Rab ne banaiya jodian ( Maan-geet, Ahil-sanam, Dev-durga, Shantanu-khanak) part 1

Hi everyone! Hope u guys r doing well. Thanks everyone for your comments. So here’s first part of my ff:) Please guys do comments–

Big buildings are shown and some kind of traditional music was playing in background. Roads are shown and noise of vehicles and horns are coming from background.

Someone was traveling in car and he was talking on phone:
Hello adi
Adi- Gm sir,what time are u coming? U know na that today u have to take interviews for your personal assistant.
Man- I know adi I am on my way. Keep everything ready and I want any delays. Did u got it?
Adi- ji sir. See u soon—
His face is shown he is wearing black blazer and he is looking damn hot and he is none other than Maan Singh Khurana.

A lady is shown waiting for taxi she is wearing yellow salwar suit. She has a sweet smile on her face and she was blabbering something- her face is shown she is geet.
Hey baba ji do have any enmity with me? Today is my interview and koi rickshaw or taxi vi nahi mil rahi.. Please baba ji help me she said in sweet voice
She tried to stop a taxi but driver didn’t stop.
Yeh lo chalate taxi hain aur attitude aitna ki pucho mat geet aaj toon to gai
After waiting for taxi for a while she thought to walk for some time and started walking. There was water on road because of rain.
She was walking and suddenly a car came in high speed and splashes of water went on her face and clothes.

Oh teri abbe andhe ho kya ik taxi nahi mil rahi oh uppar se yeh naya sayappa ho geya she said angrily. She went towards car and asked driver to come out.
Driver come out and said sorry.
Geet- Kya sorry i have an interview today and I am already late and ab kya main aise jao interview ke liye joker ban kar:
Driver- mam I said sorry and it was unintentionally
Geet- what u mean by unintentionally tomorrow u will kill someone and say it was unintentional
Bus that’s enough wo sorry bol raha hai na to aap kio tamasha kar rahi hain maan said angrily.
Geet- baba ji aajkal kaise kaise lok hote hain pehle galti krte hain or uppar se attitude to aise dekhate hain jaise kahin ke badshah ho she said while looking at sky–

Maan- give her shocking look and said I don’t understand why people don’t stay at home when they’re not mentally stable.
Geet- mental aap ne mujhe pagal kaha she shouted
Maan- when did I say pagal samajhdar ko toh ishara hi kafi hota hain
Geet- whatever! Aapko raaste main chalte log dakhai nahi dete. Oh I can forget kale sheshe se kaise dikhega ki raaste main kon ja raha hain:
Maan- madam aap bhi dekh kar chal sakti ho na aankhe dekhne ki liye hoti hain show piece main saajane ki liye nahi: funny tone plays
Geet- mister aaj meri interview hai ab aise to nahi ja sakti na joker ban kar
Maan- madam aap road par khadi ho kar khud ka mazaak bana rahi hain jitne time se aap mere saath behes kr arhi hai otne time mai aap jakar change kar sakti thi. Even I don’t have time for your bakwas and I getting late too and trying to leave.
Ik minute rukiye geet shouted
She grab a bottle of water from and splash water on maan’s face.
Maan look at her angrily. How dare u and hold geet’s hand angrily.
Leave my hand geet shouted,
(mahi ve mahi ve bg music plays)
Geet- yeh aapko sabak sikahne ki kiye tha. Tit for tat. She smiles and said have a nice day and left from their while singing
Jaise ko tesa mil geya.
Maan got more angry and ask his driver to take him back to home.
He called adi and asked him to take interview by himself for maan’s PA.

On the other hand side a girl is shown playing with her phone. She was wearing white legging and red top and her hair’s r open. She was wearing sunglasses and she had a innocent smile on her face which can make anyone fall for her. She is sanam.

By god jungle main signal or delhi main taxi milna ek jaisa hain. Suddenly a taxi came towards her and she give signal to stop taxi.
She was going to sit in car when some one else came said chalo bhaiya.
Sanam shockingly looked at that person. He was wearing jeans with blue t-shirt. He was ahil.
Sanam- oh hello whatever your name is how u can sit in this car?
Ahil- gave her what the hell look?
Sanam- yeh taxi meri hai main ja rahi hu iss taxi main
Ahil- looked at taxi on left and write
Sanam- give him look what r u doing?
Ahil- naam doondne ki koshish kar raha hu tumne kaha ki yeh taxi tumhari hain. Magar mujhe tumhara naam kahin nahi dikha.
Sanam- I didn’t mean that. Yeh gaadi pehli maini roki thi

Ahil- look madam i am in not mood to fight with u
Sanam- came to ahil and said what u mean I am not fighting. U r the one who started the fight
Both started yelling at each other. Meantime taxi driver left from there.

Sanam- oh bhaiya where r u going?
Ahil- mental hospital ja raha hai
Sanam- what?
Ahil- unhe batane ja raha hai ki ik pagal menta hospitall se bhag gai hai jo road par khad kar chilla rahi hain
Sanam- by god don’t know whose face I watched this morning?
Ahil- khud ka chehra hi dekha hoga mirror main itna make up jo laga rakah hain
Sanam- look at your face. U r looking like a sada aam. (funny tune plays)
Ahil- whatever u know what if u remove your makeup then u will look like a chudail.
Sanam- by god!! Baba ji main aaj iss bande se mil gai aage se isse mere samne vi mat lana
Ahil- haan even i am not interested to meet u again. It’s our first and last meeting.
They both went to different directions.
Sanam- looked back and said by good kitna ghatiya ladka tha
Ahil- looked back and said badtemz ladki
(Junnon music plays in bg)

Precap- Shanak and devga meeting.

Hope u guys liked it! Please do comments and tell me my weaknesses so i can improve……

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