Silsila Pyaar Ka 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal walks to bua,bua says Janki keep these money n locker n ur jewellery too,janki says Didi no plz keep it I insist,Kajal says ma tea, Janki says keep it on desk I will give her later,Kajal says what shd I cook, bua says today Janki will cook for me,janki says no no not me , it’s years since I have cooked,bua says Kajal give all servants leave Janki will cook today go,Kajal says ok n leaves.

Janki says Didi why will I cook,bua says this is my sweet revenge,n do some work ur putting on, n leaves. Vinay says Neeti what do u think of urself how dare u blame Sanjana,Neeti says Vinay, vinay says u never were with me n Sanjana was always with me so it’s better u look at urself before u point at Sanjana,Neeti thinks this is sure Sanjana that Vinay is reacting this way, Vinay leaves in anger, Sanjana walks to her n says u will never understand my games n Ho follow ur husbands orders, Neeti says why are u doing all this,me n Vinay love each other,Sanjana smiles, Neeti says one day u will realise ur mistake n via y n me will always be together.

Kamini tells munmun n Vidhi, tell me what all happened in hall is it true,Vidhi says I don’t know n why Didi dint tell Raunak why she got bua home, n bua n Didi hate each other n today look how they were reacting, I think Janki Didi has brides her, Kajal passing by hears this,Kamini says is this raunaks real bua, Vidhi says yes she is but this is definitely Janki Didi n her new game,Kajal gets surprised, kaminis ays Janki is genius no one can beat her.

Kajal lost in her thoughts walks to her room n sees Raunak n Sakshi playing, Sakshi says papa u look so happy today, Raunak says yes I patched up with dadi so,Kajal thinks sir is so happy n if I tell him ma is lying he will be hurt oh god what shd I do now,Raunak sees Kajal n says come in what are u doing there,Kajal says oh playing games, Raunak says Sakshi wins all the time,kajals ays I’m with Sakshi,Raunak says oh we are hungry go cook,Kajal says ma is cooking, Raunak says really,Kajal says bua asked her so she is cooking, Raunak says grt I will go ma n tell her to cook my fav dishes come Sakshi.

Neeti starts having pains, she calls Vinay for help, Ashok n Munshi see Neeti in pain n go call doctor,Munshi asks Sanjana to get water, Sanjana gets water,neeti says I can’t bear the pain,Ashok says doc is on his way Neeti calm down,vinay says Neeti all will be fine I’m with u.

Janki Vidhi munmun n Kamini in kitchen, janki says cmon cook something, Kamini says munmun n me can’t cook, Janki says wow while marrying Raunak she knew everything, now do something,Vidhi says Didi cmon cook food,Raunak knows my food taste n he will get to know so I can’t,Janki says I will cook no way n Didi I will not leave her,vidhi says thank he bcoz of her rauank says trusts u, Raunak Kajal n Sakshi enter, Raunak asks what happened ma.

Janki says Raunak bua wants me to cook food for u n so we were thinking what to cook for u,Raunak says ma then plz cook bhendi, matar n daal n dadi Wada n I’m so excited u cooking for me n I’m waiting out call me If u need help,Kajal says I will wait here n help ma,Vidhi says no Kajal u be with Raunak we will manage,Janki says yes go.

Kamini says I will look after potatoes, munmun u go after matar,Vidhi says at least start Didi. Doctor checks Neeti. Vinay says Sanjana I’m so worried abt Neeti n my child,Sanjana says all will be fine, doctor calls Vinay inside, Sanjana says Didi how careless are u,doctor says Neeti needs to take care n Vinay she needs rest n she is in lot stress, ur wife needs u most now, plz take care of ur wife.vinay says I will look after her, Neeti says our baby is fine relax, doctor say here are her medicines.

Raunak Kajal n Sakshi playing together,bua sees Harish n stops him n says come here press my legs massage them quickly,Harish does so. Sakshi says see I made a tea here it is, Raunak says wow very good, bua calls Kajal n asks her to sit beside her n asks is this ur second wedding, Kajal says yes, bua say su n Raunak look very good with each other, Kajal says didn’t u ever felt like returning home for ur brother, ma has been looking after whole house alone, why didn’t u help her tell me.

Pre cap : Harish says bua, don’t ever play with Kajal she is very fine player n if she tells Raunak abt u n Janki Didi lying she will tell Raunak n all game plan will go in vain, Kajal hears Harish saying this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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