Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 41


Episode 41
Abhi: stop…
Rohit: what happened?
Abhi: hum bhagam bhag to roz kartey hai aj kuchh naya karo bhai (we use to chase each other every time now do something new this time)
Rohit: What you want to do we have to think for that
Roy: Idea! Mar kutai kartey hai (idea lets beat each other)
Sumit: do you remember in childhood what teachers use to do with us
Pragya: the one who suggests punishment for other have to bear that first
Rohit: then who will get beaten first

All in chorus: Roy…
Roy while running: eh nahi ye cheating hai yr nahi (no this is cheating yr no…)
Finally when all got tired they stopped and got seated on the couch nearby them then Prachi and Kamakshi who were looking all this drama from past 15 minutes said
Prachi: drama over or something else is left
Kamakshi: You people always use to fight how can anyone say that you are friends I think you all are enemies of each other
Pragya: Maa it is nothing like that you know they cant talk straight if we will not do such things they are just umm what it is called in english
Abhi: what
Pragya: arey what is the mean of laton k bhoot baton se nahi mantey
Abhi: ahm… I don’t know let it remain in hindi only and you know Bhabhi what are they
Prachi: speak up now only you are left

Abhi and Pragya in chorus : Pehle samjhao baat jo na samjhe to do kheech k laat (first try to make them understand and if they didn’t then kick them)
Prachi: Maa don’t you think there was one idiot enough at our home that we got one another one also of same category
Kamakshi: What to do Prachi come lets go we have lots of work
Pragya: I am also coming
Prachi: No need madam you enjoy otherwise people will say that we are treating our new member as old

Pragya: so I am not old!
Prachi: Arey drama queen you are old but with relation you are new na
Rohit: han mat ja pagal warna tuney ghar me aag laga deni hai pakka (yeah ignore it otherwise you will burn our home)
Pragya: RT don’t you afraid I can kill you
Rohit: really! Then I will kill your husband
Abhi: Hey why are you dragging me in this
Pragya: not to worry if he will kill you then I will kill Somya’s future husband
Somya being irked: tu mat maar mujhe bata de mai khud hi kaam khatam karti hoon aj uska naak me dam kar rakha hai (you don’t bother about that tell me I will kill him myself he has troubled me a lot)

Sumit: waah tabhi mai sochu ki tu kal se chheeek kyu rahi hai wo teri naak me dum kar raha hai isliye na (waah now I got it why are you sneezing from yesterday he is troubling you that’s why right!)
Soham: somya you didn’t told us that your future husband is that much irritating person that he made you sneeze
Sumit: Soham don’t you think you are speaking much
Somya: so why are you having problem Sumit he is telling about my future husband not yours
Roy: because he is saying this to his future wife too

Somya being irked: ye whenever and wherever the topic of my future husband comes how your future wife comes in mid is this any kind of offer that talk about future husband and matter of future wife is free
Sumit: PJ just like you
They were arguing when Prachi called Somya and she went from there giving a dead look Sumit
Rohit: anyone of will kill you or not I don’t know but I am sure that your wife will become widow on her own the way she wants to kill you this is sure that she will not leave you
Sumit: I will like to dead from her hands too
Pragya: uske haantho se kyu marega idhar aa mai maar deti hoon (why would you dead from her hands come here I will kill you)
Sumit: Pehle haanth dho k aa gandey hai (first go and wash your hands they are dirty)
Pragya: how can you say that
Sumit: he held your hand sometimes before na that’s why
Abhi: Waah bete if I am dirty then you are also the same na
Sumit: yah..

