Hi guys thought to pen down an OS about the Bangalore incident and the impact on girl’s life. I am sorry if I could not fulfill ur expectation.
Happy birthday Helly. Hope u will have a wonderful blast and enjoy your whole year with your cute smile and killing looks. HBD princess
Swara- 24 year’s old doctor by profession.
Sanskar- 29 years IT professional. AP and DP Sanky’s parents.
Kavitha- 25 year’s old- works in IT
Sahil- 30 years works in a bank.
Swasan are engaged. And their marriage is fixed in the next one month. Kavhil are just married.
Sanskar and Sahilwork for same IT firm. Kavhil and Swara are neighbors.
31st December morning.
Swara’s mobile is ringing continuously but she was in deep sleep. Due to continuous ringing her sleeps gets disturbed and without seeing the caller she attends.
Swara: In a sleepy tone : Hello good morning
AP: Good morning beta I think I woke u up sorry dear
Swara: No no aunty nothing like that I was about to wake up
AP: Ohhh ho again aunty ok leave that today any plans.
Swara: nothing much as of now
AP: thn stop by for lunch
Swara: no aunty its
AP: Interrupts her no ifs and buts u are coming that’s final and Kavhil are also joining u should come for sure.
Swara: Ok aunty and cuts the call.
All join for lunch in sanky’s home. Its not mansion type and all but a normal 3 bed room individual house. All are having lunch happily teasing Swasan. It’s arranged marriage and Swara is a simple and introvert quite opposite to sanky’s character. But Kavhil and swasan share a great bond and enjoy each other’s company.

After lunch Swasan , kavhil, AP & DP some of their neighbors were sitting down on the floor with their respective partners and gossiping and chilling about 2016 major events from Amma’s death to Trump. All were giving their own thoughts and views. Swara fell asleep on sanky’s shoulders while discussing about demonetization.
Sanky smiled seeing her asleep on his shoulders and made her sleep properly in his chest by holding her shoulders.
Shil: ohh ho someone is busy taking care of his would be wife
Sanky: just shut up or u want to bring ur topic for discussion smirking at him
Sahil: ok ok I will zip my mouth and shows action like zipping his mouth, both Sanky and kavi laughs at his antics.
This time also Swara’s sleep get disturbed by a phone call. Sanky was cursing his fate while swara felt uncomfortable with her position with sanky, all were watching them.
She blushed and went away to attend the call.
3 PM in the afternoon
Swara was looking tensed during the call.
Sanky: With concern swara u ok
Swara: there is an emergency in the hospital so I need to go
Sanky: what is the problem in that
Swara: dnt know today something I m nt feeling good. I did not knw y I m feeling like tht suddenly.
Sanky: smiles seeing her worried face. Tugs her hair behind her hairs and pecks on her forehead. Swara I am here na, we all are here, u r going to welcome the new year if you fear in the first day of the year you will have the same feelings the whole year so leave everything and be happy. Come on give me a smile .
Swara smiles but still she was having an unknown fear.
Swara: Aunty there is an emergency in the hospital so I need to leave.
AP: What you are going now, when will u be back beta with a sad face.
Swara: I will go to home directly aunty
AP: no no beta come here for night what will you do alone.
Swara : smiles and says ok aunty
Kavi: If you are going to hospital then I will also come to office I have some mails to send. I can show that I worked also. Sanhil noded their heads in disbelief. Swatha left to their work.

Night 9.30
Sanky: Swara u started
Swara: ya sanky I started, will go and pick Kavitha and start.
Sanky: Swara how r u coming taxi or train
Swara: We wil check for taxi if we don’t get any we will come by train
Sanky: ok u both come to XYZ place . We will come to pick u up
Swara: its ok sanky we will come
Sanky: noooo you know you can’t win over me. Swara smiles and accepts.
After an hour
Sahil: Kav where are you
KAv: Ya we r in xyz street. Come fast na here there are lot of chaos going on . We are afraid so plz come soon.
Sahil: Hey u guys dnt panic we ll reach soon. If u r afraid of being alone go to the adjacent side ok.
Yar go fast yar, they are afraid.
San: what can I do yar, see this traffic is not moving. Ok we will park here and walk for 10 mns is it ok.

