Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: AJ chooses Guddan to get married

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saru says to pandit ji not 36 qualities, you have to match 72 qualities. Lakshmi writes find us a good girl. Saru says she is fasting of speaking. Durga says we have to find a girl who meets his nature and doesn’t messes. Durga says pandit ji find the best proposals from Indor. Saru says I am really scared Durga says we have to go and look for girls. She should be able to do everything right.

Guddan parks her bike and it falls. All other bikes fall too. she says I am so sorry. She comes in front of a car. The car stops. Its AJ. She walks. He says didn’t you see that stupid girl and all these bikes slipped because of her.
Dadi and AJ come to temple.
They both do pooja. Pandit ji gives dadi a coconut that AJ has to break, Guddan says God you

know I love acting. tomorrow is my audition please help me pass. I will come to thank you. She picks a thali and does arti.
AJ says I am ready to remarry. Guddan collides with AJ. His thali falls. He holds Guddan. Both coconuts are in air. AJ holds his coconut. Guddan touches his hand and it falls. She says in this age you should sit home. He says it all happened because of you. Can’t you walk propoerly. se says look at that old woman she is walking from back as well. She says why I have to see you everytime uncle. She leaves. Dadi says where is thal? He says this girl collided with me and it fell.

Scene 2
Next morning, Guddan practices for her audition. Raiti says wow. Guddan says I am going for Seeta’s audition. Raiti says you look amazing. Try something big. Kaushaliya says talking big and doing i s different. Guddan hugs her and says one day you will be proud of me too. she leaves. Kaushaliya says I hope we get rid of her one day.

Guddan comes to the audition set. She collides with someone and the board falls. Guddan sits in line. All three daughter in laws inside are taking interviews for AJ’s wife. Guddan comes to wrong hall and sits in that line. Guddan says why are people coming back so fast?
Saru asks Komal what is a husband? She says husband is a feeling. She is lakshmi’s friend. Durag says ou will be our mother in law. Komal says it will be very good for me. Se leaves. Durga says one good girl finally. After her Guddan comes in Seeta’s costume. She is dazed to see them. Guddan hides her face. Durag says show us your face. Guddan wears shades and hides half page. Durga says why are you hiding your face? Come forward. Guddan says they didn’t recognize me? Saru says why are you holding your pallu like that? She says for respect. Durga says what is your name? She says leela. Saru says why are you dressed like that? She says seeta ma dresses like that. Saru says so you think you are seeta ma? She says no she is one. Saru says what is husband? Guddan says shri Ram. Durga says what is family? Guddan says where my Shri Ram is. Where people live for each other. She leaves a book on table and takes water. Guddan says I am like this tea ba. It colors the water. I color everything wherever I go. Lakshmi says go now. Durga says go take your photo. Lakshmi says she was so useless. I liked Komal. Durag says there was something in this girl too. She has confidence. We will show he and Koma’s photo. Laskhmi says in heart AJ will choose Komal.

At night, They come to AJ and say we have chose two girls for you. He takes photos adn says when I was indecisive in shopping, Antra used to sing a gingle on them.
He reads her jingle in front of Antra’s photo. He gives Guddan’s photo and says I will marry her. Durga sees the photo. Lakshmi is angry.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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