Mental Sisters Luv Story~Thahaan RagSan SwaLak Virika Arshi Zaya Aara Ishra Asya (chap 2)

Hiiii guyzzz fizooo back wid 2 chappy… N guyzzz i knw its very confusing for u all but i already wrote 7 chappy wid that names n i cant change names sorry for that but i will put characters cast in the end hope u all like it n i disappoint any of u wid this n guyz for the love story its tym…..


The episode starts in a big office a stylish car come infront her n malika n nidhi step out of the cars respectively n headed towards office all greets them ‘Gud morning’

Nidhi n malika headed towards their cabin which is combined both goes n sits on their seats respectively

Nidhi analyzing the file

Nid: dii i check the papers now u can sign

Malika nods n sign the paper

Knock knock!!!!!!!

One employee come n show her file

Malika check n look at employee in anger n stamps the file on table

Mal:is this the way tooo write presentation who the hell give u job here (she shout n employee look at her fear while nidz goes n hold her hand )

Nid:diiii relax n u go out

Mal:noooo i don’t want useless employees in my office from tmrw i dont wanna see u got that (eyed him)

Emp:mam i….

Mal:my decision is final

Nidz calls hi PA n make him take the employee

After they left

Nid:diii y r u become soo hyper relax

Mal:how can i relax nidz at age 17 i m working in this office i see many up m downs u knw very well how day n night we all work here i cant tolerate any imperfect work this is our hardwork n only worthy will work here not those who did not knw to work properly (she said closing her eyes in frustation)

Nid hold her hand

Nid:dii i knw but plzz give them chance also na they ar…

Malika sees her n nidz stop

Nid:i will make it n u dont stress urself i will send coffee for u n smiles n goes

Malika relaxes her head on chair n closes her eyes

Scene shift

Sam enters in her sweet collage listening to his AM songs in black jeans and blue v neck full sleeves shirt n waves towards her frnds

Frnds are uttara, kavya, nikhil, kavita

All:Lo here Cokes AM ki deewani(crazy)

Sam:hiii guyzzz

All: hiii crazy

Sam smiles

Sam:soo whats up


Sam:for what

Kavya devily laughs

Kav:to prank on new teacher

All laughs

Sam excited

Sam:new teacher yayyyyy now it will b fun

Utt:but we will do that not u

Sam(sad): y

Kavi:cuz we dnt knw when u bcm lost n when not in ur AM dreams

Sam frowns: i will not dream about him


Sam:nopp until then when we will do prank on teacher otherwiseeee she blushes

All frowns

Sam:ahhh now tell me whats plan

Utt:puncture his bike

Sam:bsss ittu sa kam i will do it by my left hand

Utt:u r righty

Sam:yeah yeah right hand game

Nik:but with this n takes out glue

Sam smirks n hurriedly takes it n goes to his teacher bike n puncture his tyre wid nikhil n apply glue on seat n runs from there

All laughs sitting at canteen when sam asual swapping n listening AM songs she shoutsssss loudly


Sam(exitdly):yayyyyy AM new interview i cant misss it have a look

All:not intrested

Sam frowns n dreamily watch the interview

While all nods their head in disbelief

Scene shift

Anju n kia are shown teasing their frnds in class just then teacher enters

All greets while KiAnj kept laughing

Sir: kiara and anjali stand upppp

KiAnj looks at teacher n then glares at their frnds who did not tell them when he comes

Sir:can u both tell us which jokes made u laugh…… Then whole class will laugh along with u

Anj: Pouvez-vous s’il vous plaît enfermer (can u please shut up in french)

All look at her shocked kia also while anju winks at kia

Sir confused: whats this


All laughs while sir make them both out of class

@outside class

KiAnj laughs

Kia:btw what did u said n what language was that

Anj: i said that ganju to please shut up in french

Both laughs

Kia:but where did u learn this

Anju proudly: malika di translater

Kia: u r tooo much anju

Anj:yeah soo to hai both hifi

Kia:ok let’s go to canteen

Both KiAnj starts walking while Anju got slipped bcz of banana peel she is about to fall when someone holds her anju kept her eyes closed…. The boy looked at anju n smiles…. Anju open her eyes n sees the boy smiling n gets angry

Anj:Leaveee me u idiot

Boy nods ok n leaves her she fall down with thudddd n angrily looks at boy while all laughs at her

Anj:what the hell are u blind idiot (angrily)

Boy:ms. Sharp tongue u said me to leave so as u say i did

Anjili getting up n caressing her clothes

Anj:ohh really u r saying as if u always listen too mee huh stupid

Boy:shut up u wild cat

Anj pointing her index finger

Anj:how dareee u too call me wild cat u monkey

Kia who is enjoying there fight chocked n smiles widely

Kia:means he is anju monkeyy means jeeja mil gyaaa yippeee (she thought)

