Gangaa 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janvi is busy doing the decorations with Maharaj ji. Ganga gives milk to Amma ji. Janvi thinks to seek her help in this special party. She asks Ganga to help her and Maharaj ji! Amma ji mutters how these rituals from foreign land are happening in our house now! Madhvi asks Janvi to check on the food. See if it is being made rightly. Amma ji and madhvi ask Ganga to help Janvi. The guests will come soon. Ganga sits down to help Maharaj ji. Janvi smiles. Poor Ganga! She doesn’t know that she will lose her everything in the party for which she is working!

The neighbour ladies gossip with Amma ji about people who even elope from their houses for love. Prabha taunts Amma ji by saying that there are two young girls in this house and a boy. You must be careful. Ganga retorts that she knows how to

take care of herself. Don’t worry about me. Prabha taunts her for her behaviour. You roam around so weirdly. Amma ji tells Prabha not to worry for Ganga. She has been raised by me. she knows the difference between right and wrong. I myself will not spare her if she looks at any guy even by mistake. Prabha continues saying, we often don’t know what all happens in front of our eyes. Yash looks at Janvi from top to toe. He keeps his hand on her shoulder and she pushes it away. You could clal out for me? He says sorry bhabhi, but you look fab. What were you listening? She says I was listening to your mother’s convo. I cannot wait to see everyone’s reaction after playing that video. Amma ji shut your mother’s mouth for now. It will be fun when everyone will point their fingers at Ganga!

Janvi suggests playing a game first in which the guys’ eyes will be blindfolded. They have to find their partner that ways. Pulkit is the first one. He guesses Supriya’s hands right. Everyone claps for them, including Ganga. It is Ratan’s turn now. He guesses wrongly. It is Sagar’s turn next. Prabha asks for water. Ganga goes to bring it. Sagar touches everyone’s hands one by one. Janvi holds out her hands for him but right then, Ganga extends her hand to give water to Prabha. Sagar holds her hand by mistake. Everyone is taken aback. Sagar removes the blindfold and is surprised to see Ganga. Sagar and Ganga look at each other. Prabha whispers in Janvi’s ears. I thought he will hold your hand. See what happened. Janvi scolds Ganga. Who asked you to come in between? Can you not see that we are playing? Ganga quietly turns to go when Sagar holds her hand yet again. he reprimands Janvi for talking rudely to Ganga. She is my childhood friend. You think you know me well enough. You must also know then how much Ganga means to me! She knows me better than I know myself. She has been with me at every low and high of life. I might not be alive today if it was not for her! Madhvi steps in between. She diverts everyone to other games.

All the couples are dancing on romantic numbers. Ganga imagines dancing with Sagar. Amma ji shakes her out of her reverie. Ganga thinks why she dreams of things which can never come true. Amma ji asks her to set her bed. I want to sleep. This drama will continue. Is this a thing to watch? Janvi stops her. Amma ji replies that she sleeps early and wakes up early too. Janvi requests her to stay back for the last round of the party. Amma ji gives in. Janvi thinks Ganga should get ready for a blast now. I will tarnish your image in such a way that you wont be able to imagine! She signals Yash.

Yash plays the video in which everyone has recorded their bytes on love. Light is switched on again. Janvi goes to Yash. Where is Ganga’s video? He asks her to wait for a while. My plan is awesome. Don’t worry. Now the big blast will happen. He sends the video to everyone present in the party on their mobile phones. Amma ji wonders why everyone’s phone is ringing all of a sudden. They all check their phones. The expressions change on everyone’s faces. Janvi asks Yash what this is. Yash says this is the masterstroke. Everyone looks at Ganga. Amma ji asks them the same.

Ganga checks the video on Sagar’s phone. She is seen sitting on a sofa while a while removes his shirt. The man walks towards her. She drops the phone stunned.

Precap: Ganga says I did not do anything. I don’t know how these photos came. I don’t know that place or the guy in the video! I did not do anything. Amma ji slaps her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. In each and every serial literally there is a villian who always threat to those innocent people, why why realy it feels useless to watch these typ of serial :/

  2. What the hell ???? poor ganga iss yash ne toh had paar kar di par jab sach saamne aayega then janvi n yash r permanently going out of the show bcoz sagar phir kabhi maaf nahi karega inko

  3. After watching this video i wish to give a tight slap to yash and janvi, how can someone stoop soo low to get a person who doesn’t even love her. Ganga was correct, in London janvi was studying law or studying boyz. Idiot

  4. how could janvi and yash do such a thing gangaa dosnt deserve that slap janvi and yash definitly do but i can say for a fact sagaar an pulkit arnt gonna belive it .

  5. The only serial little different is Krishna dasi

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