Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 43


hey most awaited episode is here but before that i want to clear some doubts if you have read all the episode clearly then you must know that no one have told Pragya that what Aryan did with her thats why she is reacting like that she doesnt know that her brother left her when she needed him now i think everything must be clear so i am moving to the episode now


Episode 43
Richa: you don’t think about that Abhishek I will handle that matter and let her go if she want I will see it later (she was about to leave the room)
Abhi: Okay but at least you can give me hint that who is the person
Richa while leaving turned back and smiled: AURANGZEB this is the hint
Abhi confusingly: AURANGZEB! Now who could be Aurangzeb in this home?
He turns towards the board and looks at those pictures and suspects them and repeats AURANGZEB and after sometime he leaves the room and went to his room where Pragya was sitting lost somewhere
Abhi sitting beside her: What happened you are sitting so silently is anything serious?
Pragya looked at him and nodded no
Abhi: Look nothing is there in telling a lie to me you know very well that I can catch very well so now tell me what is bothering you?
Pragya: I don’t know why I am feeling like something is going to happen wrong something worst my gut feeling is saying that something worst is going to take place
Abhi rounding his arm around her shoulder: you are just over thinking yr everything will be perfectly fine by the way are you sure you want to go with Bhai
Pragya: yes and no
Abhi: what kind of answer is this?
Pragya: Yes because veer ji have came after long time and met me so I want to be with him for sometime and No because I don’t know why I am not feeling to go with him the next moment I think about leaving with him I get scared I don’t know why this is happening and moreover I don’t want to go….
Abhi: what go…! Go far from me? You was about to say that only right!
Pragya: why are you asking when you know everything and I want to go as I will meet Maa too I haven’t met her since
long time

Abhi thinks: now you want to meet them as you don’t know what they have done with you if I would have told you then you will never try to meet them but I don’t want to ruin your happiness yr what to do I am scared that what if again I am doing mistake then? But I cant tell you too as Didi has told me strictly that not to tell you anything so how can I tell you so
Pragya shaking him: where have you been lost what happened?
Abhi: No I was just thinking that again you are going to leave me alone here now with whom I will fight and argue and with whom I will play pranks of Somya and Sumit this is not done yr
Pragya: oye marne nahi jaa rahi hun wapis aa jaungi do teen din me (I am not going to die understood I will be back in two to three days)
Abhi: Okay ok but come soon yr otherwise life will be boring like before without you (falling on bed)
Pragya: what was that! You will fall on bed like this what kind of nonsense is this!
Abhi getting up: ye mera style (this is my style)
Pragya punched his shoulder hard
Abhi: aaahh Paga hai kya (have you gone mad now what was that)
Pragya: ye mera style hai (this is my style)
Abhi: Mental foul
Pragya: Akdoo Bandar
They were about to start their argument when Aryan called out Pragya
Abhi being irked : aa gaya kabab me haddi sala
Pragya: what you said to brother just now
Abhi: Sala I said sala wife’s brother is called sala in hindi na so I called that my sala has came
Pragya: you are….
Abhi: Very clever I know very well don’t need to repeat
Pragya: I will kill you
Abhi: pehle jaa warna ye sala yahan aa jayega (first go otherwise he will come here)
Pragya: so what he is my brother he can come wherever he want
Abhi: he can go wherever he want but not in my bed room and that too when I am with my personal wife
Pragya: what do you mean by personal wife now wife of others are not their personal
Abhi: Naa tu meri thodi si biwi wo bhi personal biwi hai aur isliye mere bed room me no entry hai sabke liye (nup you know you are my little bit wife and that too personal so in my bed room there is no entry for everyone leaving you and me)
Pragya: why little bit wife am I looking too short in height?
Abhi: kha kha k moti ho ja bas dimag mat lagaiyo bilkul bhi tu meri dost jyada hai pagal is liye thodi si wife hai samjhi moti buddi dimag laga liya kar kabhi( just do one thing eat and eat don’t make your brain work you are my friend more than my wife that’s why I said that you are my little bit wife sometimes use your brain also understood fatty brain)
Pragya: okay ok don’t over react now

