Gustakh Dil 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 29th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo leaving the home and going to the village with Samrat. Ishaana wakes up and sees Nikhil in her room. She smiles seeing her and hugs him. He says Lajjo went from our life forever. Its ishaana’s imagination. She thinks about Aditi’s words. Kunal calls Ishaana and asks why are you in good mood. Ishaana is happy and Kunal says I had some work. He asks her to meet her today. Ishaana says not today, I m very busy, lets go tomorrow. Kunal says fine.

Nikhil wakes up. Chaya tells him that Lajjo went to her village. He is shocked and says how can she go without telling me. Gunjan says do you tell her when you go somewhere. Ayesha says now you don’t think about her, think about Ishaana. Nikhil looks puzzled. Lajjo and Samrat are on the way to the village.

Lajjo thinks about Nikhil and have a talk with Samrat. She says good memories are always with us. They reach the village, Lajjo’s parents are shocked to see her.

They ask why did Lajjo come, did Lajjo do any mistake. Samrat says we were missing you all and I wanted to meet Baba, so we came along. Lajjo’s dad is happy seeing Lajjo and asks Samrat to come to their house too. Samrat says I will come later. Lajjo’s dad insists. Samrat says first I will meet Baba. Samrat leaves to meet Baba. Lajjo’s mum is worried seeing Lajjo. Lajjo acts normal but her mum is not convinced. Samrat comes to meet Baba. He looks at his house.

Anu sees him and runs to him. She hugs him and asks how did you after so many years. She asks about everyone at home. Baba is annoyed with Samrat. Samrat talks to him and tries to end their argument. Samrat says you did not ever call me back. Baba says you did not hear what my heart said, I did not ask you to leave. Samrat and Baba have a heart to heart talk. Anu says let everything go now, forget it.

Lajjo sees her room and says nothing changed. She says I will go and meet my friend Kajri tomorrow. She asks about Shankar Dada. Lajjo has a talk with her mum. She looks upset. Lajjo’s mum says I will make something for you. Lajjo thinks about Nikhil and is sad. Mann Bawra…………. Plays…………. Nikhil calls Ishaana and says thanks for picking up my phone, where are you, I m outside your house, is aunty at home. Ishaana says mum is not at home. He talks to Ishaana about Kunal. She says relax, don’t be hyper, we will talk. Ishaana thinks about Lajjo. Ishaana thinks Nikhil does not know that Lajjo has gone forever. Nikhil talks about Lajjo.

Nikhil says why did you not reply to my messages. She says I don’t have your answers. He says the truth is I love you. He says why are you marrying Kunal. She says I can’t say no to my mum and its her decision, I don’t know what I should do. He says I will do whatever we have to. She says stop it and leave me alone, just go. He says I m going, it does not mean our relation is over, I won’t leave you ever. Lajjo cries and her mum sees her crying.

She gets worried seeing her upset. She asks what should I make for you now. She asks is everything fine. Lajjo says yes, I m feeling hungry, make something to eat. Aditi talks to Ishaana. She asks Aditi not to force her to meet Kunal. Aditi says Kunal loves you, I know you don’t care about his feelings and you don’t love him.

Samrat talks to Anu about Baba. Anu says it will take some time, Baba’s anger is justified. Samrat says I agree but I m not the sole one responsible. Anu cries and says the society never regards the women to be right whatever she does and regards only the men right. Samrat pacifies her. Samrat apologizes to her. Nikhil gets Lajjo’s letter. He reads the letter and is shocked knowing she has left him forever. She asks him to forget her as a bad dream and she is leaving him forever. Nikhil looks on. Ayesha comes to Nikhil and asks what happened. She says don’t tell me you are worried about Lajjo. He says Lajjo has left me forever. Ayesha is shocked.

Precap: Nikhil tells everyone that Lajjo has left the house forever. Lajjo’s mum talks to Lajjo about Nikhil.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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