Boy also does the same

Boy:mind ur tongue did u ever saw urself u look like a witch (really)

Anj sarcastically laughs

Anj:well thanks for telling me but witch is far better then a sweeper

Boy(angrily):uuu dont u dare now u r crossing ur limit

Anj making faces:is that sooo u idiot

Boy:uuu n sees her n pulls her hairs

KiAnj shockingly looking at him

Kia hurriedly takes out her phone n makes video n thought’ab aega maza’

Anj:u how dare u to pull my hair n throughs coldrink on his face which is holding by a girl

Boy angrily eyes her while all laughs

Boy:u does wrong by messing with Rahul oberoi (he warns)

Anj mimics: u does wrong by messing with Rahul oberoi my foot she angrily stamps his foot

Yes the boy is rahul played by kushal tandon our anju hero heheh


Anj :remeber that mister u r messing with Anjali Kapoor soo its better to say sorry n go from here i will forgive u now fast say sorry she says n folds her arms

Rahul laughs

Rah:awwww is that soo do u think that Rahul will say u a sorry n wo b a tomboy like u never ever ms. Anjili n laughs making her angry

Anjili wears a jeans n boyish type shirt with jacket like boys n kia wear a black shirt n jeans

Kia: i said u to wear something nicee but u dont listen now face thw consequence (she thought n laughs)

Anj:oye kali charan mind ur tongue haan

All burst into laughter while rahul eyes her angrily

Rah:who u say kali charan

Anj:ofcourse u u duffer

Rah:did u ever saw urself bandaria

Anj: n u saw urself monkeyyyy

Rah:mad girl

Anj:u sunky

Rah:u illetrate

Anj: n u a big idiot more then fizo n jazzy

Rah:what??? U wild cat

Anj: i said u r bigggg dhakan lafanter langooor macharr

Rah: uuuuu b4 he could say

Anj:sorry tym up n shows him tongue n leave from their

Rah: u will pay for it ms. Junglii n goes from there angrily

Kia:ahhhh its soo much watching them y did they stopp huh(sad) no worry kia u gor ur jeeju na now u can watch fights daily i will show this video to everyone n laughs n goes from there

Scene shift

At xyz hospital

Fari/teju is shown entering at hospital hurriedly n murmuring

Far(teju): bcz of that fizo n jazzy idiots i got late today now surely i have to listen to sir lecture huhh i will not leave them both n goes to receptionist

Far:where is Sir

Rec:sir did not come today

Far(shocking happy):what… T u serious u mean sachiii yayyy finally that khadus did not came sooo happy

Both smiles

Rec: actually a patient is waiting for u in emergency

Far:ohh then i need to rush bye bye see u later n goes n after getting dress as a doc she goes n sees a man whose back was facing her

Far:sorry sorry vo i bcm late due to my sisters sorry if u had to wait (she said apologetic)

Voice:i hate late comers n i m not here to knw u reason of coming late do ur work n leave (man says coldly n turns n ia reveald as karan patel aka raman )

Fari look at him amused n says a sorry
Ram:if ur sorry is done can u do my root canal

Fari nods n after sometimes she done

Far:its done sir

Ram:well thnk u n leaves with attitude

Far:attitude huh n put off her gloves n mask….. Normally she chit chat with her patients but this one is quite different she can say full of attitude n arrogancy she brush of her thoughts n headed towards kids ward which she normally does

Kids ward

Just when she enters all shouts ‘Diii’ n get happy n cheers

Fari(teju) hugs all n give choclate n chit chat tills her next patient comes its her daily routine to make them laugh with her home cinema stories which she tells…. The kids knows her sisters n their behavior more then her which she wants to make them feel presence of their families also n for that they have to b fine she smiles to them n headed towards her cabin happily

Scene shift

A big office is shown and in a cabin a girl is shown odering her employess with style n wears jeans n crop shirt she is ruchika

Ruc: i want all designs ready at sharp 5 got that

PA:yes mam u will got that definately n mam in market there is one more compititor who is trying to steal our mehtas contract n the company is new in that firm

Ruch:hmmm whats that company name

PA:mam HA Fashion industries in very less time they got fame n mostly got big deal they are our competitor this year

Ruch smilez

Ruc:hmmm impressive small jorney but big fame haan even i like competition i also wanna see how they got mehtas contract this year it will b mine n yeah b prepared

PA nods n leaves while she goes n relaxes on her chair n look at picture of all sisters n smiles seeing them n caresses it n wipes a single drop of tear which fell unknowingly