Just then Aryan called again and she said to Abhi
Pragya: I have to go now take care ok
She was leaving and Abhi was looking at her when she came back to him
Abhi smiling to her: kuchh bhool gayi? (forgot something?)
Pragya nodded yes
Abhi politely: kya? (what?)
Pragya gave him a bone crushing hug : you
Abhi hugged her back: come back soon haah
Pragya: will you not come atleast to see off me till gate
Abhi: no
Pragya: why?
Abhi: because if I will come with you then definitely I will go with you to your house and I have some work too so I am not coming you go I will meet you after two to three days when you will come back
Pragy: sure na
Abhi striked his forehead slightly to hers: 100% sure and you know I don’t ever lie
Pragya: because you are too bad at telling lie okay now I am going otherwise Veer ji will became restless
She was about to go when Abhi murmured
Abhi: wo to pehle hi gussail hai sala (he is already restless)
Pragya: did you said anything?
Abhi: no extremely no you go bye
Pragya bids bye and then left with Aryan

Richa was seated in a room thinking something in her style of rolling pencil over her fingers on a rocking chair then suddenly she stops and taking her coat from the nearby table she left the room leaving that chair rocking in hurry and while going she told to Rajesh that she is going to meet someone will be back soon Rajesh also agreed but suspected her as she was looking angry and left in hurry too. Then the screen shifts to Rohit’s residence here all the friends were gathered Abhi told them what Richa said to him
Somya: what exactly she said was just it!
Roy: Aurangzeb! What hint can be behind it!
Sumit: and according to you she was looking at our four pictures right! Then what can it be mean was she suspecting us
Abhi: I don’t know what but she wrote something on that and that too in coding language I couldn’t understand that
Rohit: then you must have brought those pictures because I know about her coding language
Soham: How do you know about it?
Rohit: Arey yr didi use to talk in coding languages with me and Aryan bhai whenever she have to prepare surprises for Pragya because she never use to leave her for a second whenever she was in India that’s why so I know that
Abhi: that’s great then we can find out I haven’t brought those pictures but we can go there she was doing that work in her room and board is still there
Somya: Don’t you all think that we should find out about this hint first
Roy: yeah she is right if the hint is for that person who did all that so we must find out that who did this for that we have to conclude about this hint
Soham: extremely right we should try to get the conclusion of this
Abhi: I am also thinking the same from morning itself but believe me I didn’t got what it mean after lot of thinking too because I didn’t got it why she said the particular name Aurangzeb it is too confusing yr don’t know how Sagar use to live with her she is too much calm in doing all this and this calmness uff too much
Rohit: because she was like this from her child hood itself whenever got time always use to watch the investigating thriller stories reading Sherlock Holmes novels in free times this is what her childhood was and if you see alter from this then she was like second mother to us who use to shower selfless love on us you know if there is one chocolate and suddenly we all arrived infront of her then she never use to ate that she use to share that among us this is Richa didi you cant even imagine how dedicated towards her brother and sister she is. Aunty never paid attention upon us because she was always busy in her own sometimes functions kitty parties sometimes she was busy in business only but didi was always there with us.
Somya: yes the one who will get a sister like her will be so lucky na hope I also have got a sister like her
Roy: she never said Somya that she is not our sister
Abhi: yeah she is
Sumit: I think we were talking about something if you have completed your didi story so shall we find out that regarding what that hint is?
Abhi: yes sure
Rohit: she said that the hint is Aurangzeb right!
Abhi: Yup
Soham: What could be the meaning of Aurangzeb
Roy: he was fifth mugal emperor that everyone knows very well
Rohit: if it is like that then she never had given us such kind of hint I think she is trying to tell something we have to think that

