This is one dare for me from Fenil Bhaiyya.. Hey look I did it.
“All the girls are the same and shows unnecessary tantrum bhaiyya”- Rudra Singh Oberoi cried in a funny way,” Bhaiyya…Saare ek jaise”.
“Haan..toh main kya karoon Rudra”- Shivaay pocketed his smart phone in pocket, switched his blue tooth on and put on his left ear,”It had to happen with you”.
“It had to happen with me means..what had to happen with me bhaiyya??”- Rudra fumed,” that girl reject me. She was the one who smiled at me first, make friendship with me, dinner with me, long drive with me and now said..she don’t love me”.
“Rudra shh…”-Shivaay consoled his brother,” Explain your break up reason to me asap or call Om as I am cutting this call”.
“Bhaiyya…These girls does opposite always”- Rudra said,” Yes means no for them and no means yes . Always they gets negative meaning from all things.. they will ask am I looking fat baby..if you answer yes..they will cry and say..You don’t love me any more or you are saying me fatty..”.
” Oh my God!!”- Shivaay cupped his cheek,” then girls are so complex character”.
“Haan wahi…”- Rudra sighed,” Girls are so crazy..insane and what not”.
“So they are dangerous then”- Shivaay realised the reality of girls.
“Ok Rudra I am going for a meeting . we will talk later and don’t feel sad Rudy”- Shivaay entered in the elevator.
“So strange creatures God have created”- Shivaay muttered,No means yes and yes means No”.
“Excuse me…”- He heard one voice from his back, then realised presence of a girl with him, behind him,” you are standing on my chameli”.
“Chameli!!!”- Shivaay looked at his feet,” You have given name for your foot wear”.
“Oh God who gives name to foot wear..”- Shivaay self talked,” this one in more endangered then Rudra mentioned”.

He bend a little and come dangerously close to her,” You are so nice and normal”.
“Huh!!! how dare you say some thing like that and come close to me”- The girl flared her nose.
“Oh..she wants me to complement her and stay close to her”- Shivaay put his Rudy’s formula to test this girl now.
“Hi..I am Shivaay”- He again start the conversation,” don’t tell me your name”.(he thought she will tell him her name)
“You are correct …I will not tell my name to you Mr. Billu”- she flinched in anger,” bade aaye ladki ko naam puchhne”.
“ are not so beautiful and a little fat”- Shivaay again dug his pit,” You are so cool”.
“You mad man… I will slap you hard, kick you”- The girl said in anger,” Chippde kahin ke..ruk tujhe toh main apni chameli se achche se maarungi”.
“I know you want my attention on you, go on a date with me”- Shivaay said this time,” I know like me”.
“Help help…”- she shouted,” I am trapped with a mad man here in the elevator”.

Then looked at Shivaay and said,” I know you ran away from some mental hospital and took this suit in rent for escaping. I will not tell any one about you but please be silent yaar”.
“She wants me to talk”- Shivaay thought.
“Ok..then join with me for a lunch date..”- Shivaay smiled,” I know you want to go on a date with me”.
“I don’t want any lunch any date”- She now tied her hair and clapped her hand strangle this mad man,” waise bhi you are deserve joote to eat not food or lunch whatever”.
“You will come with me for sure”- Shivaay has a look of confusion now.
“I know you like me..Love me..stop this drama”- Shivaay hugged the girl,” I too…”.
“Help…help”- The lift reached ground floor and she hurriedly went to the security person,” please help me..a mad man is torturing me. He is saying his name as Shivaay.. He is so weird so call every mental hospital in Mumbai and take him there where he escaped from”.
“What the wuck!!”- the tadibaaz Bhagad Billa reached epitome of his anger now,” I know girls like you too well… all are same tantrum queen”.
“What is your name??”- The security person inquired.
“Annika…”- the girl replied confidently.
“Sir…did that girl trouble you in lift”- another security guard asked Shivaay.
“Shivaay Singh Oberoi is not a person to tolerate torture”- Shivaay declared proudly.
“Hey Annika…”- Shivaay called for the girl,” stop I have to tell you some thing important”.
“Not a chipku God”- Annika turned,” I was testing you as my younger brother Rudra said me that girl are like that..they says yes for no and no for yes”.
“I a sorry Annika. Now I know all girls are not alike. What that two men must have thought about me??..”- He asked for forgiveness from Annika for his behaviour,” But its my brother’s fault not mine. I was just testing it on you”.
“Its alright..I forgave you”- Annika hurriedly left the place.
” Will you come for a date with me Annika??”- Shivaay Singh Oberoi requested a girl for the first time,” I am waiting for the answer as I like you very much”.
“Shivaay Singh Oberoi is there”…few people murmured among them selves and try to come close to him for clicking selfie.
“NO”- Annika left the place almost running.
“NO…!!”- Shivaay smiled at her answer,” she said NO to me..”. His heart did salsa with happiness and joy..He got the real meaning of NO.