Sahil: ya that’s better. Park somewhere fast.
Both parked the car fast and rushed to the place. The whole way was full chaos, while some were celebrating, some were just teasing others while others were just giving disgusting looks.
When both went to Xyz place they were shocked to see the scenario in front of them. Both their love were being molested and fighting for their dignity. Their screams brought them to their senses and run towards them and pushed those bastards away.
But they were not an easy job they were giving a tough job fighting back equally and few minutes due to the horn of the police they ran away. Swara and Kavitha were standing like a lifeless body. Though they were bold and practical they were not be able to do anything with a sudden encounter.
Sanhil took them to Sahil’s apartment they don’t want others to know about this. Swatha were still in shock an just sitting like a lifeless body.
They reached Sahil’s apartment. Sahil took Kavitha to their room. Sanky took swara to the other room.
Sanky made her sit in the bed and gave a glass of water. She was sitting liking a lifeless body just lost in her own thoughts.
Sanky felt bad seeing her conditions. He himself feed her water. She just sipped the water. He just hold her by hands, she winces in pain.
Swaraa: ouch and deadly fear she went backward
Sanky: was controlling his emotions seeing the scratches in Swara. He just went to her and hugged tightly. First she did not reciprocate but continuous consoling of sanky, she just broke down crying profusely. Sanky was hugging her more tightly to ensure that she is safe.
Swara: I want to go to my room
Snky: But Swara
Swara: In her tears plzzzzzzzzz
Sanky could not resist and takes to her to her apartment.
Swara: u can go I am fine, aunty will be searching
Sanky: its ok I will be here tonight dnt need to act strong, I already informed mom.
Swara: I need a shower. She runs to washroom.
She just sees the marks and tries to erase it and wash it as hard as possible but the reality hit her
sits on the floor with a thud while water was continuously flowing on her.

What has happened to me. Before an hour I was happy and waiting for the new year. We were waiting for sanhil when a group for 4 boys in 2 bikes approached us. We were frightened and started moving but they did not allow us they were following us and formed a circle so we cannot move. We both were hell scared and frightened did not know what to do when they were trying to molest us. At first we were blank and the fear was over powering our mind. We were trying our best by hitting them and biting them. But they did not show any mercy on us. But we did not give up by the time sanhil showed up and we were saved. Her thoughts were disturbed by sanky’s banging her door.
All I knows is pain , all I feels is desperation. I tried to cry out for help, but soon learns that no one will listen. No matter how loud I cry, I can’t stop or change what has happened.
Sanky: Swara you ok come out. Swara are you hearing me.
Swara: ya will come in 10 mns.
Swara came out after her bath. I gave her milk but she refused.
Sanky: Swara before he could speak
Swara: Sanky I need to be alone so please
Sanky: in hell anger, I am not leaving anywhere did u get that
Swara: ok u won’t listen right I m going and goes to her room and locks.
Sanskar’s POV:
I know Swara, you are shattered and you need time. No matter what I should be there and I have to bring you out of this mess. It is been a week after than dreadful incident. But still Swara is not able to come out of the shock and fear. She rarely goes to hospital. When she sees a group of 4- 5 boys even if they r casually standing, she does not want to go that side.
She hates crowds. Her life is totally changed now and now she is sacred of marriage too. All think it’s a one day incident. Some say those guys should punishment, some say its because of their clothes, some say what is the need to come out.
But wait what was her mistake, she was dressed properly, she went to save a life, she was waiting for me but today she is suffering the worst. I think she will not able to overcome this till her death. This will remain deep down in her heart as wound that cannot be cured forever. Its not fun but the scary impact we r trying to impose on our sister, mother, wife not to come out and trust men.

Thank god Sanky supported me to overcome all this. I am very lucky that he understood me and stood by my side patiently and protecting me. If he would not have been there surely I would have committed suicide or lived as a corpse. I know it will take time but he will wait for me and smiles. I should be strong to overcome this at least for him.
Ones care and support of the loved ones is always best medicine in dreadful circumstances rather than pointing fingers and questioning them will break them completely.

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