All started to think about that there was a complete silence in the room for sometime
Abhi: I am done I cant think more since morning I am trying to think that what is the meaning of this Aurangzeb
Sumit: don’t get panic yr just think
Roy: How much we will think and that too about a word
Abhi: Roy is correct I can’t do so
Abhi stood up and went near the window and looked upwards the sky the events and the things said by Richa started to get rewind in his mind then he remembered how she was circling all the faces and on asking she said “ABHI there is someone who knows our every movement even this also that we are talking about that person itself” then he thought and shouted lightly
Abhi: I got it
Rohit: what you got
Abhi: RT bhai just think like her she said that someone is there who knows every movement of ours this means the person is from our family or someone close to us or Pragya
Sumit: yes exactly it means if she said Aurangzeb is a hint then the person may be showing similarities to him
Soham: quiet possible that this is the reason but what if it means something else
Roy: If it means something else then also we will come to know that why she said that
Rohit: exactly sometimes wrong paths also make us reach at correct place
Somya: Then we should search about that reason na
Abhi: exactly we can search about that lets begin there is much time we can search about him
Sumit: Okay internet books biographies everything we have to search everything about that
All nods yes and begins to work Abhi was trying to search about him in the books which were available on line Somya was trying to discover about him through various articles which were written about him Rohit and Sumit were trying to find about him through his biographies by various writers then Soham and Roy were searching about him in various historical books which were written by historians after spending hours on that all gave up as nothing was found by them regarding him all were showing the sigh of irritation and fed up then suddenly something striked in Somya’s mind she went to her home asking them to wait for her as she has an important work and after few more hours she called them by that time they were slept as it was 11:30 pm night and they were reading and searching from 2:00 in the afternoon no one was ready to pick up the call as all were tired Somya called about five times and finally she thought to go there. It was 1:00am in the night when she reached at Rohit’s home and by the door bell all got awake Roy opened the door and Somya entered in as a storm
Somya: wake up all of you it’s not the time to sleep see what I have found
Sumit in sleepy voice: have you got aladin’s original lamp
Somya: No I found about the hint I got what she wanted to say and who is that person
All got awake hearing that as if they were never slept
Abhi: then tell us
Somya: yes I will I have brought something for you all I will show you but first give me your Laptop RT
Rohit gave it to her and she plugged a pen drive in it and opened few files it seems that was a part of a book and asked everyone to read it all read it too and got shocked after reading it
Rohit: It means that… di…
Sumit: Rohit relax Somya you tell me how you got to know about this
Somya: I was going through some of the articles written by various historians where I read this name and this is related to Aurangzeb firstly I ignored it but suddenly this name again striked in mind and I remember that I have read one book on it I just went to my home to read that book again then I thought to tell you people at that time itself I called everyone of you but no one picked up my call then I decided to come here itself and tell but as it was raining outside and book would have destroyed by getting drenched so I find that on internet and saved a soft copy in pen drive so that you people also know about this
Rohit: this is a big mess created now. If this is the meaning of her hint then she is in danger now neither Abhishek nor Somya
Abhi: this is not done if I am not wrong so now I understood why she said this is a hint it is not a hint it is an answer damn it
Sumit: Abhishek bhai you said she was writing something on our pictures I think we should read them once
Abhi: yes come we have to hurry up we should go there now itself

