hamari pyaar ki kahani – episode 3

hi..guys..how r u all..imsorry for posting this ff this much late..i got hurt in my fingers doing some works continuously..thats y,i m cant able to type anything..and cant able to post it..
…i m sorry guys..plz forgive me..if u all can..sorry once again guys..
karan and naina..r both r alone..and thinking about each other..karan was all sad..and dont wanna go to his room.because there he remember naian all aroun0d in..naina also missing him.so she makes toy like karan..smiles at it..karan returns to home.but sleeps in hall only..

meghnal room
kunal and meghna r thinking how to unite karan and naina..
meghna : kunal..
kunal : han meghna..
meghna : first of all we have to make karan..realise his love for naina..
kunal : even im talk about it to him..but he is not ready to listen my words..he was saying that its only friendship..nothing more..
meghna : may he was scared of his allergy problem..im also asked him..to stayaway from naina..u know what kunal..when im went to talk to karan about it..he talks to me says her conversation with karan..im really felt bad for him..he is more good kunal..we have to help him..
kunal : my brother like this only meghna..im the one who missed our childhood..now im feeling guilt that im didnt try to find what is his problem.im always teased him..without knowing his position..and never known what he felt at that time..even im dont know how much alone..being a brother of im done nothing for him..im really and zero meghna..says sadly..meghna tightens her grip on kunal hands….and masi ma and dad also didnot told me about it..meghna gets shocked…
meghna : dont know how chiku and karan r go throughing now..kunal did visit karan.after that..
kunal : no meghna..he will be in pain now..wait ill come after checking him..
meghnaa : im also come with u kunal..
both left to check karan..

sandhya got the news of nairan separation..gets happy..
sandhya : i m happy that you both r got separated..now i have to concentrate on other works…

naina retrns to chauhan house.happily with karan..all gets normal..but sandhya dont like its all..so she try to breaak nairan realttion again..
sandhyaa : to nk.bhaisab this not right..what was happening here is not at all what u thought..first meghna takes kunal away from us..now this naina also doing the same with us..
nk : u r right..sandhya ji..but here no one ready to listen us..this two girls r not at all doing anything right..i have to teach them a listen..
sandhya : smirks..yes bhaisab…
thhey talks like thiss..but its all hears by megha..she gets angry on them..left from there..this was seen by sandhya..
sandhya : bhaisb megna..hears our talks..what iif she told this all to kunal..he will hate us..
nk : im dont wont this happen..
sandhya : donnt worry bhaisab..i will handle it..says thinkinhly..and tellss her plan to nk.both smiles evilly..

meghnna : goes to hall angrily..kunal looks at her..
kunal : about to call her..
sanndhya : meghna..
meghna : stops looks at her..angrily..
nk : also comes there..all comes to hall.except..naina..
sandhya : u r the one who calls media and gave the information about accidents..right..this was shock for all.
kunal : masi ma meghna cant do this.
sandhya : really..then ask this to meghna..kunal..
kunal : meghna..tell them u r not done anything like that..say naina..
meghna : bows down..
kunal : meghna ..say something..holding her shoulder..
nk : how can she will say this..because of her..u and me have to be in jail..
sandhya : i have proof kunal..
kunal : no meghnaa cant do this..
meghnaa : masi ma correct kunal..all r shocked to hear it..
kunal : leaves her shoulder..
meghna : looks at him..tearsly..im done this because dad..mom suffered..dad was the culprit of my mom..
this was another shock for all..
meghna : i want show him..how others feel..thats y im done it..masi ma also with him..kunal..
sandhya : we r not done anything like that meghna..do u have any proof..against us..
meghna : no..
nk : see how she is creating story..we have to give her an award sandhyaji..
naina : s papa..u r right..u have to give award to my di..
all turns looks at her..
nk : see sandhya ji..another sister came to save her elder sister..
naina : goes to kunal..jiju i know u r angriy on dhi..but she cried whole night for ur condition because of he stupid decision..she want teach a lession to papa..not u jiju..she dont know accident was done by u..not papa..if she known it was u..then she wont done it..she loves u lot jiju..after mom and me..
sandhhya : so ur saying that ur sister is right..naina..we r wrong..and we r culprit of ur mom..
naina : han..
all r shocked to hear naina..
nk : nervously..do u have any proof ladki..
naina : han papa..i have a proof..
nk and sandhya gets scared..
sandhya : what proof u have naina..
dadaji : naina beta..what r u saying..
naina : oh..dadaji..when we left to ma..that night dhi told me that papa was the one who culprit..looks at kunal..dhi want to tell this to u fist jiju..but im the one who stopped her from sayinh this to u..
kunal : remembers ..how meghna try to tell him something naina..comes there.
naina : thaats y jiju..when she got that papa done accident..aand wwnaat give momey to that person..she called media..
kunal : atleast u should have to tell this to me meghna..dont not u trust me..
meghna : nods no..
naina : not like this jiju..will u believe dhi..if she told this to u jiju..u love ur dad..how come u will believe dhi..and more over..mom taught us..always reason of unite family..not reason of breakup the relation.. thats y jiju..dhi done mistake..she everyday have the guilt of that…
kunal : promise mee meghna u wont hide anything from me..whatever it is..u have share that all to me..k..
karaan :u also naina..we r friends naa..yy u hiide thiis from me
naina : sor1ry karan..im dont wanna give stress to u..promise karan..i wont repeat it.
nk : kunal..karan.they both r trying to separate us..thats y they r telling this all…
kunal and karan ; stop it dad..
kunal : we r seeing u from childhood..howw much ue insulting mom..
karan : now we dont want same thing hapen to sharda ma..shardha ma treats us like her own son..and we wont see this all any more..
kunal ; im didnt think u will do like this..dad..
karan : and masi ma…even im didnt except this from u..
meghna : not only this..they want to separate.. u and naina karan..
naina :; u aand dhi jiju..
kunal ; im shame on my self calling u my dad..
karan : we r dont have aany relatin withu both from now on words..

sandhya : noooo..sandhya lookss around..its only her dream..sweating badly…thank gog its only dream..not in real..wipes her sweat dran water..and sleeps..

kunal and meghna searchs karan..he was not in his roomthey saw him ssleeping in hall..so they left to their room

nirmala saw karan n hall..wakes up him.seeing his allergy increased..gets shocked..
nirmala : karan..
karan : naina:..wakes up..looks at nirmala..felt sad..sseeing his condition..

sorry guys..iim cant able to type more..so stopping here.only..if there any mistake plz forgive.me..guys..

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  1. It was nice and take care of yourself ☺……

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    Nice one.Get well soon.Post asap.Loads of love.Sorry for short comment as I am busy with studies.Plss pray that I get good marks.Loads and loads of love.Get well soon and take care of yourself.

  3. Minerva

    That was something truly amazing. A wonderful dream that I would forever wish to turn into reality. A beautiful mirage which showed us the true visuals of something much-awaited. The episode was indeed glorious in every aspect. Stupendous compilation of words..

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    Really good….. I loved it…. And take care of yourself and get well soon….
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