Sasural Simar Ka 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 29th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Everyone says good night to Sonia. Sankal is staring at sonia. She asks do you want something ? He says yes water. Sonia gives him water. He says thanks. She says no formalities make your self comfortable. He says thanks for helping my family. Sonia says I have always loved your family by my heart. i did this all because of my love for them. Now you should go to sleep. They both say good night to each other.

Scene 2
in the dark, Rani goes out of the house and sees that guard has locked the door and he is sleeping. She starts moving but the guard wakes up. She hides behind a plant. The guard sleeps again. She moves and sees a guy. She goes to her and asks did someone see you ? No one saw me as well. She takes out the photo of Sonia and gives it to him. She says it been hard to get this photo. My work should start now.

Scene 3
Next morning Jhanvi wakes up. She vomits. She isn’t feeling good. She wonders what’s wrong with her. She wonders if she is pregnant. Simar enters her room and asks how is she ? She says I am fine. Simar says okay then lets go down everyone is waiting for you at the breakfast table. jhnavi says okay I am coming in a moment. Simar leaves. Jhanvi calls doctors and gets the appointment.
At the breakfast table rani entertains everyone. She says madam is making breakfast for all of you. Mausi ji says she is shop of teeth. Rani says this paratha is as spicy as my mother in laws tounge. Sid says to sonia are you sure you can make food ? Sonia says yes I know how to make mood. Rani says she makes the best food. Roli says when did you taste it ? She says i was.. Roli says in her accent don’t be scared Rani i was joking. Sid says eat the paratha on your own risk. Sonia ogh really. Sujata says she made these with so much love. Say her sorry. Sonia laughs ans says there is no need of it. She serves everyone. Mata ji asks why is doing all the work with left hand. She says i am left handed. She asks is there something wrong with it ? mata ji says people use right hand for the good works Uma says these parathay are so tasty. Sonia says i really like to cook but there is no one to cook for. Mausi ji says oh whenever you wish to cook call me i love to eat. Butler tells sonia that its his call. She says on phone that is the money of my parents’ hardwork. Do whatever you want i am not scared. Sid tells everyone that sonia’s relatives want to seize her property. Sonia says sometimes i feel like giving this all to them so i can live in peace. They all motivate sonia not get deprived of her rights. mata ji asks sonia to sit with them.

Scene 4
jhanvi is in the hospital. She asks doctor is everything okay? She says congratulations you are pregnant. I am prescribing some tests and medicines. Take care of yourself. jhanvi says in her heart that its not possible. This kid will always remind m of my past that i want to forget.
Sujata asks Simar where is jhanvi ? Simar says i went to her. She says i will on the table in a few minutes. Jhanvi enters the house. Sujata asks where were you ? She wonders what will happen if her family gets to know that she is pregnant with shaureya’s baby.

Precap- Rani provides a list of all likes and dislikes of Sonia to that man. She says Bharadwaj family loves sonia, lets see what I do to them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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