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Beintehaa 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hakeem saheb requests Aaliya to drop his assistant home. Aaliya agrees. He calls his assistant to come down with medicine bottles. A pregnant lady comes down and Aaliya is shocked to see it is Gauhar. Hakeem saheb asks if they know each other. Gauhar says no. Aaliya says she will go now. Hakeem asks her to take Gauhar with her. Aaliya and Gaughar get into a car. Aaliya asks if Shaziiya knows that she is pregnant. Gauhar says nobody cares about her and they kicked her out of house, so she is working to take care of her expenses. Aaliya asks to come home with her. Gauhar says Shaziya will think I called you to inform about my pregnancy and will get angry, so she does not want and asks Aaliya to promise not to inform about her.

Zain brings Ghulam and Aaliya home. They stop seeing Surayya. Surayya angrily comes towards them, looks at them wierdly, smiles and hugs Shabana. She greets them in and says she is busy with their daughter’s engagement arrangements, but Aaliya has gone out without caring about her sister. Aaliya comes just then and hugs her parents happily. She says they had to come tomorrow. Ghulam says Zain called them today. Zain says he wanted to give her surprise and asks where was she. She says she had some work outside. Surayya sees medicines in her hand and asks what are they. She says her medicines and asks her parents to get in. Surayya says she should stay her and help with arrangements. Shaziya taunts that neither Aaliya nor Nafisa want to work in their sibling’s engagement. Nafisa comes with Fahad and says she went out to buy engagement ring and has arranged everything.

Aaliya reminisces about Gauhar’s words and gets sad for her. Zain comes and says he wants to marry her again. Aaliya says he did not even want to engage. He says he did not know what he was running against, now he will fulfill his dreams via Rizwan/Aayath’s engagement and marriage.

They both look at each other romantically and smile and wish goodnight. Zain kisses her forehead and falls asleep. Aaliya apologizes Zain for hiding about unani treatment and Gauhar to him.

Aaliya enters Usman’s room hiding from Surayya. She says Usman that with these medicine, he will get cured, hope nobody knows about it until he gets cured. She feeds him medicine.

Surayya asks Shaziya if her sis and dad are coming. Shaziya says yes they are coming. She asks her to ask them to come well dressed and goes to feed Usman his medicine. While she walks towards her room, Aaliya feeds him unani medicines. She tries to come out when Surayya sees her in and asks what was she doing. She says she just came to see mamu and goes from there. Surayya gets annoyed.

Aayath and Aaliya start selecting clothes for engagement. Aayath selects a dress which Aaliya does not like and shows her selection. They both start promoting Shastri Sisters TV series promotion and describe about it. Shaziya says it looks interesting and asks about its timing. They both say 7 p.m. and laugh. Aayath asks dress seller about dress’s price. He says 1.5, but after discount 1 for them. Shabana thinks it is 1000 rs and asks Aayath to buy 3-4 more. Aayath says it is 1 lakh. Surayya says many richies will come today and Aayath should wear according to their reputation. She says she will select the dress and pay for it and asks Shabana if she has any problem. Zain says nobody should have any problem and selects a costly dress for Aaliya. Aaliya says she does not like it. Zain asks she is choosing another one as it is cheaper one. Aaliya says no. Zain gets angry on her and goes to his room. Aaliya comes behind him and hears him mumuring that she does not care about her husband’s love. Rizwan comes and drags Zain to get ready. Zain sees Aaliya standing behind.

Precap: Aaliya says she will not permit Aayath and Rizwan’s engagement.

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