Ragna FF : Twisted tale of love (Intro)

The story depicts about four couple who are destined to meet each other. Friendship is considered one of the pure relationship than any other relations. It depicts about the tale of friendship & love and maintaining it lifetime. The story also describes about childhood friends Raghav and Kalpana who finds soulmates in each other

Raghav Singhania : A shrewd businessman who had a tough childhood. Has only one motive in life to destroy Kapoor family. Amidst finds the true love which he craved for.
Kalpana Yadhav : A young girl who has a dream which she wants to fulfill and earn her mother’s love which she craved for. Best friend of Simi and Mehek. Does not like Pakhi for snatching her mother

Sammy Raizada : Best friend of Raghav. Love guru who wants to make his career and wants success. Falls in love with a girl who is completely opposite of him.
Pakhi Kapoor :An ambitious girl who gets everything she wants. Finds her true love and finds hard to realize it. Love interest of Sammy and younger sister of Prem
Prem Kapoor : A shrewd businessman and rival of Raghav whom he want to ruin. Do not understand the value of everything until someone comes and make him realize the worth of life.
Simi Gharewal: Another sharp-witted and intelligent girl who sets out to make her dream true of making an oprhanage One of the millionaires who has a very loving and caring nature. Related to Raghav’s past. Loves Sammy and a sister to Raghav. A girl who had a very traumatic childhood but never gave up on anything.

Mehek : A very courageous and sophisticated girl and daughter of rich person. Fights for injustice. Very close to Kalpi and Simi and considered them as her sisters. Can do anything for her friends
Pakya : Elder brother of Kalpi. A very simple and strong guy who can do anything for his family. Finds someone who tends to give him courage to fight for everything.
Yash : 7 year old boy whose parents died in an accident and is raised by Simi. Light of Simi’s life.

Relationships of couples
Ragna : Both of them are strong headed and had tough childhood. Both of them support each other.
Sakhi : Love can teach everything to lovers. One can teach other difference between infatuation and love.

Prem-Simi : Love can change everything. One can make other realize the importance of love.
Pakya-Mehek : Love can give you strength to fight every odd in your way. Status does not matter in love.

  1. Nice storyline plzz continue till end

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