The Game Of Destiny (FF on ShivIka) Episode 4

Sorry for late episode…but I was busy in other ffs, as I have to write 3 ffs at a time, so I’ve decided to give u all this ff after every 2 days, please bear with me
And maybe there will be more delay cz my school will start and I’m going to 9th so idk how regular I will be

**********EPISODE 4*********

Shivaay was sitting near Anika’s bed in her ward holding her hand with his one hand and caressing her hair with the other one, he was getting really worried for her as 4 hrs already passed by, if she wouldn’t get her senses in 1 hr he would again loose someone special in his life and he didn’t want to

Half an hour more passed he got even worried

Shivaay : Anika please get up, see ur Shivaay has come for u, I love u

He says and just then feels a movement in her, he gets really happy and calls the doctor

Dr. : This is a miracle, she’s safe and fine, she’ll gain her senses in sometime

He says and Shivaay gets a smile on his face, and sits near her

She gains her senses and first thing that comes in front of her eyes was Shivaay, she got shocked seeing him near her

Anika : Aap yahan?? [You here??]

Shivaay : Y I can’t take care of my WIFE

She felt immense pleasure hearing wife from his mind

Anika : Am I dreaming or u called me ur wife

Shivaay : Look Anika it will be hard to believe for u but I want to tell u something

Anika : What??

She asked with curiosity

Shivaay : I LOVE U

She was shocked hearing that

Anika : U what???

Shivaay : I said I love u

Anika : Pinch me!!

Shivaay : Y should I do that

Anika : So I can check whether I’m dreaming or the great SSO told me those 3 magical words

He nodded and pinched her slightly, she winced but was happy

Shivaay : Toh tasali ho gayi , ab mujhe mera jawab milega [So r u satisfied, now can I have my answer]

Anika : No

Shivaay : Y

Anika : My wish

Shivaay : Please, please

ANika : Ok Ok, fine I’m telling that I love u too

Hearing this Shivaay was on cloud 9

Shivaay : But aren’t u angry on me

Anika : For???

Shivaay : I mean I was rude to u in these 4 yrs and still u love me

Anika : WHAT to do this heart only beats for u….and I can understand ur state of mind seeing ur wife….by the way Shivaay what about Tia

Shivaay : Nothing…I never loved her it was always an attraction which I mistook for love

Anika : Really

Shivaay : Hmm

He hugged her and kissed her forehead and soon she was discharged from the hospital

PRECAP : TIA OUT OF COMA (maybe next or in 2-3 epis)


Finally completed
Sorry for short chappy but my lappy has some problem so short for sometime
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