Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu gets stuck in gas scam

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 27th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chaitu worrying when he gets trapped in the gas scam. Khoji covers the news and says we have to see if Chaitu gets caught or plays any new game again. Lawyer scares Chaitu about the new judge who is very strict. Chaitu says I m getting tensed, I m already late. Jha and Monica tell him about the foreigners wishing to invest. Imli says I had gone to temple to pray for you and donated milk there, just Lord can help you now. Chaitu cleans his face and goes to the court. She wishes he gets saved. Puttan calls him and asks him to come soon. Chaitu gets late and says I m CM, I need some time. Judge punishes him and asks him to stand there. Chaitu tries Imli’s idea. He says now verdict will be in our favor. Judge gets against him further. Chaitu apologizes. Judge says

I will take your case and check all files.

Chaitu tells Imli that judge got angry on him. She says maybe something went wrong. Puttan asks Chaitu not to worry, judge will leave him free. She says its my mistake, I didn’t pray to Ganesh ji. She does the Ganesh puja and prays that Chaitu gets saved. Chaitu says I have best lawyers. Puttan asks him not to take any chance. Chaitu meets Janta, while finding a rat and feeding him laddoo. Janta offers him help and asks him to come home, there are enough rats in his home. Chaitu gets late for the court. Judge scolds Chaitu again. Chaitu introduces Puttan. Judge asks is this any picnic that you got family here. He sends Puttan out. Lawyer says we need some time to defend the case. Judge gives him time and says I will say and you have to listen to me then. Chaitu says I have fed the rat and still nothing happened. Imli thinks why didn’t Lord hear me.

Malai sings bhajan. She comes home and gives prasad. She says I had gone to Vaishno devi. Imli makes a mannat to pray for Chaitu. At the court, Puttan and Chaitu try to keep their case clear. Judge scolds them for the 300 crore scam. He says I will not forgive you for fooling the people. Chaitu and Puttan come home and give the bad news. Imli says we will go to Sai baba temple tomorrow. Chaitu says you are altering beliefs so soon. She says I want your work to get done. She makes Chaitu pray to Sai baba and Hanuman. Chaitu does the aarti and sings. Puttan and Chaitu come home and ask Imli what happened to her. Doctor tells them about Imli’s weak state. Imli refuses to eat and keeps the fast.

Puttan says judge will be punishing Chaitu and me too. Imli says don’t worry, I will pray to Santoshi Maa and keep the fast, she will fulfill the prayers. She sings the aarti and prays. Malai asks her to rest. Imli says I m waiting for Chaitu. Puttan comes and says congrats Chaitu has come home, he got acquitted. Puttan tells the miracle happening in the court. Chaitu thanks Imli. Imli asks him to thank Lord. Puttan says Chaitu bought the witnesses by money. Chaitu says there is nothing bigger than money. Khoji gives the news and says we will go to supreme court to get justice.

Puttan acts in a movie. Chaitu says Puttan has kidnapped a heroine. Imli gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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