Swaragini 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Laksh calls Mr. Mittal to find out some way in which they can know who withdraw the money. He recalls Ragini was hiding some cheque, then thinks the cheque must have got misplaced. He thinks about talking to Ragini before discussing the matter at home.
Durga tells Laksh to concentrate on this temple project. Annuparna asks them to leave the house atleast today, they were clueless what the occasion was. Uttara comes with the Rakhi tray for them, the boys accuse each other for having forgotten about the event. Uttara was annoyed.
Swaragini watches a Rakhi naming it after the baby, she was hopeful to get him back home. She will sort Ragini’s problem as well, and the three of them will celebrate Raksha bandhan. Swara brings laddu as she knew about the event. Ragini was coming downstairs, she gets a message for Parineeta who demanded some photos for the tender papers on the table. Uttara complains Ragini for not reminding Laksh about Raksha bandhan. Sanskar comes to Swara and assures that she and Ragini will soon tie a Rakhi to their brother. Sujata sends Ragini to serve tea and snacks in the kitchen, Uttara insists to get the Rakhi ritual. Laksh goes to take care of files, Ragini interrupts him demanding to complete the ritual first. They all move towards the other room. Ragini was alone with the file.
Uttara does the Raksha bandhan of her brothers. Sanskar gives her a gift accrediting Swara to have saved him. There Ragini took photos of the tender file. Swara comes from behind and keeps a hand on her shoulder. She drags Ragini to kitchen and questions her about what she is doing; she has seen Ragini taking photos of tender papers. Ragini questions if Swara is again suspecting her. Swara asks for Ragini’s phone that she denies warning Swara to interrupt in her life. Swara takes the phone off Ragini’s hand, then asks her for password. Ragini shows the gallery to Swara that was clean. Swara apologizes Ragini for not trusting her, but she thought Ragini is in a problem and wanted to help her. She reminds Ragini of a promise with Anuparna. Ragini says if she was in a problem and could tell her, she would have told her a long time ago; everything is fine. Swara leaves. Ragini gets a message again, asking how Ragini can bear such an insult. The best way to reply will be… Ragini walks into the hall and slaps Swara in front of everyone. Everyone was shocked, Annuparna questions what this is. Sanskar and Laksh also asks Ragini what happened to her. Ragini shouts crying that this is enough, she had a fight with Swara so she slapped her. Swara always considers her to be wrong and she always want to insult her; this time she could bear the insult. Annuparna scolds Ragini, but she shouts saying she will speak this way, they all must leave speaking to her if they hate her and slaps her own self. She shouts that she always repent for her sins but they are never forgotten, not forgiven and she is now fed up of all this. She runs into her room. Swara was left in shock, Laksh apologizes Swara who leaves for her room lost in thoughts.
Parineeta was afraid that there is a soul inside Ragini. Adarsh thinks there must be some differences between the sisters. Durga announces Ragini must reply for her act as she wants rightful of doing this.
Ragini cries in her room, and slaps herself for what she did to Swara. She says she didn’t want to hit Swara but she never know what she has been suffering from. A paper aeroplane fell over Ragini, she hurries towards the balcony and spots a man leaving. The note reads, the timings of slap were perfect, but she must hurry and forward the photos. Ragini was worried about deleting the photos. Laksh walked to the room with the file, Ragini hides the note behind her watching him. Laksh says he need to talk to her and bolts the door.