They all headed towards Abhi’s room here screen shifts Malhotra Mansion is written on the board and as we look inside Richa was there with Pragya they were talking about something and laughing harder
Richa: all is okay Gungun but tell me when this Guddu will come back
Pragya resting her head over her lap: Offo GF I don’t know when he will come back he said to me that he wants to spend time with me and maa also wants to meet me but he left from here after dropping me here from that time neither he nor maa had came back but see god heard me you came don’t know where this Abhishek is he is also not picking up my call
Richa caring her hairs: OOOh so madam is missing him right! This is not fare when your GF is here you cant talk about anyone else like this after all I also have some value in your life
Pragya: Of course you have but I will say only you have you are important for me more than anything I can leave everything for you didi
Richa: Hmm I know ok this is much time now you should sleep as waking up this much late is not good to awake doctor has also said that right!
Pragya: Hmm he said that if I ask you something will you do it for me
Richa: tell me
Pragya: Today I don’t know why I want to sleep like this in your lap only (in kiddy tone)
Richa smiled: so jao
Pragya closed her eyes and drifted to sleep then the screen shifted to Mehra’s residence here RSSSAR reached and rushed to Richa’s room there they saw that pictures were still there Abhi took all the pictures and went to his room where rest of them were waiting and then he showed the photographs to Rohit which were encoded he saw and sat down on the bed in shock holding those photographs
Abhi: RT what happened tell me what is written there
Roy: why you are giving such expressions bhai what happened
Rohit: This is going worst dude we have to save her otherwise….
Soham: Otherwise what RT tell us
Sumit: don’t make us restless bhai tell us please
Rohit: Abhi and Somya can face danger around them later onwards but first on target point is Richa di she is not in danger but the thing which happened is just because of her and after Pragya it is my turn and not my then it will be I cant say further my sisters are in trouble I am going
Somya stops him: Bhai atleast tell us the fact what is bothering you because you are crying and I understood you are trying to hide something
Rohit: Somya sis try to understand she is
Abhi: why are you saying incomplete words damn it what is going on here what is written on photographs tell us otherwise we will not let you go anywhere
Rohit: what is written I cant even tell you better you come with me I will tell you once we reach her
All followed him and the screen shifts to Richa she was seated in hall waiting for Aryan and finally he came in mid night and as he saw while entering that Richa is there a wide smile formed on his face he rushed to her and kneeled down before her
Aryan: You are here I cant tell you how much happy I am you know how incomplete this home was without you whole day I was thinking that how to convince you and see now you are here why you took so much time to come haah
Richa cupping his face: I was also thinking the same that why I took so much time to come to you if I would have came earlier then you wouldn’t have changed like this
Aryan: I haven’t changed but you know now you are here na I will not let you go anywhere if you will ask then also
Richa giving a smile: what you will do if I will not agree upon you?
Aryan: you know I cant do anything to you
Richa left from there and went to his room he also followed and then she closed the door
Richa: you cant harm me but you can harm anyone for me right!
Aryan : What are you talking about I am not getting it (trying to ignore her eye contact)
Richa went ahead silently and slapped him hard right on his face and shouted: you are not getting me is it! But let me tell you Mr Aryan Malhotra you are getting me what I am trying to say it is clearly understandable to you don’t pretend infront of me and tell me why the hell you did this disaster to your own sister whom you loved more than anything who was not getting tired saying veer ji veer ji every time tell me damn it
Aryan: Oh so you came to know about that
Richa: yes I am and you know it very well just tell me the reason why you did this (holding his collar) your heart didn’t cried while doing so how can you even thought that chhee Aryan this is what you resulted in I am feeling ashamed today by calling you my brother
Aryan being in anger: yes I did that I did that and that also intentionally
Richa: why?
Aryan: because she was becoming hurdle between you and me you was paying more attention to her than me everytime only one name was on your lips that was Gungun and only Gungun you was giving her all your time weather it was on phone call or when you came back to India you was spending time with her only and what I was getting only few hours with you I was your beloved didi when you changed this much your Aryan your Guddu was always wishing that I will share my secrets with you I will spend a lot time with you because didi loves me more but you proved me wrong you gave all your time to Gungun I was getting jealous of that and I took that step

