Silsila Pyaar Ka 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

janki wakes up on a chair n with closed eyes says let me go see raunak first n walks to his room, janki on her way hears kajals voice singing prayers n says let me see raunak first n then i will speak to kajal how dare se do this, janki realises that raunak passed her without noticing her n opens eyes n feels bad, she sees raunak joining kajal for prayers n says raunak forgot his mother for this kajal n goes to pooja room n sees whole family behind kajal, kajal gives everyone aarti, sanjana says kajal di thanks for this auspicious start of the day, raunak sees janki waiting, janki turns around, raunak remebers that he his ma doesnt start her day without seeing his face, raunak rushes behind janki n says ma i am very sorry, i know u dont begin ur day without seeing me, i didnt want to hurt u, plz forgive me, i promise this wont repeat, janki in tears says raunk what happened today was to happen.
janki say sraunak do u have any idea how i must have walked to ur room with closed eye, how many tmes i must have hurt myself but today u hurt me raunak n janki walks away, kajal walks to janki n says aunty i am sorry, i know u re hurt, i didnt do this on purpose, janki says come with me, n takes her to other room n says kajal raunak is my son n i have full right over him, n if i hurt him its for his good, kajal says i know that aunty n i am very happy with akshay but raunak sir he isnt happy n the reason is ur insecurities, u did bad to him, janki says oh i did wrong, u know girls like u take sons away from their mothers n my son is very happy with me, kajal says aunty a girl walks to a new house thinking its her own n mothers like u are the reason why relations break, janki says no one dare talk to me in this tone plz get out n leave this house.
akshay asks kajal where were u, kajal says i went to say sorry to janki aunty but inturn she blamed me for the past, akshay says forget it janki aunty will never listen, anyways i am going to talk to raunak, akshay walks to talk to raunak, sakshi calls her n says ma plz help me pack things n take her along with her.
raunak upset sits in his car, akshay stops him, raunak says akshay leave me alone, akshay says no raunak toay i wont leave u alone, just lisen to me ones, janki n kajal see them argue from windows, raunak says akshay just leave dont force me or something bad will happen, akshay says raunak plz forgive me, i made a big mistake, i cant see u suffer plz forgive me, i want my brother my friend back.
sakshi calls kajal again n she walks off the window n helps sakshi pack n says sakshi put them in bag i will be back soon, sakshi says ok, kajal goes back to window, akshay says raunak i very well know u still have feelings for kajal n we all know u havent moved on, plz dont trouble urself, plz raunak, raunak says i heard u now leave n sits in car, akshay sits beside him, raunak says get out of this car, akshay says till u forgive me i wont get out, raunak says ok come today i will show u what mistake u have done.
kajal n janki walk to eachother, janki says did u see how rash they left n its all because of u, kajal says aunty this isnt time to blame eachother we have to go stop them before they are upto something wrong.
akshay says raunak remember once u were caught fr not wearing seat belt, raunak wears seat belt, akshay says raunak cmon bro plz forgive me, raunak say su have no idea what pain i went through, akshay says for ur good forgive me, raunak says my good, my good in writing ur name on my letter or marrying my love, akshay says raunak this isnt the truth, raunak says tell me the truth then, akshay remembers kajals words that raunak will break if he gets to know that janki aunty is behind all this, raunak says ashay the car wont slow down get down if u wish to,akshay says not until u forgive me.
janki n kajal together, there isnt any driver, kajal say suanty i can drive lets go, sakshi comes there n says ma i want to come with u, janki says kajal just take her we cant delay anymore, janki thinking i hope akshay doesn’t reveal the truth.
akshay says raunak hit me if u want, dont see me ever after just forgive me once n i will leave for ever, raunak stops car n says whats ur problem things dont go as u wish, why shd i forgive u, why didnt u tell me u liked kajal , why did u betray me, u played with heart, a truck dashes their car from behind n car gets stuck on the slope.

precap: kajal janki reach their n see raunak n akshays car sliding slowly down the slope.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. OMG quite shocking I just hope both especially Akshay is fine I hope they don’t kill his character if they do this won’t watch this show

  2. Most probably Akshay will die,so,good bye to silsila pyaar ka.

  3. Now akshay will die…

  4. I think they will kill Akshay in this accident. But I like Akshay in the serial a lot he is too good!


  6. Save akshay

  7. Wish to c Kajal and Akshay together .

  8. Pls don’t kill Akshay. Writers,u can change the plot,please,we want Akshay and Kajal.

  9. Don’t know if it will ever reach the CvS still commenting here out of love for Akshay,don’t harm Akshay ,don’t separate Akshal.

  10. May be now Akshay will be killed and Raunak and Kajal’s romance will start. Looks interesting.

    1. geethanjali reddy

      yes Akshay may die.

  11. please dont kill akshay


      ya pls….

  12. If Akshay die in this accident I won’t watch this serial.And I will say good bye to silsila pyaar ka serial

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