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Girls On Top 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Isha asks Gia if it is so easy for any random girl to be Sahir’s girlfriend. Rave prepares breakfast in the morning and prays for patch up of her friends. Isha and Gia come out of their rooms, they exclaim a wow, then look at each other. Isha heads to leave, Rave demands a breakfast together and shows them the table. Both were impressed, cheer then look at each other and avoid. They then take seats, Rave occupies the one that was single, and Gia has to sit beside Isha. Rave asks Gia to pass the ketchup to Isha, as an attempt to make their moods up. Then asks Isha to put on butter over Gia’s break. Both abide, but nothing was better. Isha heads to leave, Rave asks her to pick one fortune cookie. She reads hers, if life is a cooked then friends are the chocolate chips of life. Isha takes hers. Rave

snatches Gia’s note, friendship is about understanding and not misunderstanding. Gia says Isha must get this one. Isha hands hers, saying Gia must get this. It reads, friendship must break bridges not walls. Gia was upset but not ready to give up.
Rave explains to Gia that Isha is super stressed out, she must forgive her. Gia says yes, Isha is stressed and under a lot of pressure. Rave says when people are stressed they behave weird. Gia asks why? She is also under pressure but it’s not an excuse. Rave says its Isha, they are BFF. Gia denies her knowing about her, she suspected her. Rave considers it a big misunderstanding. Gia explains she reasoned, and it’s not difficult to understand. She was upset, Sahir and she… it sounds ridiculous even. Isha is stressed because of that Shreya. Gia says she isn’t Shreya, she is Gia and they are childhood friends. Rave requests her to forgive, Gia says not this time. She has crossed her limits this time.
Diana shows the employees invites for parties. Gia joins them. Tare further reads, the invite was for Gia. Diana confirms, then curses it to be a society party. She asks Gia if she has something decent to wear. Society parties aren’t for people like her, she got the invite because of being Azher’s girlfriend. Gia curtly replies to Tara to stop calling her Azher’s girlfriend, she is just Gia. Diana asks if she was permitted to raise her voice in front of her, ordinary people only get their salary after work. She must still decide scoops or contract?
Guru appreciates Rave’s music. She asks Guru why he took this job. Guru says its to stay around her. Sahir comes asking for Isha. Rave informs him about her strange behavior, Guru tells him about Isha and Gia’s fight. Sahir was concerned, he asks what the reason was. Rave says its job stress. Sahir says he feels its not job reason, it’s something else. If it was about job, another idea must have clicked by now in her mind. Rave qualifies she is clueless, but her reactions are really strange right now.
Everyone stares at isha, she gives the contestants the schedule for rehearsal. Everyone laugh at her. Rossie says he is really happy he didn’t flirt her a lot, else it would have been a bad problem. It his girlfriend looked this way he would suicide. Shreya comes with full makeup, they all call her stylish. Isha was upset. She walks outside, and hear people appreciating Shreya and Sahir’s couple. She comes crying when she hits Sahir. Sahir asks what’s wrong. Isha forbids him talk to her, its none of his business. Sahir stops her and asks why she is crying. Isha asks him to leave her, no one is worried. Sahir says everyone is and asks why she fought with Isha. Isha pushes him back saying she doesn’t want to talk. Sahir pins her on a wall, he tells her if she behaves aggressive he would be aggressive too. He believes boys and girl are equally. Isha thinks her defence fell weak because of world’s judgement. She lost.
Gia doesn’t want to discuss her and Isha’s fight, its their fight and they would sort it themselves. Azher gives her ice tea, and confirms its alcohol free. Gia laughs. Azher shares he likes normal life. Gia calls its temporary. Azher says he belongs where she does, she might take time but not stop him expressing his feelings. Gia switches the news, Azher asks her to get used to this celebrity talk. Gia complains she actually doesn’t want to lose her identity. The news was about Azher, Nadia informs media that Azher is attending an international workshop and would soon be back. Both Gia and Azher laugh at the news. The media reporter calls Gia as a Page 3 Bengali skinny reporter, these Page 3 reporters can get anything for a scoop. They have to wait if Azher brings her to public or not and demands public opinion.

PRECAP: People on the set and UC mock Isha and appreciate Gia. Azher and Gia share some cozy moments together. Isha who was broken hugs Sahir.

Update Credit to: Sona

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