Archi love story!! Part 9

Tanu- tooooooooo much interesting ???????
Karan- so guys are u ready for it??
All of them- yeah.
Karan- so ab aplogoko ab meri beautiful assistant Priya ap sab KO chits aur pen dengi so all of u get ready for the game.
Priya distributes chits and pen among all of them.
Karan- so guys the first question is ” what qualities do u want in your life partner?
Aryan writes-The one who will love immensely but for her family would be first priority. Cheerful, Jo khud bhi Haste rage aur dusroka kobhi hasaygi. Life mein kitnibhi problems kyun hi na ho kabhibhi har nahi managi.
Sanchi writes- the one who will love me, care for me ,like me family would be his first priority. Nor he will ever give up or not let me give up in any tough situation.
Karan- so guys that’s the next question, what is important for u love or money. If love/money why do u chose that?
Aryan writes- love. Love hona chahiya. If there is love in life nothing is needed.
Sanchi writes- Love. Love is above everything. Paise toh aate jate rehtehe par love zindagi ek hi bar miletehe.
Karan- so guys the round is over.(sorry guys I know there in only two questions but I can’t think of more questions ?) now but we will give your answers to aur machine and he will choose the perfect Jodi. Till then bye bye guys.
After 5 minutes,
Karan- so guys we got the results. You want to know who is it?
All of them- yes
Karan- more louder guys
All of them- yes
Karan-ab huyi na bat. So the results are……….. So the results are………….
Sanchi-itna suspense God!
Karan- so the results are… Batadu?
All of them- yes.

Karan-so the perfect Jodi is and the one who gets the Rab me banadi Jodi award is Aryan sethiya and Sanchi mittal. The perfect Jodi…………. Whoa! A round of applause for them.
Sanchi- what!
Aryan- tum aur mein?
Karan-so Mr Aryan sethiya and Ms Sanchi mittal we request you to come on stage.
Tanu jiji and Aryan hi go to stage.
Sanchi-yeah going.
Aryan and Sanchi goes to stage. They receive the award.
Karan- so guys what next?
All of them- dance.
Karan-yeah dance.
Sanchi-what dance no! We can’t dance..
Karan-no u have to dance. What say guys.
All of them- yeah.
All of them cheers for Aryan and Sanchi.
Aryan- fine we will dance.
Roke na ruke plays .
Aryan comes in knees and asks Sanchi.
Aryan- will you dance with me.
Sanchi nods in yes.
Aryan takes Sanchis hand in his hand and start dancing. They were just looking at each other and dance romantically. They were dancing really close.

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  2. so cute.

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      Tnx dolly and I have already posted the next part. Read it

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