Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 27th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD talking to his friends and asking about the actor and pandit. His friend says is real pandit, not any actor. LD laughs. Radha’s mum applies mehndi to her. She says she does not like marriage shooting. Radha says she is saying as if she is really marrying. She asys she does not have bride emotions. Her mum tells some mantras and says her mum explained her this. She tells about the marriage vows and Radha likes it. LD’s friends also tell the vows to him. LD says don’t joke there has to be some meaning in the mantras. Radha says it has deep meaning in it. Her mum says yes, life changes. Radha thanks her.

Dadi Bua gives jewelry to Sadhna. Sadhna says she has many sets. Dadi Bua says she is giving her and she has to take it. Jayshree Chachi sees it and her eyes pop. Dadi Bua sees her and call her inside. Jayshree sees the sets and smiles. Radha’s parents are shocked seeing her in bridal dress and smile. She looks very pretty. They compliment her. Radha plays to Lord and takes their blessings. Jayshree argues with her husband, saying everyone in this house are so unjust, I m insulted and I will not go in the puja, never for LD. She says what will I tell everyone. She says tell them I won’t come. He says she will get him scolded by Dada ji.

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Radha says we will go on scooty and tells her mum that they won’t fall. Her mum does not agree. Radha says trust me, everything will be fine. Sadhna says she will get Jayshree. She comes to her while she was taking choc to eat. Jayshree says I was just seeing it. Sadhna says uts fine, you can break the fast if you want, I will not tell anyone. She says she knows she does not like her, but loves LD. She says I want you to come in the puja. She gives her the set and says she can wear it. Jayshree says Bua ji gave it to you, how can I wear it. Sadhna says no one will know it, if anything happens, I will manage. She gives it to her and leaves. Jayshree gets happy. LD asks the man to insult the actress and kick her out. The man says fine, I will make her afraid of shooting.

The set is ready. LD comes to know about some problem. Everyone is going for LD to keep his marriage mannat. The actor does not come. His friend remind him how Radha insulted him. LD says he is ready. LD gets ready as the groom. His friends compliment him. Radha arrives there on her scooty and walks in for the ad shooting. LD is stunned seeing her in bridal dress. Radha is shocked too. His friend compliment her as she is looking very pretty. Radhe radhe shyam………….plays…………….Isha’s mum says she does not understand it was a plan, but how did it become a real marriage. Radha cries.

Radha and LD get married. The pandit says they are husband and wife from today by all rituals. LD and Radha are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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