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  1. Nivika

    Superr se uperrrr……..⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆
    Fantastic Os
    Loved it!!????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Snehal.

  2. Fenil


    Astha:):):D:D:D:)):)):))U are unbelievable such express train u r. When i was doing comment on Rabbave Land this got published first reaction was OMG Sab ff episode jaye tel lene yahi read karna hai pehle.

    Rudy was such unique piece in the whole world na…hwww kis ne dil toda mere bachhe ka.

    Shivaay like they are dangerousB)B)sahi hain.Seriously he tasted Rudy’s love formulas on girl in lift and for my heart break she turned to be [email protected]):[email protected]):[email protected]):-:?:?

    During Whole elevator convo i m laughing like hell ignoring surrounding.
    Super se upppppppppper.
    Naughty Girl U Nailed it

    loved it.
    Love u too

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Aww…bhaiyyu its you who put oil in fire.
      keep laughing but in right amount zyada hua toh people will thought you mad or in love boy.

  3. Alekhika20

    Fabulous os

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Alekhika.

  4. Awesome

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Debdutta..

  5. AMkideewani


  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome ashu dii…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Nikku.

  7. AnuluvsIB

    Wow Aasthu gaaru! So hilarious! ???? especially elevator part ????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Anu..He is mad crazy to test Annika!!!
      Thanks dear.

  8. Jerry_36

    Aastha Di !!
    You nailed it, aap se bahut khuch seekhne ko milta hai ! Everytime you just make me short of words. Love you ❤

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Jerry… love you too.

  9. Dii it’s Fantabulous Hilarious….
    Awwww!!!!! poor rudy….
    Shivaay bhaiya applied rudy’s formula on Anika…. I must say he’s lucky becz sso ne itna kuch kaha aur Anika ne kuch nahi kia…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Bunny…arre Bhaiyya par Chamki-Chameli-Chandni padte toh tumhe achcha lagta kya!! Sukar hai Rab ka bach gaye hamare Shivaay Bhaiyya.


    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you UF.

  11. Radhika.k

    Nice astha dii!!!It was a dare for u ………………………….n u did it perfectly i suppose!!!!
    I loved the concept of this OS!!Very unique n interesting OS!!!
    Most of the boys have this confusion should we say yes or no to her……..will she get angry or not……….bla bla!!!!Its true that girls r different n difficult to understand especially for boys!!!!Was glad to see SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI testing n trying to understand “GIRLS”!!!!!
    Khidkithod OS!!Was amazinggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love ya……

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      He he Radhika…Shivaay Bhaiyya listen theory from Rudra and demonstrated practically!!!

      1. Radhika.k

        HEHE haan dii!!!n was successful in his experiment also!!!
        Superb OS dii!!
        Do tell me if u write something!!
        LOVE U !!

  12. Wow Astha this is the first time I am reading os of ishbaaz it was just awesome marvellous ND sooooooooo funny
    Shivika’s conversation was hilarious
    I just loved it
    Can we be friends ????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Nisuu…Thanks. Yeah sure we are friends now.

      1. Nishuu

        Can u pm me plzzzz

      2. Nishuu

        I am the same nishuu who has sent u comment at morning ,I commented without logging in

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      Thanks Sairish dear.

  14. Zaveesha

    Amazing and awesome….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Zaveesha..

  15. Kanfi

    Astha u again rocked it…????
    Ye rudy ne to shivaay k pappu bnwa dya???..
    Chalo shivay finally got ut when girl’s no means yes??

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      True Kanfi…he understand the meaning at last. Poor Bhaiyya lol ha ha..

  16. Ankita27

    Fantastic OS… Hilarious especially shivika’s elevator part… ??? superb…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Ankita.

  17. Nita D

    Good one Astha baby….it was hilarious….

  18. I loved this os astha …Superr

  19. Gayathri.visu

    Fantastic….very funny.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Gayathri…

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