed it Sara Di superb amazing

  16. Thanmy

    Sara diiiii
    What n episode
    Saachi mein thank god ussne nahi bola ki voh dono bhai behen haii
    Dii tei mein jab rajjo ka entry hua tab twinj ne propose kar liya hope this happens
    U reminded the tei moments diii
    It was brilliant awesome diiii
    Love u !!!!??

  17. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sara darling Sachi mai biggg sorry …I didn’t commented na
    Maaf kiya na?
    Superb epi

  18. Ramya

    Hey Sara
    Awesome episode dear. Sachi twinkle n kunj r married
    Loved it
    N love u

  19. Shreya098

    Wow Sara…awesome epi

    Thank god… Ummm actually thank u..
    At least she didn’t say bro-sis…
    Instead she said they are married…

    I am hell excited for rajjo track…

    Loooved the epi❤

  20. Srija

    well done sara ?????????
    u just nailed it soo hilarious?????
    really thank god rajjo didn’t said that they are brother sister

  21. Amazing epi sara.. U totally nailed it.. I’m still laughing ?? kunj on ladki bachao mission??.. loved how he saved twinkle frm goons n that rajjo part.. haha let me thank u first as rajjo didn’t make them as bro-sis??.. I’m super excited abt rajjo track.. it’s gonna be amazing.. do cont soon ?

  22. Romaisha

    OMG!!!!!!! They’re married and not bbrother and sister! Like seriously?? ?
    I really started laughing omg!! ??❤❤❤
    I love you yaar like wow!
    U relived the rajjo line from TEI though.i love u for that !
    Really missed their track !
    Love you ?

  23. Lovely….

  24. SidMin

    Loved it Sara and Rajo TEI ke yaad dila diya but its better than it There Rajo called Twinj brother and Sister and here she called them Husband and wife (Thank god ) Loved it and Kunj saved Twinkle was also sweet and Kunj’s dialogues to get back Twinkle to her form was also cute and Kunj’s dialogue “Wow I finally found my role in this world. I am the Ladki bachao police. Aur koi ladki hai that I have to save?” was epic loved it 🙂 Post soon 🙂 Love you 🙂

  25. I was a silent reader or tmara ff first ha jis par m comment kr rhi ho

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