Haan mujhe bhi hogaya (episode-6)

I am really really very sorry for the delay.It’s been a long time since I posted.I have been very busy with my college.As I have holidays now I’ll try to update frequently.
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Sharad goes to yuvraj and shows the msg from bhavna(actually from suhani).
Yuvraj teases sharad.He teaches sharad how to be romantic and how to behave near bhavna.
Bhavna too shows the msg to suhani.Suhani too gives instructions to bhavna.
Bhavna is getting ready.She wears a black colour salwar suit withgold colour embroidery.
Sharad is shown wearing a black shirt and jeans.
Sharad arrives a bhavna’s home and they both leave.Yuvraj comes after shawana leaves.
He and suhani go after shawana to see how their respective students are following their instructions.They go inside and sit at a table where shawana can’t see them.
Sharad gives a beautiful red rose bouquet to bhavna.Bhavna blushes.He tries holding bhavna’s hands.but bhavna thinks sharad wants a spoon andcan’t reach it.She asks if he wants a spoon.Sharad nods dissappointedly.Suhani who is watching them starts laughing.Yuvraj takes her away and they go out of the restaurant.Suhani is laughing very loudly.
Yuvraj: Arey suhani!! Are u mad why are u laughing??
Suhani: Bhavna di bhuddhu hain…(bhavna di is a stupid)When sharad bhaiyya is trying to hold her hand she asked him if he wants a spoon.Ha Ha Ha….
Yuvraj: Yeh sharad bhi bhuddhu hai(this sharad is also very stupid)When bhavna asks him if he wants a spoon he nodded his head.
Suhani and yuvraj are walking towards their car.Meanwhile some rogues start staring at suhani.
a rogue: See that girl is very s*xy.
Yuvraj hears them and goes near them.

Yuvraj(to one of the rogues):Kya kahan tum ne meri suhani ki baare mein(What did u say about my suhani)
He starts beating all of them.Suhani is very scared.She asks yuvraj to stop.All the rogues run away.Suhani hugs him.
Suhani: Agar jagde mein tumhe kuch ho jaatha toh??(What if something happens to u in the fight??)
Yuvraj: I can’t listen if any one speaks bad about u suhani.I can’t tolerate it.
Saawre… plays.
They get inside the car and go home.They arrive at suhani’s house.Suhani sees that yuvraj is hiding his hand from her.She asks him to show what he is hiding from her.He says nothing.She takes his hand and sees.There is a cut onhis hand which is bleeding.
Suhani:Arey yuvraj!! Blood!!See what happened to ur hand.
She rushes inside and gets the first aid box.She wipes the blood and ties a bandage.
Suhani(crying): Yeh sab meri wajah se hua.Sorry yuvraj.(This is all bcoz of me only)
Yuvraj(wiping her tears):It is not bcoz of u suhani.Don’t cry.I will do anything for u.They have an eyelock.

Yuvraj goes to the airport to receive someone.He hugs her.Any guesses who???

Please please comment.Let me know if u like it.Any suggestions or critisisms are welcome.

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  1. sarita sharma

    níce epi update soon

  2. i think she is gauri yuvi’s sister.
    plz update soon..

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Sry wrong guess.I’ll update asap

  3. i think she is gauri yuvi’s sister..
    plz update soon…

  4. good yuvaani & shavana scéně r nice pz update soon

  5. Finally u updated…nice episode..yuvani moments r awesome..update asap

  6. Keep going…

  7. NAPSHa J

    nice epi dear.. enjoyed it.. I guess its sambhav, his childhood friend..

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thanks dii.U r half crrct in guessing.It is yuvi’s childhood frnd but not sambhav

      1. NAPSHa J

        then.. soumya or rohan??

      2. A.Tejaswi

        No not even them.It is a surprise. I’ll post the episode soon

  8. awesome!! am glad tat u r back with ur update.. superb dear.. pl continue…

  9. Good episode .. Update soon

  10. Superb …i liked it soo much.

    1. A.Tejaswi

      Thank you sri

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