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Girls On Top 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gia was being questioned by the media. Isha hides her face and heads to leave, the media stops her. They question why the news about their affair was leaked. Gia denies being his girlfriend. Azher comes from behind, the media asks him to confirm the news. Azher comes to Gia’s confrontation, he says he thought news channels are for common people. Why this controversy is being created then, if the job of news reporters is to harass people. He turns to Gia and takes them along. The media reports Azher came to flee his girlfriend, as he is in love with an ordinary girl.
Gia comes back home in shock. Rave curses the media. Azher says it must be really shocking for them, please have seat. Gia questions how he knew about this media, he wanted to confirm to media about it. Azher asks who started this.

Gia asks why he couldn’t deny the news, for media silence means yes. Azher insists media would anyway write what it wants to. He will do what he wants to, he isn’t answerable to media at all. Isha drags Rave inside. Gia stops them, she says alright he doesn’t want media fight, she cries why he got her photo printed in newspaper so why he wants to save her now. Azher was shocked and asks why she thinks he got it printed? He was upset, but how can she even think he would do such a thing? He was wordless after this and leaves annoyed. Sahir and Azher meet at the lift door. Sahir comes in, then suggests about coming later. Rave sends Isha with Sahir, and takes Gia with her.
Isha and Sahir comes to Isha’s room. Sahir says he was concerned because they are at news. He congratulates them, as his mother says sudden enemies mean you are superior. Isha confirms if really he wants to joke at such a tensed time? Sahir tells her this is a positive side, they can’t do anything about this fame. Isha was shocked at his calm attitude. Sahir asks Isha if she got a plan. Isha wonders for the right direction. Sahir points her towards the right direction, where he brought a gift box. It was a first aid box, he explains she is broken right now and needs this. They have good time together.
Rave and Gia were happy about them outside. Gia thinks about Azher. Isha asks if he really came to cheer her up. Sahir accepts he wasn’t able to get serious with anyone other than her. Isha reminds they had a breakup and he did. Sahir agrees, it was about his self-respect. Isha wonders why, suddenly he is being nice to her? He realized whatever happened to them both, they would be able to handle everything better if together. Isha thanks him for his help, but… her personal and professional life can never be aligned. One of the two is always in trouble, right now her professional life needs her full attention. She won’t be able to give the full focus of her personal life to him. Sahir wants to know the meaning. Isha says they can’t stay together right now. Sahir nods understanding. Isha explains she isnt being unreasonable. Sahir stammers, then repeats what she just said. Isha was hurt. Sahir get it she wants to focus on her profession. He doesn’t want anything in return but he only wants her keep laughing, he is an angry young man but she is a happy young woman and that is the reason he loves her. Isha comes to hug him tight. Sahir takes a leave, he stops at the door to say ‘see you’ to Isha. Gia and Rave look at Isha.
They were sitting on a stall, Isha explains to Gia and Isha she needs to focus her profession. The stall man serves them with noodles, Rave demands for something exotic and takes a Pazzta to the stall man to cook it for them.
In the office, Diana offers Gia a seat. She was so happy about Gia’s progress. Gia explains she didn’t work on a new story. Diana qualifies she became a walking story of her office, she is special. Gia thanks her. Diana calls her face and hair as innocent. She asks Gia to sign an exclusive contract with Mumbai Masala that she will share all her interviews with them only. Gia was about to speak, Diana shuts her off, and offers her any deal she likes to. She asks Gia to promise she would consider this offer. Gia stands up and goes out of her cabin. Everyone around was talking about Isha and Sahir. People talked about Shreya being nice, Gia browses the video that everyone was watching. She reads the negative comments for Isha. She calls Rave, they discuss how people were criticizing Isha.
Shreya comes to Rossi with the video and comments. She cheers. Sahir and Isha were upset about the comments. Sahir wonders how Isha would deal this internet battlefield.

PRECAP: Sahir and Rossie perform. The girls are called for society’s emergency meeting that will decide if they can be allowed to stay here or not.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. the episode was good… what will be the decision of the society???
    waiting for tomorrow’s episode…

  2. frst Isha and Sahir part is reallyyy realllyyy Awesome….That gift box scene…But later that always irritated Shreya part….I HATE UUU SHREYA

  3. Whr r u guyzzz??

  4. The precap <3 Shan and macy's dance… <3 Love 'em <3

  5. Deepika ( zaya fan )

    Who print gia’s photo ??? Dayan or anyone else ????

    Any guess ???

  6. Guys….am back…SRY ,I was not able to comment last few days…….Well my school reopened…Anyway I will try to be here…And yup ,GOT is rocking as it always does…….
    can’t wait to know who printed Gia ‘s photo in the newspaper…

  7. and yeah…some new members in our gang…Gr8..Hi Deepika,shanitics,hamda,Mukti ……Keep watching and supporting GOT….and yup akshara…..u were a new member here but so happy happy and surprised to see ur comments on all the epis…..Love u so much….

    1. Deepika ( zaya fan )

      Hyy kitty … how r u ???

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