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Gustakh Dil 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil expressing his happiness to Nani and thanking her for helping Lajjo. Barkha comes and they change the topic seeing her. Lajjo gets a call from her parents. Her dad is very happy and mum asks why did she hide all this from her. Lajjo is really happy talking to them and tells her journey from Lajjo and Trishna. Her mum says we would have been there if you told us. Lajjo says actually. Her mum says you can hide this from Nikhil’s family, but should have told us and cries. She says you thought I will bring you back in Sonbarsa, no, we did not send you to bring you back, why did you change a beautiful name we gave you. Lajjo happily cries and smiles.

Her mum says don’t think if you change name, your mum will change, I will come Delhi with a sweepstick. Lajjo laughs.

She says nothing like that, I was afraid, I felt you will be annoyed with my dream and no one will understand me. Her mum says I understand you so I have sent you. They have a talk and say they are very happy. Her mum and dad get very emotional and cry hugging. Her mum says Lajjo has given me a lot of happiness and kisses her pic.

Mili walks in high sandals and Lajjo asks what is she doing. Lajjo and Mili play and Sagar comes there. Lajjo’s sandal breaks. Mili asks you worry for sandal, not me, don’t you worry for me. Lajjo says I love you a lot, but I have to wear this tomorrow, what will I do now. Sagar sees this and scolds Mili saying what will Lajjo wear in evening function now. Mili gets upset. Lajjo says don’t scold Mili, she does not know this. Sagar says this scolding is for you too, I m sure this house has two kids, when will you start taking this competition seriously.

He says go and get ready, give me this shoes, I will get it repaired. Nikhil is cleaning his wardrobe and Ayesha is surprised seeing him. He says so what and says I m doing this as Lajjo is coming back, and I want her to be surprised seeing our room and wardrobe. Nikhil says some great lines and Ayesha reminds him of his childhood messing habit. She asks do you miss her a lot. Nikhil says yes and smiles. She says I m happy to see you like this. He says its because of Lajjo, love changes the best to us.

He says I know someone who has learnt hindi poetry in love. Ayesha looks on and starts leaving. He stops her and says trust me once, talk to me. She says not everyone is lucky in love. Nikhil says you knew this that I did not love Lajjo, and she loved me even when I have Ishaana in my life. When I realized this, it was difficult for me to get her back in my life, but I tried and she agreed to my love. Eve you have to try if you are in love. He leaves.

Barkha keeps an eye on Nani and hears her talking on phone. Nani says OMG, I m sad now. Barkha jokes asking did Lajjo run. Nani says I trust my Lajjo, she is a strong girl and can fight with anyone. Nani tells about Trisha show. Barkha says parents are always concerned about children and asks Nani to talk to Ayesha. Nani says she will. Barkha says she will also manage Ayesha, but she is worried for Nikhil. He should settle with someone and Lajjo should leave from his life.

Someone sees Nikhil from far and hides seeing him leave in his car. Ratri comes in the costume room and smiles. She sees Lajjo getting ready and thinks how she has damaged her gown. She asks her to wear the purple gown and shows it to her. Lajjo asks did Anjali come. The other girl says no, I will go and ask. Anjali comes and says Lajjo’s sandal not fit. She asks how did this happen, I did the measurement. She asks Lajjo to change the costume. Ratri gets tensed.

Nikhil buys a gift for Lajjo and shows his gang, he says its my anniversary coming, I can’t wait it, I will make her wear this by my hands. He says I have a feeling that everything will be going to be just perfect, she will win the competition and come my home, then we will be together forever. The competition stage is set. Sagar and Kabir welcome the guests and look at each other. Ratri gives a sandal to Trihsna and Lajjo and Anjali doubt on her. Anjali asks her why is she helping. Lajjo says you want me to be out of competition, then why this. Ratri smiles and says honestly yes, I wanted this, and played many game, but now I regret, after hearing your interview.

Ratri acts goody goody and says enough of planning, now straight competition, why should I be nervous, the one who wins is a winner, lest have a fair competition. Lajjo accepts her help and shakes hands with her and believes her saying its good you spoke the truth. Anjali is not convinced. Lajjo says I will try these sandals and says perfect, thanks Ratri. Ratri says you are welcome and smiles.

Lajjo walks on the ramp and has a wardrobe malfunction. The reporters takes pics of a shocked Trishna.

Update Credit to: Amena

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