PRECAP: Laksh was sure she can’t withdraw 5 lacs from his account without informing him, and that too without any reason. Ragini denies being a puppet in the hands of that hooded man anymore and asks who he is, he removes the cap from his face.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Iamsofianeak

    Omg , ragini is crazy wttt**
    I readed the comments of some raglakians that laksh must doubt ragini because CVs love swara and they’re upsets that swara who doubt ragini & not laksh but i wd say something that when swara hides rajat’s truth , ragini is the only one who doubt swara and not sanskar so it’s the same heree
    But i luved swaragini’s act theey nailed everry scence *-*
    exposee verthing veryy soon plzzzz
    trp is 1,4 , ssso lowwww

    1. Iamsofianeak

      & Im sure that will watch the prcape after one weeek hahahaha

    2. Mica

      so laksh should doubting ragini ? did they ever think that laksh has a doubt toward ragini, it will create misunderstanding between them ?
      yups, you are right bout rajat case, the differences is, swara forthright to ragini and sanlak, swara knows bout teamwork,….. they solved the problem together.
      but, look at ragini, she tried to solve the problem herself, even, she taunt swara that swara doubted bout her weakness…..she act as she need NOone to help her, showing her strengthen, she acts being maahan now…

    3. yes u r right I mean in rajats case ragini asked swara one time n she told her though she was also being blackmailed and here when swara asked ragini so many times then also she didnt tell DOUBLE STANDERDS and also ragini could make a exuse whenever swara consulted her about this but she choosed to be rude which blackmailer didn’t Even told her to do…….. CRAP

  2. want to see the blackmailer face soon

  3. want to see the blackmailer face soon

    1. hey u copy my comment dear lol me to want to know who is the blo*dy black mailer and for that blackmailer my swara get slap

    2. Mica

      did the blackmailer ask ragini to slap swara ?

    3. S mica the black mailer asked her to do so

    4. Mica

      oh ty Sonu,,,,, i don’t understand hindi, so i didn’t know that the blackmailer asked ragini to slap swara.. but what she shouted to elders,..it wasn’t good, although i understand her feeling.

    5. Ur welcome mica. She shouted bcoz she doesn’t have any valid reason to slap swara. So she made herself bad in front of everyone eyes and went to the room and slapped herself too

    6. Mica

      yups, i knew that, it was epic scene …
      but somehow, i thought that what she shouted was bout her inner feeling (related to swaragini’ scene in raglak’s room), hehehe

  4. plz don’t be put laksh in negative. raglak always look super.

  5. today i remember one scene of our lovely jodi swasan it was revenge time.when sansker said main tumhe nahi chodugna swara and then swara trun and said tum ne mujhe bolaya

    1. Vyshu10

      nice scene….i love swasan cosmic connection scenes

  6. What is going on???? Please don’t drag this on anymore make it all end by tomorrow’s episode please!!! I love you ragini and swara and I love you so much Sanskar!!

  7. Pls blackmailer must not be laksh..he’s parallel lead, don’t ever forget ;(
    Dont hurt raglakians

  8. Oye godd….really felt bad for swara… 🙁 ..plz ragini b brave n tell all d matter to laksh or nyone else…i know u r nt coward,n wl surely solve all dese thngs soon..love u my angel..
    Hating dat blackmailer..

    1. N loved swaragini’s expression..d way swara act numb after d slap n d way ragini slapped herselff…veryy emotional…
      #swasanraglak r soo talented ,dey r gr8 actors..especially mera baccha tejas.. 🙂 😉 😉

  9. I love you laksh…u luk lyk my boyfriend ?

  10. Wow today teja nailed with her acting skills.she once again prove that she can nail any role with perfection.she is such a sweetheart . love her a lot.she looked so gorgeous today and also in precap she was simply superb.i have never seen such a beautiful girl ever.she is the a beauty with brain and talent.love u a lot teju …u r such a pretty cute doll and my princesses.???..love raglak a lotttttttt ????????…love #TejasswiPrakash #NamishTaneja… u both r the only reason for me to watch the serial

    1. Teju so perfect beautiful and talented dat is why trpis 1.4..teju is a piece of crap who cant act no one likes her or ragini the characterraglak/namish/teju is the whole blasted reason for low trp

    2. some great personality has said “silence is the best answer for fools”

    3. Exactly akaashi I won’t say a word to a girl like her as she doesn’t deserve any attention which she badly wants.im not a cheap basher like her

    4. Agree with you akaashi. Who wants to talk to dumb and stupid people like her. Sharnellee you are a piece of CRAP!!!!!

    5. Yashal

      U r right akaashi

  11. I think that the blackmailer is a girl…. Its not Laksh for sure. It could be a new character or someone coming back for revenge.

