Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om comes to Esha’s home to meet her as she was unwell. Ashvini and Esha were watching a movie and appreciating the movie. Om gets jealous at the appreciation. Esha was coughing, Om asks her to rest but Esha says that she loves the actor so much she can’t leave it. Om goes to make soup, he brings it to Esha. Esha says superb. Om is happy, but Esha was talking about hero. Ashvini stands up to dance, Esha joins her in steps. Om keeps hand on head and watches them.
Om was at home, Dhaneshri brings tea for her. Om asks her who Dixit is, Dhaneshri says he is he shopkeeper at the end of street. The actress comes to the table and asks if she can see the newspaper. Om asks her about Dixit, the actress says he is a famous actor of South, doesn’t he know her, all the girls love him. Om asks where they have begun to like such a tanned and slim boy. She asks why is he saying so? Om says Esha was so fond of his movie. She says it means Om is getting jealous. Ranjeet comes to ask Om to call Esha. Om says she must be asleep as she was unwell.
Ashvini was in the kitchen, Esha tells Ashvini to take her bag and file and leave. Esha asks her about the case of Chaudhry, Ashvini says they have a Chaudhry at home too. Esha asks who? Ashvini says Om Chaudhry. Ashvini says Om is such a nice person that he came to meet her. Esha says yes, God has sent him to earth to distribute love. Om calls Esha and asks how she is, has Ashvini left. Om says he will just come. Esha says yes, Om says he will come there. Esha says he will get late for office. Om says he will take a leave. Ranjeet bucks Om up to come to point, Om asks him to remain silent. He comes aside and asks Esha how she is.

PRECAP: Om comes to Esha’s home and wearing a mask of Dixit and asks how are you and what can I serve you. He removes his mask from an eye to see an old lady standing on the door. He says he has come to sell the mask. The lady calls her husband to give her money for mask.

Update Credit to: Sona

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