Scene shift

Astha n ruma is shown returning home after buying groceries while returning astha saw a board ‘Future Blogger ‘ she kept looking at that board while rumana notes this n ask

Rum:wanna join
Ast:nop just checking out

Rum:talk wid di she will not deny

Ast:noo sweety i dnt want now let’s go home fastly otherwise that 2 will make us mad

Ruma smiles n both headed towards there home

Scene shift

K villa

Fizo is shown sitting n staring at their all pics n slightly smiles…. Jazzy come n notice her

Jaz:what r u thinking

Fiz:nothing jazz just thinking who are we few years ago n now what had we all become

Jazz faintly smiles n nods

Jaz:tym changes everything fizoo

Fiz:true but tym cant change our heart na

Jaz:we all are still same just we r sooo much engrossed in our own lives that we forgot others

Fiz:yeahhh especially di, nidz and ruch

Jaz:dnt worry tym will make them understand


Jaz:btw i m missing

Fiz:who that dumboo

Jaz:yeah unfortunately

Both laughs

Fiz:n i m missing doll(kia) n litt litt that dumbo

Jaz:urghhhh itsss too boring here where is cutie n asthu

Fiz:they goes to buy groceries must b coming

AstRum:we r backkkk

Jaz:Thank God otherwise i will get bored

Ast:that means u r saying fizoo boring

Fizoo eyes jazzy

Jaz(instantly): no no fizoo i didn’t mean that


Jaz:aray pakka anju kia kia maa mujhe phasa rai hai thats their plan

Rum:awwww jazzy y will we do that very bad haan

Jaz: mommys dnt do drama

Fiz:urghh u r forgetting like daughters like mothers


Both laughs n hifi

AstRum:jazzyyyy fizooo u r talking to much

Jaz:well thanks

Ast:ok now its enough jazzy come n help me in cutting vegies

Rum:and i m going for making something

Fiz:w8 sweety i will help u

Rum:really jaan did sun rise from north today u n help me

Fiz fake anger:huhh no one wants mee to work i m leaving(fake)

All laughs

Ast:oye dnt do drama n go

Fiz:okiiii asthu maa n goes laughing



Rumana is boiling milk while she is lost in her thinking

Fizoo notice this

Fiz:sweety n shakes her

Rum:yeahh yeahh jaan say

Fiz:where r u lost

Rum:ahh no where

Fiz:dnt lie tell na

Rum:vo i was thinking to talk wid di for asthu to give her name in future blogger she wants to become byt dnt knw what think is bothering her

Fiz:ohh itni c bat dnt worry di will never deny n morover we knw na asthu she is like that only w8 a min n takes out her phone n dials no

Scene shift

Sam phone rings n she pick it up

Sam:yeahhh fizoo tell

Scene shift

Fiz:sammy…. In returning brought voture of future blogger compition

Scene shift

Sam: n y sooo

Scene shift

Fiz: when will u return i will tell n plzzz yad se le ana dnt get lost in another world

Scene shift

Sam frowns n cuts the call

Sam: y everyone is behind me only huh n goes

Scene shift

Fiz:done n smiles looking at ruma

Rum:thnkx n smiles

Fizo folding her hands


Rum:ohhhh i mean no thnkx i forgot sor…. N again looks at her

Rum:no sorry no thnkx happy

Fiz:hmmm better

Both laughs n does the work

Scene shift

Ast:jazz cut properly

Jaz: i m cutting cant u see

Ast:yes yes i m seeing thats y dnt make them like ur fashion sense

Jaz:what do u mean by that astha

Ast:vo vo i mean u have a great sense

Jaz:better u mean that only otherwise she shows knife at her

Ast:ok ok dnt kill i mean that only jatinder

Jaz:urghhh itsss jazzy (annoy)

Ast:yeah i mean that only n slightly laughs

Jaz:dnt laugh too much ur kids will die bcz of hunger if u cut veggies in turtle speed

Ast:urghh u cant stay away dragging them in every matter haan

Jaz nods no n never n smiles widely

Both laughs

To b continued…..


Malika-divyanka tripathi
Nidhi-helly shah
Jazzy:krystal desouza
Ruchika:preetika rao
Astha-Drashti dhami
Rumana-jennifer winget
Anjali-nia sharma
Fizo-sanaya irani
Kia-sana sheikh
Sam-mouni roy
Fari-tejasswi prakash
Halima/zoya- surbhi joyti
Navya/Ash-vrushika mehta

Hii guyzzz fizoo back wid chappy2…. I gave entries of 2 heroes….. One by one i gave all of them entries n after that i will give there cs once all get entries hope u liked today chappy its their life style of live and onemore chap then entry of 3 more sisters …… Love u all sisters tckr keep smiling stay blessed

Fizoo ❤

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