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Sagar removes the blanket. He tries to shake Ganga but she isn’t moving. Is she unconscious?

Madhvi runs outside but the car is gone by then. He must have left!

Sagar recalls that his teacher had taught them to rub the hands of the unconscious person. He does so. He checks her breath but she isn’t breathing.

Madhvi calls Niranjan. Who had you sent the mark sheet and application form with? Who submitted it in the new school? Niranjan takes Omkar’s name. He had submitted it even before I could tell him not to. She asks him what Omkar was doing when Verma was in the room. Niranjan innocently replies that Omkar was trying to help him. He was taking my side before Verma which is why he helped me. Madhvi tries to tell him about Omkar but the line is not working properly. He is

unable to hear anything at all. He ends the call. Madhvi connects the dots. Why is Omkar doing this? Madhvi recalls Babli’s words. Ma wouldn’t have died so soon but Bau ji’s behaviour made her die this soon. She thinks of all the past instances. Is Omkar Bhaiya trying to harm us?

Sagar calls out for everyone. Look what has happened to Ganga. Everyone rushes upstairs. They find Ganga lying unconscious on the floor. Omkar gets tensed. I had hidden her. how did she come out? Pulkit checks Ganga’s pulse and breathe but they feel nothing. Madhvi gets tensed. Omkar wonders if he added an extra dose of the sleeping pills. Everyone tries to wake Ganga but in vain. Sagar is worried that she might be dead. Is she dead? Her pulse is not working. She is not breathing. They all are stunned by his words. Omkar gets scared thinking if it is true. Froth is coming out of Ganga’s mouth. Pulkit picks her up in his arms. He reasons that this happens when you take poison. They decide to take her to the hospital. Omkar doesn’t want the truth to come out. they will find out about the sleeping pills then. He calls out for everyone and stops them from going outside. The situation will worsen if something happens to the girl. What will we tell to the police? Niranjan brought Ganga from outside. He adopted her without seeking her parent’s consent. They will believe that we kept her as a maid in the house. Child labour is a crime. Niranjan will land in trouble. Madhvi is more concerned about Ganga at the moment but Amma ji finds sense in Omkar’s words. Ganga wont go to the hospital. Who will believe us if we tell them that we have been taking good care of Ganga? She tells Pulkit to call their family Doc. The matter should stay in the house only. Pulkit takes her to Amma ji’s room. Madhvi tells Maharaj ji to warm water.

Verma scolds Omkar for not being careful. She is a little girl. Pray to God that she is safe. One murder is already on you. Pray that this doesn’t come on you. I cannot help you every time. He ends the call. Omkar is irked. This Girl will make my life a mess if she is alive. What should I do!

Froth continues to come out of Ganga’s mouth. Amma ji calms / holds Sagar somehow. He is berserk. I wont go anywhere till she wakes up. Babli takes him outside. Madhvi is tensed as Ganga is not waking up even after vomiting. Babli assures Sagar that Ganga will be fine. Doc must be on his way. Sagar is in tears. What has happened to her? Pulkit bhaiya was saying that this happens when one takes poison. Why will she eat poison? He recalls his past rude behaviour to her. She must have felt bad because of it. She will be fine once I say sorry to her. She wont die before it right? Babli nods. She will live. She will be fine soon. Omkar knows that he has made a mistake. But I will have to act so no one doubts me. He gives hope to Sagar. I think some evil spirit has case an evil eye on our house. We will do a yagya. You will have to be patient till then.

Madhvi wants to take Ganga to the hospital as her condition is only worsening. Amma ji scolds her. I too care for this stranger girl but I cannot overlook the other things for her sake. Dr. Ghosh enters. Doc checks Ganga. I cannot find her pulse. She is sinking. I have checked carefully but I cannot understand anything. He tries to make her heart beat but in vain. Maid holds Madhvi as she stumbles in her step. She thinks of her bond with Ganga. Amma ji tells them not to say anything to Sagar. Maharaj ji is in tears. Madhvi tells doc not to give up. Do something. Doc wants Ganga to get admitted in the hospital asap. Amma ji requests him to get the equipments here. She wont go anywhere. Madhvi gets in a verbal duel with her but Doc handles the situation. I will call someone and bring it here. Sagar comes there. Ganga will be fine. Fufa ji and I will do a puja. He notices Madhvi’s tears and gets tensed. Amma ji handles the situation. Sagar talks to Ganga and then requests doc not to let Ganga die. I have to say sorry to her. Amma ji sends him outside. Madhvi wants to call Niranjan but Amma ji stops her. He will come right away if you tell him about it. He might drive fast. What if something happens to him! Doc will take care of everything. Pulkit looks on sadly.

Omkar makes Maharaj ji do all the preps for the so called yagya. The diya blows off. Everyone gets shocked. Maharaj ji prays for Ganga’s safety.

Doc injects an injection in Ganga’s medication. Madhvi asks him to save Ganga. She is so young. He suggests her to rub her hands and toes. She will feel warm that ways. She notices that her body is all cold. He insists on shifting Ganga to the hospital but Amma ji stays put. Do anything that you want to, but here!

Omkar tells Maharaj ji not to let anyone interrupt him in the jaap. I will not eat or drink anything till she gets better. Amma ji tells Omkar that there is no hope. Doc talks to someone regarding the case. Madhvi sits beside Ganga and is in tears.

Precap: The yagya goes on. Sagar tries to pull his brother to sit in the puja but Pulkit stays rooted to his place. There is no point in doing anything now. She is gone. Madhvi looks sadly at Ganga.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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