He was saying but interrupted by door bell and as Pragya went to open the door she got happy as that was Richa she took a breath of relief looking all fine and Pragya gave a bone crushing hug to her
Pragya: Hey GF where were you, you know papa was missing you he is at home I will tell him you are back
Richa: Arey Gungun listen at least
Pragya: What
Richa: I will meet him you don’t trouble him
Rohit: didi you are going to spend time with her only or thought about us also
Richa: Arey my laddoo how can I forget you all come
Widened her arms and all hugged her
Richa: Abhishek you don’t need any special permission

Abhi: Oh its okay didi I am okay here let these beggars take their share of love
Roy: say who is saying us beggar who himself is beggar for love
Abhi: no I am not
Sumit; oH rehne de humey sab pata hai teri (oh leave it we know it very well)
Pragya: Great now let me talk to her GF what have you brought for me?
Richa: this time I have brought some accessories for you which will suit according to your style
Pragya: I knew it my GF know very well about me love you
Abhi: hey you never said that to me
Pragya: look at your face first bring some smartness in yourself like my GF
Saying this she left to her room
Abhi: Hey PG that’s not fare yr
Pragya shouted: Everything is fair

Abhi: in love and war right! I know that
Pragya: NO only in war
RSSR laughed on him and he shook his head in disbelief
After sometime all were gathered in hall for spending time Richa Milind Prachi Kamakshi Neeraj RSSSR after a long time all were seated like this Abhi was also there leaving Pragya as she was arranging her new clothes rejecting the old ones all were happily talking about something when suddenly door bell ringed again this time Richa went to open the door and all got shock after looking at the person Neeraj Kamakshi and Prachi were confused as they weren’t not getting why all are getting angry Rohit and Richa were fuming in anger as the person who was at the door was none other than Aryan
Richa with full of anger: What are you doing here
Aryan: I have come to meet Gungun
Richa: I will not allow any society conscious person to meet her
Aryan: why are you saying like this didi she is my sister too!
Rohit with anger: Oh really then why you left her while she needed you most
Aryan: who are you to speak in our matters stay away understood these are my sisters I know how to handle them
Abhi was looking them from distance
Aryan: I will meet her

Richa: oh really tell me how until I am here I will not allow to keep even a step inside
Aryan: I will meet her and let me see who will stop me among them
Richa: I am saying just stop there Aryan otherwise it will be not good for you
Aryan: sorry didi this time I will not let me see who have courage to stop Gungun meeting her veer ji
Rohit came forward: I will stop you and I am doing so
Aryan : I have already said who the hell are you to stop me

Rohit: Brother
Aryan: Oh really you will stop me Mr fake brother
Sumit: one more brother is there and I will too stop you to meet my sister
Roy coming forward standing with both of them: I will also not allow a person like you to meet my sister
Soham: she will not see you face until her four brothers are here
Milind: not four but five yes I am too stopping you understand
Somya: I am sorry but I also wont allow being her sister to meet her and trouble her
Aryan: you few people what do you think is this any movie going on you will create a force of few people and I will got scared
Rajesh: you should because now her father is also stopping a person to meet his daughter
Aryan: Papa you too you are also accompanying them
Abhi came forward: you don’t want to listen them right you want to go and meet her so you can go
Aryan : see this is the person who have sense

Rohit: Abhi what the hell are you doing how can you allow him to meet her
Abhi just looked at him and they understood that he is upto something Aryan moved forwards and as he was about to cross Abhi he forwarded his hand in his way
Aryan: What the hell why are you stopping me now and how dare you
Abhi : Mr Aryan malhotra so called brother of Pragya I am not allowing you to meet her and my opinion matters until I wish you cant meet her
Aryan: who the hell are you to say that?

Abhi: Husband of Mrs Pragya Mehra and I will not allow any person to meet my wife until my wish
Aryan: you!
Abhi: shocked right! Then show your expression after leaving from here just leave
Richa: Aryan now anything is left to hear or you are leaving just now
They were arguing just then Pragya came down and went to Abhi
Pragya: Oye Abhi what is this why this diary is locked I found it in your closet what is in this
She noticed that all the family members were stood there on the door making crowd
Pragya: Whats going on there who is on the door
Abhi: Nothing you just go and carry on I will tell you later what is in this
Pragya: wait I will see