Richa again slapped him: for this silly reason you destroyed whole life of your sister disgusting Aryan disgusting if this was the reason then you would have told me that you have such problems why you didn’t blurted out damn it didn’t you felt hurt looking your own sister like that how your heart became so stone just in jealousy tell me you first gave addiction to her and that too of drugs and you how that Rajveer used her you know you sister what she has lost your own Gungun beloved Gungun she lost two child of hers do you know that how that because of your drug do you know what Rajveer have done with her a person will not behave like this with an animal the way he behaved with her how can you stoop so low Aryan you are not my brother but you are a murderer you have killed two babies who were not in the world too you are the reason that your sister cant be mother now you are the reason you idiot and you are talking about love then let me tell you Aryan I was always loving you more than anything else I have slapped Pragya once but I remember I haven’t touched you once because for you your biggest punishment was when I stop talking with you and you how could you Aryan
Aryan: she deserves all this she was snatching you from me your all attention from me and I don’t know about those two kids I didn’t asked him to do that but if he had done then I will kill him for sure for this condition of hers I was drugging her that she could not be harmed but she should get addicted so she will fall low in your eyes but….
Richa: but what tell me now but what you made her addict then when she tried to escape she was successful right! But one call made her life miserable and that call was of Aniket he contacted you somehow and told you about her condition why he called you do you know I will tell you because she asked him that my veer ji will save me Aniket please inform him and he did so but to her fait her own veer ji did this even when she was in rehab you took her out from there and then left her to die on the road when she was unconscious because of medicinal effect you left her there this time Aniket also didn’t came to rescue her because you left your men at his place to check that he should not tell anyone the truth he should not save her but this time also your plan flopped as few people escaped her and looking her condition thought that she is mental and admitted her there this time you didn’t went to see her but what happened you know because the mental hospital authorities were careless and didn’t wanted to treat her they gave her shock treatment due to which your own sister was living like mental when she was not Aryan can you repay what she has lost and when she started living a happy life with Abhishek what you did you returned why ?
Aryan: Abhishek Abhishek Abhishek if I wish I would have killed him because after his arrival only you was spending more time with her you was paying full attention to her
Richa cuts him off: because the thing which she was sharing with me she cant share that with you every girl needs a sister or a mother at that age to share her feelings what she is feeling she cant share that with father or brother some feelings are there Aryan which a girl only can understand so this was the reason that you brought that Rajveer in mid and turned her happy life into hell right! She was feeling love she was attracting towards Abhishek and you came to know that so you brought that Rajveer and stopped that feelings which were developing in her just on the day when Abhishek was going to propose her
Aryan : you know… but how
Richa: why should I tell you what will you do make the life miserable of that person who had tell me all this
Aryan: yes I did it because he was becoming so important for her she was not giving that time to me everytime that Abhishek was so special for her don’t know how he became so important for her even he doesn’t match our class
Richa: don’t you dare say that understand because he doesn’t have class but he is better than you he understand feelings of others because he never told her that he wrote all those things to her the secret gifts which she was getting was from him he always thought of her happiness and that is the reason that he send her with you this time also because he don’t want to hurt her but you, Aryan you turned out to be Aurangzeb you know just because you didn’t wanted to share my love for you with others you did this you cant even understand what I am feeling now
Aryan: don’t compare me with Aurangzeb didi you know there is much difference in our characters
Richa yelled: no there is no difference in you and him you know how because you also did the same he did with his sister
Aryan was looking at her with tears in his eyes
Richa continued: You always hated his character whenever dad used to tell us his stories but you didn’t hated him you hated him for what he did with others but you started getting impressed from him unknowingly by his love for her sister you got lost in those stories and ended up with this just for getting entire love of his elder sister he prison his own family he put all his family behind bars killed his own brothers and sisters so that he can get whole love of his sister and ended up with this terrible end but you forgot my child how he came to his end She never accompanied her because of this and this time you also did the same my dear
Just then a voice came from back and it was Rohit and all they heard the whole conversation between Richa and Aryan
Rohit: Bhai if you was feeling so you would have told us na we must have cleared your way by leaving the place
Richa shouted: Rohit.
Rohit: let me speak na didi first time I am speaking something infront of bhai. Tell me na bhai why you didn’t complained this from us I know my sisters very well if you would have asked Pragya she must have left you and didi because you both are her life and I got my small world in the love which you three gave to me
Richa: did you heard what he said and after her you was going to destroy his life disgusting Aryan
Aryan: yes I was because he is the unwanted person in our lives
Richa didn’t heard any word more and again slapped him this time she slapped him back to back in anger
Richa: you you you just turn into a white snake don’t you feel shame what you have did destroyed everyones life and now also saying to destroy one life do you think you are a human you know today you lost the one for whom you did all this
Aryan: didi..
Richa: don’t you dare call me that because you lost the right to call even I cant punish you like this so better I will punish my self
Aryan: no its my mistake please no
Richa: don’t you dare speak now you have destroyed everyones life for me na now see I will be far away from you
Aryan: please
Richa: you are saying this have you ever thought how she would have felt when he was injecting her back to back when he made her life hell have you thought that you know I haven’t told this to dad otherwise he will think that what he have made of his son actually mistake is mine I would have took you with me beside Pragya in her childhood because if you would have been with me then you didn’t have turned into this

