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Gangaa 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga thinks to apologize to Palash right away. I have to make him get Sagar bail somehow or Amma ji will die crying.

Palash disconnects Ganga’s calls. She thinks I know you are upset with me but please talk to me once. Don’t punish Sagar and Amma ji for my mistake. He cuts her call again. No, it wont be so easy for you to save Sagar. It wont happen the way you want. I will see how you save Sagar and bring him home.

Sabharwal reads a so called statement before Sagar. Sagar is made to sign on it. Inspector says you wrote it, not Sagar. Sabharwal nods. but whatever is written in it is Sagar’s version only. Sagar is about to sign it when Palash enters. He tells Sagar to stop. This is your suicide note made by Sabharwal. You yourself are a lawyer. How did you fall in their words? He reprimands

them for forcing Sagar to sign any paper. Sagar says no one forced me. Palash insists he is his lawyer. You will sign the papers I will ask you to. Sagar feels they are right but Palash tells him to leave it on court. He tears the statement readied by Sabharwal. He tells Inspector that Sagar got parole for some time. He presents the papers to him. He tells Sagar he will have to go home for a while. Your Dadi is unwell. Sagar panics. Sagar leaves with Pulkit and two constables. Palash sits down with the Inspector to complete the formalities.

Amma ji’s BP is very low. Doc speaks of giving her IV. Madhvi requests Amma ji to eat something or she will become all the more weak. Amma ji keeps taking Sagar’s name. Doc leaves.

Madhvi asks Ganga why she is still here. I told you to bring Sagar anyhow. Amma ji’s condition is worsening. Hope she does not die taking his name only. Ganga denies. I am thinking about that only. Pulkit says he is here. Madhvi is in tears to see Sagar finally home. She hugs him. Ganga is also surprised and teary eyed. Madhvi asks about his wounds. Where were you? Your Dadi isn’t eating anything. I cannot even cry. Don’t leave us now. We cannot live without you. He calms her down. I wont go anywhere now. Everything will be fine. Don’t cry before Dadi. He goes with her.

Pulkit tells Ganga that he got parole for only a very short time. Ganga is surprised to know Palash did it. Pulkit tells her what he witnessed in the police station. Thank God Sagar is safe now or he could have fallen in a bigger problem. He goes. Ganga regrets doubting Palash. How could I make such a big mistake!

Amma ji is so happy to see Sagar home. How did you get these wounds? He helps her sit up. I am here only. It is nothing. She hugs him and kisses his cheeks. There must be so many problems that you would have faced in jail. I wont let you go anywhere now. He assures her. Promise me you wont say no to medicines. I cannot see my Dadi in this condition. She smiles. Why do I need medicines now! He still makes her promise him. Everyone gets emotional. Sagar makes her eat medicine. Amma ji tells MAdhvi to make Sagar’s favourite food daily. Pulkit is about to tell her truth but Sagar stops him. Sagar feeds food to his Dadi and vice versa. Ganga goes out of the room as she is unable to control herself.

Ganga is sitting outside Palash’s house. He comes home finally. She profusely apologizes to him. I am worried for Sagar. I said all that in tension. He keeps ignoring her and goes inside. She follows him. I understand my mistake. I will be indebted to you for forever for what you have done for Sagar. Forgive me once. He calls it his duty. I cannot fight this case anymore now. I am sorry. He hands over a file to her. She again requests him to forgive her once. He says trust is the basis of any relation, especially in our profession. I got to know how much you trust me. I would suggest you to hire some other lawyer. You wont get anything by working with me. Niru is a great judge. He can hire more expert lawyers than me. Why me then? I am not interested. She requeets him not to leave this case. I trust you completely. I regret saying what I said in anger. Please don’t leave this case. Only you can free Sagar. He talks of her self-esteem. You considered your self-esteem above everything always then why are you folding your hands before me today? Why are you doing this then? She replies that it isn’t more important than Sagar. I can do anything to save Sagar. He says time will tell about it. She agrees. Ganga can go to any extent, can do anything for her Sagar. You can even take my test if you want.

Palash keeps two conditions before her. You will never doubt or question me now. You will have to believe it that I am doing it for your good only. Do you accept this? She is all quiet so he asks her again. Tell me if you have a little doubt even. I wont touch this case again. She promises him. He asks her to share anything related to the case with him. You wont hide anything. It may or may not be in Sagar’s favour. You wont hide it from me. She nods. He tells her to go home and question Sagar. Try to remind him what all happened that day. You don’t have too much time. He will have to go back at 9. Ask him every possible question you can think of. Find any clue which might help you get him out of the jail. The next hearing is far. Go now. She leaves.

Palash thinks Ganga is only a puppet now. I have your strings. You will do as I say now. Sagar is your weakness. I can make you do anything through his name. I will get all the proofs through you only which can prove Sagar innocent. I will keep destroying them all one by one so he can never be free. I will close all the doors to his freedom one by one. Your fight to free Sagar is going to cost you badly. It’s not going to be easy. Remember that!

Precap: Madhvi says he wont go anywhere. Ganga says he wont die if he wont eat food one day. It is important to free him. She takes Sagar to his room to make him remember what happened that day. He refuses to know anything. She breaks down seeing Inspector coming to take Sagar. Pulkit holds her. Sagar looks at Ganga.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I’m very upset with gangaa character…. In childhood she was such a brave girl.. We loved the character very much…. Now she was behaving like an illiterate and coward… She was losing her grace… Writers.. Please build up the character challenging… So that palash tricks doesn’t work…

    1. Indeed!!! Grown up Gangaa character not interesting anymore HaHa… But I think, SW only did it to make the Palash’ track goes on. But again not interesting to see new entry become rude one. I think Palash should kick out from the show asap *oops

  2. Thanks for speedy update Pooja.

  3. Here we go Sagar-Pulkit bromance!! and warm chaturvedi family. Sagar is forever Mom and Ammaji’s bias ♡♡♡♡♡
    I love to see how Sagar treated Ammaji so well. Isn’t he lovely…
    Keep it up Chaturvedi Fams!!!
    Sagar did a great job, he could delivered such intens emotions really well. we could felt his pain…
    I wonder what will happen when Sagar officially release from the jail…
    But please SW make the jail track more interesting, maybe he meet the good guy from him he could learn a better life and bad guys who led a hard and high voltage for Sagar’s daily life in jail. So that his release will goes boom ^^

  4. I guess palash had some grudge on chaturvedi family or some other story happens that only made him to left his moral values.but if he was doing it for only to gain ganga ,then story will be really sweet.

  5. My guess is.. Palash was playing mind games with sagar and Ganga… He knew ganga will do anything for sagar…sagar trusts ganga more than himself…. Now palash succeeds in breaking this trust of sagar as sagar short tempered…. Ganga never gives explanations to prove her innocence…. And will be out of chaturvedhi sadan…….

  6. Please any one can explain why palash became antagonist here? What is the motive of palash?Is this for personal gain or grudge on chaturvedi family?

  7. First palash took the case of yash it created some disturbances in Sagan palash wants to create one more disturbance to separate Sagan so he will get ganga easily or he can take revenge on sagar(chaturvedi family).

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