Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 12

Episode 12

Abhi was lost in thoughts of her. Her face was coming in front of him whenever he was closing his eyes and he was in confused state of mind that how is this possible “when she is in college she doesn’t seem like other normal sweet girls every time anger is on her nose but there she wasn’t looking that I am looking any other girl wait a minute was I getting illusions that she is there No I was not getting any illusion she was there because I saw her dancing continuously I was there for almost half an hour and an illusion can’t stay for half an hour it is maximum for five minutes wait ! Wait! Wait! It can be a dream also because it comes for whole night sometimes but if it was a dream then why I was dreaming of her Aah! May be she was angry that time and left the place like that so I was thinking about her?? Yes this is possible it is the only reason that I was thinking about her yes Abhi you was just thinking about her so you imagined her there that’s it!! But wait why I was thinking about her why it is affecting me?? Ok Abhi now your thoughts are over flowing so it will be better for you that you should go and sleep this time if she was there then it will be confirmed tomorrow as from tomorrow I am also going there and If you saw her again it means that you saw her only none other than her ok (aisa kaise ho sakta hai jab wo college me hoti hai tab to wo un seedhi sadhi ladkiyon ki tarah nahi lagti hai har dum uska gussa uski naak par rehta hai par waha to wo aisi nahi lag rahi thi waha to aisa lag raha tha mano wo koi aur hai ! ek minute kahi mujhe bhram to nahi ho raha tha ki wo wahan hai ? Naah mje koi bhram nahi tha kyuki wo to sirf kuchh minutes ke liye hota hai aur maine to poore aadha ghante tak usey dekha waha aur bhram aadha ghanta tak nahi ho sakta… ruk ruk ruk ruk Abhi ruk par ye sapna bhi to ho sakta hai na haan ho sakta hai kyuki sapne to poori raat aate hain ye sapna hi hoga..!! par yaar mai sapne me usey kyu dekhoonga haan samajh gaya kyuki wo gussa ho kar chali gayi thi na isliye mai uske bare me soch raha tha?? haan ye ho sakta hai yahi wajah hai jo mujhe wo dikhai dii mai uske bare me soch hi raha tha haan abhi tu bas usey imagine kar raha tha bas!! Ek minute par tu uske bare me itna kyu soch raha tha kyu uski ignorance tujhe accept nahi ho rahi hai ? Theek hai Abhi ab tere jazbaat overflow ho rahe hain behtar hoga tu so ja haan yahi theek rahega tu so ja)” all the time Abhi was stood in front of mirror and was talking to himself and then finally after struggling with his mind a lot he slept and next morning when he entered the college after parking his bike then he saw full gang of Pragya along with her were seated in the garden and all were tensed and she was hearing their talks Abhi also went there and said “hey guys what’s up looking tensed why (oye kya hua sab bada tension me dikh rahe ho)” and Pragya said “look one more idiot now listen his cry also today my day is going to be end as like this only listening everyone cry only (loh aa gaya ek aur bewkoof ab iska bhi rona suno lagta hai Pragya tera din aaj rona sunte hue hi jayega)” Somya said “shut up Pragya yr here we are tensed and you are making fun of us (chup kar na Pragya yaha hum sab itni tension me hai ar tujhe mazak sooj raha hai)” Rohit said “Nothing yr that assignments of economics they have pre-pond the last date of submission it was next month but now they want it by tomorrow yr don’t know how we are going to complete it (Kuchh nahi yr bas wo economics ke assignments jo next month submit karne the wo kal karne hain pata nahi yr ek din me kaise complete karenge)” Abhi widening his eyes said “What but how is this possible yr what I will do now as I have to submit those assignments also which were left due to my late joining oh yr what I will do now (kya !! abbey teri ye kaise ho sakta hai yr ab mai kya karoonga mujhe to wo last month wale assignments bhi submit karne hain jo late admission ki wajah se reh gaye the oh yr ab mai kya karoonga)” Pragya said “see I said he will also cry now see he is (dekh maine kaha tha na ye bhi royega dekh le isey shuru ho gaya rona )” Somya slapped on her shoulder and said “Oye enough you have completed yours and now you are making fun of us not fare yr just go from here or sit with your ipod or mobile games but let us complete our assignments because we have to submit them common guys we shall leave now (Oye chup kar yaar tune to apna assignment complete kar liya hai ab humara mazak bana rahi hai yaha baith kar chal dafa ho yaha se ja apne ipod ke sath baith aur han ya to apne mobile me game khel chalo yaar assignments complete karne hain)” Pragya said “What is this Somu you always use to scold me one it is your mistake that you people didn’t did your work on time and now crying by sitting here ok fine I will not say anything but I am not going anywhere I will sit with you only (Kya hai Somu tu humesha mujhe daant ti rehti hai ek to mistake tum logon ki