She went to see and as she was coming all got tensed but when the she saw Aryan a wide smile with tears formed on her face she ran and hugged Aryan tightly
Pragya while crying: Veer ji where was you from this much time you know how much I missed you veer ji
Aryan wiping her tears: I missed you too
Pragya: now you are here na veer ji I will not let you go anywhere
Aryan: your veer ji too don’t want to leave you sweety

Pragya hugged him again and Aryan passed a victory smile over all of them which left them fuming in anger but Abhi was not reacting it seems that he was thinking something and when Prachi shook him and asked about that he said “Why he is back now after Pragya is perfectly fine”
Screen freezed on his face and one side Pragya’s extreme happiness


No precap for maintaining the suspense

now 2 is gone only one left to go so after one episode you will get to know who did this and why so keep reading guys and yup sumit and Somya’s love story hold on Durga i have something special for them soon you will get to know

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  2. Wow surbhi….the crazy guys always amazing….and I hate this aryan…how could he…..ahhhh leave it…anyways as usual u rocked ?…..

  3. Sethidisha002

    anamazing superb muah

  4. Really soooo cute episode n awesome bt I don’t lk one scene yaar tat Aryan doesn’t deserves pragya’s love how can a brother can b lk tat when a sister need him during most critical condition of her life he just don’t want to b her side now she s perfectly fine now wats the need of tat selfish character in her life really he doesn’t deserves to b a bro really i hate tat character… Thn I’m really excited for sumit n somiya proposal thn more than that I’m really excited to know the person behind all these….really an interesting episode

  5. hey this is not fair there is no need to forgive aryan easily this is not right yaar give some respect to abhi yaar i know that pragya is his frnd but now he is her husband na so please.
    and this ff is super

  6. It’s really super di awesome di and really close frnds are always do like this only di my frnds always like this only bcz where we are gater that place like market my mum always saying like even single discussion going to argument finally we mad fun each other and smile like stupit
    u revamber my days di thank u di eagerly waiting for u r next update di

  7. Omg surbhi itna zada suspense… uper se precap bhi nai dia… Lekin chal koi baat nai wait kr lein gein….aur aj ki episode tu kamal ki thi yaar…?????????? will be waiting for the next episode….

  8. kyu rahi hai wo teri naak me dum kar raha hai isliye ????????????????????????? uske haantho se kyu marega idhar aa mai maar deti hoon ??????????????????????oh yr…..i am laughing …..and laughing….??????????????????????? waah tabhi mai sochu ki tu kal se chheeek kyu rahi hai wo teri naak me dum kar raha hai isliye na ……OH GOD………????????????????…Hmmm……tou ….ik mint hansi rok lu……han tou….ab serious baat krte hai…….ye kiya hai gigi……..Not fair …..Not fair…….???…….itna maza araha tha mujhe ……lekin tum na … br itni si epi deti hu……gigi…..Yr,zara rehm kiya kro hum dewano pr ….sara din tumharey ff ka intazaar krte hai….agay se ye zulm…….yr….i want a long long ….long epi…..mujh se intazar nahi hota….khuda gawah hai ke… ff hamari jan hai…….aur zra mehrabani kr ke under maintence kam khtam kr do……SOF and GOD se meri sansay chalti hai aur agr tum aisa kro gi tou hum to mr hi jaye gai….. ?????? And more than this….Bye…luv u..

  9. Prathi

    I started reading this just because of my Special squad lady.. I miss them a lot . Dad she passed away.

    1. SURBHI

      hahaha Prathi i am glad that you find atleast one reason to read this ff thank you so much

  10. Saranya24

    Loved it dii waiting fr nxt part???

  11. I loved this update so much! Okay i m loving yours always well tun na buht achi h, you already uploaded next one too! Seriously tun meri fav h! But each scene and the uniqueness in it was so awesome finally a twist that has made me much curios for your all next updates! The Gang is what i m in love with! And the humor in this ff! Seriously best h kya kahun! Yeh tune kya kiya! Humein mushkil m daal diya wesay m jaa rhy hun cause i can’t wait to read next one!

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