Hamari Sister Didi 27th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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They all watch the drama, Khushi cries for saving as it was a thick jungle and she was stuck in thunder. Kiara comes and asks her to give hand. Khushi hugs Kiara and apologize her mama, that she forbid still she went into the jungle. Kiara says she did it all for her friend. Everyone appreciates the acting.
Kabir goes drunk, on the road.
Khushi asks does the wrong done for friend, becomes right. Kiara says it did. The lesson was ‘A friend in need, is a friend indeed’. Everyone claps, Amrita notices Khushi is lost. Babay sends Amrita to change.
Kabir comes in front on Veer’s bike. Veer takes him along, in taxi, to the hospital.
Mehr isn’t ready to go on stage, Malika tells her for her entry and ensures Mehr that he will come. Malika tells everyone, she isn’t going to dance. This time, she will perform on an English song. She says she has shown today, she doesn’t have dollars still she has got a style. Dimple smiles when Malika tries to sing, but can’t as voice gets in her throat. Dimple begins to clap. Malika comes down the stage, crying. Babay was angry at Dimple. They send Mehr on stage, Babay does arrangement for her.

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The doctor tells Veer to stay here, they will observe this child inside. He thinks about Mehr’s invitation, and says he didn’t want to come here still the luck brought him here. Mehr’s eyes await someone. Amrita watches Veer arrive, and tells Babay that she will now begin. She dances, everyone enjoys the performance. She runs to Veer, and says to him that he has changed her life, this anklet is here because of him. He says it is her courage, she says she had lost it. He has awakened her from a prolonged sleep, and he is her prince charming. Veer doesn’t respond, says sorry he has an urgent work and leaves.
The doctor says this is drug abuse case.
Amrita’s performance is announced. Karan watches intently.

PRECAP: Veer asks Kabir where he got the drugs, how will police help him. Kabir tells him Khushi brought them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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