hai jo tum logong ne time par kaam nah kiya ab yahan baith kar ro rahe ho achha theek hai na yr nahi bol rahi par mai kahi nahi jaungi tum logon ke sath hi baithungi)” Rohit said “Ok fine now we shall leave (achha theek hai chalo chalein)” all left from there and sitting in the library were completing the assignment and Pragya was with them but as she wasn’t having any work so she was listening to songs all the time plugging her earphones and finally the college timings got over and after leaving the library Rohit happily said “finally my one question of assignment is left now I am in peace (finally mera ek hi question bacha hai mai ab shanty se karoonga baki ka)” Soham and Roy said “our completed totally as we were doing it from the day we got so now we are free (humara to complete ho gaya kyuki hum jis din se mila usi din se kar rahe the na)” Somya said “mine also completed now I am free (mera bhi complete ho gaya ab mai free hoon)” Sumit said “actually question were easy na but because of our carelessness we kept it pending so it completed in just few hours (haan question easy they yaar par humari carelessness ki wajah se itna time laga dekho complete ho gaya kuchh hi ghanotn me)” Pragya said “Ok fine now all will get marks for finals right now shall we leave (achha ab ho gaya na sabka complete ab sabko final me marks mil jayenge to hum chalen kya ghar)” all nodded and while leaving Pragya saw Abhi wasn’t coming he was stood there like a statue and was extremely tensed after hearing that these assignments are necessary for final exams so she said to him shouting from distance “oye idiot you are not coming hah (oye idiot tu nahi aa raha hai kya)” Abhi came back into senses and nodded yes then all left for their home that day Abhi didn’t went to Academy although he had to join that day but because of his pending work he didn’t went he stayed at home and was completing his assignments and while doing so it was 2:00 am midnight and he slept then when Prachi came and woke him up then only he woke up and looked towards the clock it was 10:30 am and he shouted “Oh shit Bhabhi I was slept no my assignments are not completed yet now I am gone I won’t pass this semester bhabhi and already it is 10:00 I had to submitted them by this time but now nothing will happen I am gone bhabhi” he was too tensed so Prachi called Milind and somehow he consoled Abhi and after getting ready Abhi with an heavy heart with lots of negativity in his mind went to college and there all gang of Pragya was there but she was not there and as he went inside Rohit and all started making fun of him Rohit said “great cheater you are Abhishek (kitna bada cheater hai tu haah)” Sumit “what he was saying? Yr I have to submit last month assignments also how will I do (Oye kya keh raha tha ye yr mujhe to last month ke assignments bhi submit karne hai mai kaise karoonga)” Roy said “yes bhai and how tensed face he was making (Haah bhai aur dekh kitna tensed face bana rakha tha)” Soham said “yeah just like a world war is going to happen (haan jaise world war isi ke ghar par hone wali hai)” Abhi was looking them all being clueless then Somya said “Now see the he is the one who submitted all his assignments first (ab dekho sabse pehle isi ne apne sare assignments submit kiye hain)” Abhi said “what rubbish !! the worst fun you are making of my condition (kya bakwas kar rahe ho mera itna bhadda mazak bana rahe ho tum log)” Rohit said “we are not making fun of yours just go and see the declaration list on notice board your name is the first on that (oye hum mazak nahi kar rahe hai ja jake declaration list dekh sabse upar hai tera naam)” Abhi rushed towards the declaration list and when he looked there he was shock because all his assignments were submitted already and then Soham said “Abhishek Mehta your name only right!! (Abhishek Mehta tera hi naam hai na)” Abhi was shocked and said “but how is this possible all assignments are with me see it is impossible yr I was completing them whole night and till now they are not completed see here they are (aisa kaise ho sakta hai yr mere sare assignments mere paas hai dekh mai inhe complete kar raha tha poori raat par ye ab bhi complete nahi hai ye dekho ye rahe sare)” Rohit in shock said “What! then who submitted these assignments on your behalf (Kya fir ye assignments tere naam par kisne submit kiye)” all were confused then Somya who was stood near the notice board shouted “I think we know the person very well (Mujhe lagta hai hum usey achhi tarah jante hain)” Sumit shaking his head in disbelief said “Again this mental started (lo fir ye pagal shuru ho gayi)” Somya said “I am not mental see here you all will understood who did this look here just below his name (mai pagal nahi hoon samjha nalayak yaha dekho iske naam ke neeche khud hi samjh jaoge)” they all looked there and Rohit said “so this is the person and yes we know the person very well (to ye hai hum to wakai isey achhi tarah jante hain)” Abhi looked the name and he again got a shock….