Rohit: first Abhishek told me that she wrote something in encoded language and you know when I decoded it I got it what she wrote she clearly wrote that her child whom she brought up with full of her values have done this that moment itself I got it that its you bhai because only you are the one who use to be her child
Abhi came forward : Bhai I don’t know why you felt like this about me but I am telling you that I always look you as Milind Bhaiya I didn’t wanted to do anything which hurts either you or her but this turned out to be something else it raised enemity for me in your heart but now I want my wife back and I will do so I will take her from here this time not a friend but a husband is this I promise you I will take her from here
Aryan: try it once I will tell you what can I do
Richa: waah after doing this much also there is no sign of shame on your face now do one thing Aryan just wait and watch we will take her out from your trap and you will not be able to do anything but from here onwards don’t show me your face understood just think that for whom you was doing all this is dead now.
Saying this left from there all followed her and Aryan was looking at her with tears in his eyes followed by all.
All were at their home now Richa didn’t said a word just headed towards her room Sagar understood that she is coming from where he also followed her here Rohit was totally broke down from inside so he also went to her room and as he entered he saw Richa was stood holding a chair and Sagar was asking her again and again that what happened after forcing much she just bursted out in tears kneeled down
Sagar holding her: Archana control what happened what you talked there tell me Rohit atleast you tell me
Richa: Everything ended up Sagar everything is end now all got waste I lost today
Sagar: Archana what had happened please tell me
Richa: today I am lost Sagar today Richa is lost everyone will feel shame upon me
Rohit: didi nothing is like that don’t blame yourself you know I cant see you broke down like this please don’t
Richa: no Rohit don’t call me by that name I don’t deserve to be called didi
Rohit: Please don’t
Richa: No don’t say that I am begging you because I don’t deserve to call that because I am a failure a sister faced the biggest loss of her life that is binding her siblings with love and I failed in that
Sagar: its nothing like Archana stop blaming your self what he did was his mentality that he didn’t tried to understand you he didn’t understood what your love was its not your mistake
Richa: it is my mistake only my mistake I didn’t took care of him it is all because of me when I knew maa is not that much caring I left with Dad but he also needed someone to support that time
Rohit: Didi don’t think like that please Aryan bhai just misunderstood nothing else
Richa who seems she is losing control over her started blabbering something ignoring everyone’s word
Richa while sobbing: You know I was about 10 to 12 years when he was born papa gave him in my hands saying that Richa beta see this is your small brother you have to take care of him like a shield maa said you have to shower a love on him like he is your doll he was my doll I cared him becoming his shield who ever troubled him I fought with him sometimes got suspended from school too because I lost control over my anger and hit someone on his nose then he was about 5 years I think when Pragya came into our life and he on his own said “didi see god has send a doll for me I will take care of her” I asked what if someone harmed her then you should be aware of that” with his small hands he made a fist and said “didi I will kill that person who will harm my doll I will not leave that person” and see now he himself harmed her you know when dadi was ill Maa send her to old age home when she was needed of care just because she doesn’t wanted to spend time being a caring person and not to face loss in her business she left her there Papa was in US that time and when he returned and came to know about this he got angry upon her and went to that old age home but to his shock she was dead and Papa was shattered you know my guddu didn’t talked to maa till much time he said that because of her his dadi died papa was this much shocked that he said he will never return to a lady which doesn’t have value of anyone’s life beside money and society Aryan said “Papa take one of us with you otherwise how will you live alone there” he didn’t agreed but when he insisted he agreed upon taking Pragya with him as he didn’t wanted to live that girl a life without a caring parent as me and guddu did but my silly child he said “papa how will my doll live alone take didi with you she will take care of you both I will live with maa” those innocent words were touching everyone no one knows that the boy which was so caring will turn into this and all because of me. Now I think Sagar it is good that Arnav is not with us otherwise now I am a failed sister then if he will turned out to be like this because of me I will be a failed mother
Sagar: Shut up Archie our son will not be like that understood he is not with us I know because we both are busy but you cant blame your motherhood I will not allow this upon my family understood just stop it
Sagar and Rohit both were having tears in their eyes
Rohit: didi if you are blaming yourself for Aryan bhai’s nature then I am also that bad na
Richa looked at him
Rohit: you only have brought up me na after the death of my parents you was the one na who use to make me eat food after Aryan bhai whenever I was busy In studies you only gave your room to me you was the one who shared the room with Pragya but gave me full facilities didn’t let me feel I am not your brother you want the one na then how can you say that if you cant punish him punish me imagining him it will be easy but don’t cry like this please
Richa just hugged him tightly Sagar thought to leave them alone for sometime and went from there Richa cried hugging Rohit and Rohit was pacifying his sister finally she stopped crying and Rohit made her sleep on the bed keeping his sister’s head on his lap.

Precap: i will leave from here as i cant live with a person like you i will leave from here and you will not be able to stop me
Aurangzeb yesterday i asked you the meaning of it many of you know that according to indian history he was the son of mugal emperor who lost everything being cruel but there is one more phase of his history that is known from the diary of his sister that is Jahan aara yes she was the elder sister of Shahjann very few people know about her history she never married just because he wanted that his sister should love him and should take care of him like her child and that was the reason he killed all his brothers and sisters just to get full attention of Jahan aara but as he did that she never forgave him and rejected to be his sister and died at age of 67 and due to this Aurangzeb bycotted his empire this is citiated in a book named Jahanaara’s diary which i read few months ago and came to know about this phase of love by a brother for his elder sister she had said that whenever a brother will think like you he will be the aurangzeb. A movie is also there named Aurangzeb starring Arjun kapoor there also the same reason is given..

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