  12. Mica

    ty for update H hasan mam..
    ragini is insecure type, she is always insecure toward everything.
    your past deed maybe forgiven, but it’s hard to be forgotten…
    moreover, swara got a doubt to her for the tender pict, the tender was confidential,,, she couldn’t let the tender leaked due ragini’s deed. it’s about saving her family.

  13. Mica

    btw, luv swasan’s scene.. my witty couple, .
    Namuu…. once heading today episode, and your face showing up, sooo cute
    teju, finally… u nail it, after seeing your sad face since first episode.

  14. veena di, saba di, kashis where r u guys miss u and ff very much

  15. Sanjanaagrawal

    I loved the way teju slapped herself …m it was an emotional scene …. and my cutie pie hellluuuu was looking awesome …. my dolll heluuu…. sanlak n uttra scenes were emotional …..

    Love u … swasan …

  16. Vyshu10

    Loved d rakhi scene…..both uttara wid adarshsanlak and swara-chotu. I got tears seeing swara crying. Helly is an awesome actor and she looked so pretty in this ep.

  17. ragini teju u just rocked and dont even u foos dare to blame ragini or teja for trp because when the pari blackmailing ragini with vedio track was started with some raglak scens trp was 1.8 something and swaragini entered top ten and after that some one started to solve babus wearabouts and so on then trp became 1.4 as u know so stop blaming my doll i think u people will get ml but no worries i remind u teja ur the best u nailed it today kisio 1thapad or kudko 25 phir be logo ka ankae bandh hai love raglak and ya 100%shure blackmailer is adarsh timming husband

    1. Vyshu10

      Kee…i just want to state some facts. Trp 1.4 which released yesterday is last week’s trp and the previous week’s trp is 1.6. Trp was 1.8 when fake preg drama was out. And dat someone’s scenes you were talking about, who started searching babu’s whereabts, aired this week.

    2. Right Vyshu . Last Week There Was No Swasan Scene And Previous Week Swasan Scene Was 52 Sec.One More Thing When ML Drama Was Going On Trp Was 2.0 But When FP Drama Mix With ML drama Trp Started To Decrease And Trp Come To 1.8 I Want To Say Trp Decrease Because Of illogical drama .

  18. Heltej

    Both helly and tejaswi… Nailed the scene… I saw only slapping scene… I loved the performance… Ragini’s helplessness and gulity… Swara’s helplessness cuz she dont know why her sister is behaving like that! ???

  19. Oh my god…now i am totally sure that adarsh is the blackmailer……the one shown in the precap is not adarsh but swara……n what the hell with the cvc they are creating clashes btw raglak n giving no scenes of swasan

  20. I think black mailer is Adarsh. He is getting much too attention these days.

  21. Yashal

    I think The blackmailer is adarsh cause I think laksh got the tender paper so he asked for tender papers photo

  22. Sumathi Adikar

    Please stop the dragging

  23. Sanskaar u fogot abt u and ur sister’s festival,but promising swara u will make her to celebrate the same with her brother.Ur promise seems to be unrealistic.
    And u swara yesterday u r very much keen to know abt ragini’s problem but u never told to her abt ur younger brother is alive…..and u mind ur business dont interfere in ragini’s life…she can sort out her problems.

    1. Mica

      he was joking when he said that he forgot it, he tried to teasing uttara, that why he smiled widely at least.
      ragini took a pic on a confidential file that related to maheswary’s secret business, it was suspicious ones,, swara doesn’t want that file leaked due ragini’s problem.. she just want to save her family.

    2. Mica

      and thanks God, cause of swara, ragini deleted the pic, and the secret saved

  24. sakshi magdum

    So boring episode !!

  25. sakshi magdum

    So boring episode! !waiting fr interesting epi

  26. I think black mailer is parineeta

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