To be continued………..
Ok so i think you all have guessed now who did assignments but now wait as we will see the reaction of all of them again 😉 and yup now answer to the questions Sasmerra i have just completed 11 episodes yr and didnt thought about season but yes you can tell me that how many season do you want of it i will think about it and i am not writing precap because it is Abhi’s flashback we dont know what was happen so how can i write precap yr 😉 😀 for sure and yup one request from my side please tell me if you are feeling dragged i am not asking it of the story i am asking as i am completing one day in two or three episodes so if you feel that days have been dragged you can tell me i will for sure reduce them 🙂 and yup one problem is there i cant say thank you to you all you will definitely kill me as you all are my friends so from my side love you all and haan rej harry potter ke writer ki beti nahi hoon yr mai mai normal human hi hoon harry potter ka writer i think fantasy me rehne wala human hai lolz and yup Guys you are asking about those dilogues right so i will tell you about that when the time will come how i am writing them but yes i am assuring you those dilogues are not cheated so for today i blabberd alot now i am going leaving you with this episode leave your comments for sure and for further fun stay tuned…………

Credit to: Surbhi


  1. Somiya

    Tujhe pata h m baar baar yeh website check ker rhy thy k ab toh upload hogaya hoga tera episode ab toh hogaya hoga lekin nhi ,per finally hogaya! Blkul masttttt episode tha yaar, loved it, yeh itna realistic episode tha, you know why kyun k jo abhi k saath hua i mean uska name sab se uper wo meray saath ho chuka h throughout the episode mujhe blkul apnay school k din yaad aa gaye, yaar kya waqt tha kya mzaa tha, kya dost thay! Jaisay abhi k liyea pragya, meray liyea javeria ?? mein bhool gayee thy assignment karna, or m ne usay call kar ke yeh baat btaayee, phir m raat bhar jaag ker assignment complete kerty rhy lekin koi faida nhi hua tha, kyun k assignment 25% hee complete hui thy, next day mujhe itna dar lag rha tha, staff room m mam ne bulaya or kaha aap ki creativity ka koi jwaab nhi yeh lo assignment, i was like mam you are mistaken m ne toh assignment kiya hee nhi, teacher hansi or kaha good joke! Itna confuse hogayee m, phir m staff room k bahir gayee toh wo madam i mean javeria khadee thy or smile pass ki, m us ke paas gayee, she slappd me and kaha teri waja se poori raat jaagi hun m ?? yaar wakai wo din, abhi wo yahan nhi h i misss her sooo walaa much! Lekin tu ne yaad dila diya wo din! Best din tha….
    Wo best din ho na ho, lekin m tujh se buht naraz hun, baat na kariyo mujh se ab!

  2. Abhigya........

    U know surbhi I was desperately waiting for ur ff……although I was not in a good mode today but ur ff made me feel really good…’s episode was awesome…waiting for the next part….???

  3. akshaya kannan

    It’s brilliant awesome,wonderful and I waiting for your update desperately so please continue soon dear

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. durga

    Superb yaar… Really really really awesome n actually today episode s awesome yaar thn pragya s really amazing thn plzzzzz don’t reduce ur episode yaar write as it is coz if v read lk tz only I felt it give fulfilled feeling tat OK v HV read enough of today thn no one HV dare to say plzzzzz write somwat longer also coz an episode will HV tz much lengthy only… Thn u r really superb surbhi’s Jeep on rocking love u toooo…

  6. Nivethitha

    Fantastic episode di.. Really loved it alot so our gangster is the black ship behind this submission of assignments… Poor abhi he is always getting shock because of his PG haha??? now I can’t wait for next episode pls di can u upload the next episode today itself… And one more thing I am not getting bored and all di infact I was enjoying each and every college days of them plss don’t reduce it.. Keep going in this way itself I totally enjoyed today’s episode???? update it soon di..?

  7. Sasmerra

    Sorry surbhi. And as usual your episode was fab and I think pg is the one who submitted the project on ab behalf. Sooooo wonderful writing .and long to?????❤❤❤❤❤. And you are thinking you are dragging which is absolutely not true we enjoy your ff the way it is . and just I loved it

  8. sweety

    u always rocking how it’s possible. My hind of small request try to write novels u r really god writer surbhi don’t lost u r talent dr. when i read u r ff i feel good and happy. I am really happy to tell this i am fun of your ff. thank u for u r regular updates dr. Eagerly waiting for next updates.

  9. sana (abhigya)

    Woooooooooooooooooooow awesome di I think that person is pragya nd it is not draging actually it is very interesting love u di u r awesome

  10. sharaya

    So it must be abhi’s PG right? Oh I’m eagerly waiting for next episode and yeah you asked is it like dragging so I’m angry with you and no its not dragging for me when I read real kkb’s written update it feels like 1 year to read I know its short but for me its very dragging but yours is long only but for me its so short because you are amazing only best writers can do it and u did it okay I will stop blabbering and this episode is aammaazziinngg…..

  11. reji

    Areyy surbhi…mein jaanti hoon ki tum harry potter author ki beti nahi hoon….I was just kidding by praising u…aur haan aaj ki episode. ..superrr ki uperr. ..appreciate karne ke liye words nahi mil rahe hai…kitna realistic….aur I guess…abhi’s PG only woh saari assignments submit kiya ryt?? May be wrong…aur u have to thank god that this time u escaped by not saying sry and thank u….lekin next time ….sure u will be trapped ….aur sure I will call u as miss.sorry or thank u… tk..??

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